Consecration of Asclepius

"Dedication of Asclepius"

Asclepius (Greco-Roman culture) - God of Healing. Specialist in the field of medicine and medicine. At the heart of the egregor are several high-level healers.

In the egregor of Asclepius there is information:

  • Use of herbs and minerals;
  • Physiotherapy, gymnastics;
  • Lots of information on massage;
  • Working with prayers, ritual magic;
  • Working with Divine plans;
  • Knowledge about spirits in subtle planes;
  • Information on therapeutic nutrition;
  • Information on a healthy lifestyle;
  • Information on surgery;
  • Alchemy;
  • Shamanism.

Egregor is filled with information about healing. It contains the experience and technologies of many healers who were in this egregor. There are quite a few high-level magicians among them.

The energies of this egregor are not tied to any one lasso of the Sephiroth Tree. There is a great deal of information about magic and healing in Egregor.
There is information about the Atlantic, Lemurian, runic healing technologies. Asclepius, the Healing Deities are balanced magicians.
There is more technology here than personal inclination. They like the idea of ​​development, healing, improvement, optimization. In general, all are fairly harmonious personalities.

The energy of egregor has healing qualities.

You can simply channel energy, fill yourself and the patient. And you can turn to the egregor for help, ask a question, referring to the egregor, solve complex issues with its help.

The answer can come and fill you in the form of a wave of information that is gradually absorbed and helps to resolve the issue.
You can also channel energy into a situation to resolve situations.

Extant healing egregors

Any magical egregor has a Deity at its core. If not, the egregor is low-frequency and weak. 

Among the most preserved magic and healing egregors:

  • Egregor Thoth (magic and healing);
  • Asclepius (magic and healing);
  • Druids (magic, healing, battle magic);
  • Sephirothic Atlantic egregor;
  • Runic egregor.

More information about magical Initiations is here .

Question: What are the healing Initiations?


Now there are several active egregors:

  • Egregor Asclepius / Egregor of medicine of the ancient period (Greco-Roman period);
  • Egregor of Tibetan Medicine (Buddha Medicine);
  • The egregor of official medicine, which is in a tense relationship with the other two.

In these egregor we can make Initiations (except for the egregor of official medicine). There are many more different egregors that are not very formed.
For example, egregor of Vedic medicine, acupuncture and many others, local. They are weak, not very well-formed, since they do not have a religious basis, a serious system of Initiations. It makes no sense to make Initiations to other egregors yet, since the flow of information from them will be small.
We recommend starting with the Consecration of Asclepius.

Healer Channels

Magical, like any other professional egregors, are a complexly structured system.

Information in the egregor can be represented as a multi-layered pie.

There is a base - a wider layer with the most general information, and there is fruit and cream - narrower, specialized areas. 

In the Egregor of Healing, the general Egregor of Healing can be distinguished. 

And also more private Egregors can be distinguished: 

  • Egregor Asclepius; 
  • Egregor of Traditional Medicine; 
  • Egregors of the Gods associated with healing.
  • Egregors of Healing in Atlantis and earlier on Planet Earth.

In a more general Egregor, there is more information, but it is less dense than in special Egregor. In the general egregor there is a little bit of different information about everything. In special egregors there is more narrow thematic information, but the egregors themselves are less.

Let's give an example:

  • Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing, specialized more in general therapy. 
  • Imhotep, Egyptian God of Healing - researcher, practitioner, specialized in rare diseases, virology, demonology, field and military surgery.

In the aspect of healing, about 25 main, most active Egregors can be distinguished. If we take the aspect of healing throughout history (including the Lemurian period and earlier), there are about 150 key Egregors.

QUESTION: In the initiation of Asclepius, at the 2nd step, what are the dedicated channels?

ANSWER: In the Initiation of Asclepius:
- motivation to study
- healing energy

- Dedicated channel: 15 lasso
- Dedicated channel: 17 lasso
- Dedicated channel: Motivation for healing.

Healing energy is energy that has a healing effect, which sets the optimal parameters for the body's work.

QUESTION: In Asclepius level 2 there is a channel of Healing Energy. How to get a channel of healing energy without initiation? Is there a Mandala Healing Energy? Or is it like the 17th lasso / energy of Life? Are these energies as RI Healing or as a constant flow in which one can be constantly?

ANSWER: This Channel is not observed in the 17th lasso. This channel is associated with the Divine levels. There is no mandala yet. This topic is only being studied.
In Reiki, this Channel is not. To some extent, this Channel is found in the energies of Demeter's Initiation, but it does not stand out in the form of Initiation.

QUESTION: In the Initiation of Asclepius there is a dedicated channel of healing energy - can this be conducted only on oneself, or on other people too?

ANSWER: The healing energy in the Channel of Asclepius can be carried out on oneself, but it is also possible on the client, just remember and be attentive to the issue of safety.

Working with patients is always not safe, since you can pick up energy from them, which carries problems. For healers, many different cleansing and exercises are constantly being developed to cleanse themselves of other energies.

Healing is not a safe job and requires care and professional work. The severity of the problem the healer is dealing with is consistent with his experience.

In the Magic Laboratory you can do: 

  • General Initiation into the Egregor of Healing - the cost is 200 USD;
  • Dedications to the private egregors you need - the cost is $200.

More information about Initiations into magical and healing egregors - here.

You can test which channels you have inclusions in the Magic Card of the Personality.

Review: Dedication of Healers / Andrey

A rather curious effect is observed. Didn't even expect it. My influence as a healer on situations has become softer, easier. How additional energy appears when I make corrections. The work is easier. Moreover, additional energy appears only when I work. I feel like a principle of leverage: from somewhere another + 20 percent is taken to my work strength. I still don’t understand who is helping there, but it’s noticeable that new qualities are being added in the work. If earlier it was sometimes necessary to gnaw out the result harshly, now everything goes softer, as if the light is flooded with what I am doing.
I am the same as I was, not overflowing with energy - but new qualities begin to appear in my work ..)
Interesting. I'm thinking of trying another Druid Dedication to order.

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