In this article, we will talk about the impact of abortion on karma and how you can help an unborn child.

How abortion is perceived by karmic systems.

Question: I had an abortion in my youth. Does this affect my children? What should I do? 
In recent years, I feel anxious about the soul of that child.


Unfortunately, abortion is perceived by karmic systems as a crime. This is followed by a surge of karmic energy, which is a concentrate of troubles and tensions in life.
It mainly affects you. Affects children indirectly. The ratio is 1 to 40.

There are two points:

1. Karmic punishment;

2. Obligations towards the child.

For starters, you can make a Karma Diagnostic Card  and understand the nuances (are there any karmic chains that generated this situation in the child, mother, etc.), if necessary.

You can reduce the karmic load through the technology of increasing the processing of karmic energy .
This will help you absorb this energy without affecting life.

How you can help the Soul of a child.

Regarding the child - it will be possible to help him with something.

For the child it will be possible to make an expanded Psychological map in which to see:

  • what moments torment him now in subtle plans.
  • are there any karmic prerequisites for why this happened.

In relation to the child, it will be possible to apply any services:

  • starting from transferring the soul to the Bright Plans;
  • up to remove complexes that torment, change energy parameters.

This can be done with any Soul that is in the World of the Dead.

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The consequences of abortion.

What is the karmic punishment of abortion for a woman, her man, a doctor who does, those who advise to do?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is karmic punishment for abortion, as well as for killing. The system is working. A portion of tension is splashed out, which is distributed to the participants.

The load during collective action is distributed to all participants in the process according to their level of responsibility to this situation.

Even, for example, when planning to have an abortion, as well as when thinking of killing someone, a certain dose of tension is also allocated.
The karmic mechanism as a whole takes into account the level of responsibility of participants, the strength of desire, motivation and other parameters.

You can test the level of karmic tension in the Karma Map .

Winnings, money for the ball - how it affects in terms of monetary karma.

All the well-known initiations in money and business egregors we considered primarily in terms of experience, knowledge and the acquisition of motivation in the field of money, business, finance and investment. This experience and knowledge is gradually accumulating.

We did not consider initiations in order that money simply came.

All deities of business and money channels negatively relate to not earned money.

And Karmic systems are also included in such an adjustment.

If a person has not earned money, then he receives a portion of negative monetary karma, which subsequently leads to negative monetary situations, poverty.

There are karmic programs that regulate the flow of money depending on the public benefit brought.

If a person does not produce such benefits, fluctuations occur. In one life there are many, in another it is very weak.

QUESTION:  Regarding investments?


Real investments require deep knowledge and constant control. Plus serious risks. Investing is not bad if you put some effort into it, otherwise the money will burn.

QUESTION: How do karmic mechanisms react to participation in financial pyramids, forex?


Playing in a casino, participating in financial pyramids, playing in forex is also accompanied by the development of negative karma, which quenches not only the acquired result but also the invested ones.

Conventionally, karma is produced for 100 dollars earned,
which is quenched for 150 dollars.

NOTE: How does participation in gambling affect life?

Ancient karmic programs relate to gambling negatively - there is a surge of negative karmic energy, which extinguishes the aspect of health and money.

Gambling can be attributed to any type of games that are presented in casinos, lotteries, sports betting, forex games, financial pyramids.

In most cases, an attempt to play on the exchange (just like a game) will receive a negative assessment. To play badly. It’s three times worse to organize these processes.

Firms that organize gambling games are punished more severely.

This is not our opinion. We, too, would not mind playing some games, but we just understand what dangers this threatens.


QUESTION: The question has been
around for a long time: Now there is a big boom around cryptocurrencies and it is interesting not so much which one will grow, but how the interaction with cryptocurrencies affects money karma.
Can you clarify this issue?)

ANSWER: At the moment, cryptocurrencies are a financial pyramid of a planetary scale. It may be transformed over time, but so far it’s like a kind of virtual casino where everyone is trying to put money and win.

Karmic mechanisms react to this like a normal casino game. And this is followed by large portions of cash karma and small criminal karma.

For participants, for every 100 ye that they win, they get a set of negative karma, which will eat 150 ye (as in a normal gambling), plus a small complex of criminal karma.

The organizers of this system receive a more serious karmic blow.

QUESTION: How does playing computer games affect karma?

ANSWER: The very idea of ​​playing a computer game has a small karmic minus (for karma of health, time, money), not a big one.

But often the individual games themselves and the companies that produce these games have very heavy karmic energy, which begins to affect us.

QUESTION: Please tell me the game of slots on the Internet on the phone without investing money for interest. Also carries a negative?

ANSWER: The system itself carries a large amount of negative karma. There it is easy to get a karmic blow by thinking incorrectly, etc.


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