Step 2. House energy cleaning.

"Energy cleaning of premises, cleaning of the house"

Cleaning the premises from energy-informational structures accumulated over the years of operation.

The outflow of energy in the room, damage, curses, negative emotions, the energy of sick people spoil life. 

We remove garbage from the apartment - and in the same way periodically we need to clean the energy of the apartment.

Room cleaning

Stage 1: Cleaning the apartment (up to 100 meters)

If a person is in a room for a long time, he falls under the influence of the characteristics of the room.
Among the negative factors are the following:

  1. Energy outflows in a room by materials of which the walls, ceiling, floor are made. The presence of yin materials in the room that drain energy. Most likely, these objects were produced in a place where there is a great lack of energy, nearby there were Yin meteorites, geopathogenic zones.
  2. The presence in old homes of a large amount of energy from old or dead people. These energies may not necessarily be in your apartment, but they may be present in the whole house and influence you.
  3. Negative energy - damage, curses, grave ground 
  4. Another's anger, negative emotions of others, traces of quarrels, conflicts, the energy of sick people, etc.

It is advisable to periodically clean the negative influences.

The condition of the apartment is one of the most important factors that can affect your well-being, along with such factors as magical influences, complexes and stresses, negative emotions, etc.

Service cost - 70 USD / roomTypical room size: up to three rooms / private house (100 meters). If the house is 200 meters, it is multiplied by two. 

NOTE: How often should the apartment be cleaned?

ANSWER: Periodically it is recommended to re-clean the apartment. It is like purging a person's energy. If there are active emotional clashes in the house between neighbors, if someone is engaged in magical attacks, then once every six months it is recommended to pay attention to this and clean it all up.

Re-cleaning cost : 50 usd.

QUESTION: How often should the house be cleaned?
ANSWER: Usually the average need for cleaning is once a year.
But if you have aggressive neighbors who constantly swear, like to get angry, throw curses on the house and neighbors, add magical muck at the entrance, then the need arises more often, for example, in especially severe cases, even once a month.

QUESTION: How important is it to clean the apartment or is it better to clean yourself?
ANSWER: The space in which you are is one of the main factors of your condition. House cleaning is on the first stage, together with the cleaning of human energy.

QUESTION: What are the ways to clean the house yourself?
ANSWER: Firstly, you can take a piece of television cable, 40 centimeters, as a complex multilayer structure, tune in to the negative that goes towards the house, damage, curses, and use this stick several times to hold this negative.

Secondly, you can take holy water from the church and sprinkle it in the apartment or entrance or around the house. If the water was sanctified normally, then the negative will come into conflict with the structure of the religious egregor and begin to disintegrate.

Stage 2 (Place of Power). Deep cleaning is carried out in several stages. It focuses on small energy outflows. Due to the accumulation of energy, a resonance arises between the 15th and 17th lasso, which manifests the Sephira Daat.

The cost of the service is 200 USD.

Details are here .

Stage 3: The area around your house with a diameter of 100 meters is cleared.
Powerful outflows of energy, stuff and curses hanging over neighboring houses and which directly affect your house are removed. 

NOTE: Some of these effects can be removed by spraying holy water, channeling the energies of the saints, energies of reiki and other technologies. Try to clean it yourself or you can seek professional help. Details are  here .

If you need help, specialists will clean your premises.

For this, an image of an apartment or house from the outside and one panoramic photo from the inside is desirable (for example, a corridor with doors).


  1. Links with geopathogenic zones are removed during  Basic Energy Cleaning . But a person moves around the city and these parameters gradually accumulate.
  2. If you are in some premises for a long time (home, work), you can do  Energy Cleaning of the premises, level 1  - this has a positive effect on overall well-being. Sometimes even a condition arises that after a deep cleaning you don't want to leave the house.
  3. You can do  Deep cleaning of the room (2nd level)  - deep cleaning of the house and the area around it. In 70% of cases, a Portal of Vitality (Place of Power of Life Energy) can be created in the house. Sephira Daat appears - activation of the point of intersection of the 17th and 15th arcana, their resonance.

Question: That is, if you do a deep cleaning, you will additionally form a place of power? Or will it form itself?


Experience shows that if you do a deep cleansing, then Sephira Daat is formed due to the vital activity of a person (resonance of energies of the 15th arcana).

For all the previous times, it took us 3-4 cleaning cycles. But there may be nuances, if the house is in a dysfunctional place, it may take longer.
It also depends on the state of egregors, egregor of the city, etc. But even in the most difficult situations, it is usually possible to improve the situation. We hope you can tell us what is better.
Usually, after cleaning, people say that the condition has improved.

Question: Can I clean the house of the second level only after the first one?


Yes, only sequentially. First level 1. Then a pause for a couple of weeks. And then start cleaning the 2nd level.

House cleaning, level 1 - the main energy outflows are removed. 
House cleaning, level 2 - implies a deeper cleaning of the room's channels. It takes a long time to work.

Room and person cleaning.

Both the person and the house accumulate some kind of energy waste. It usually accumulates on a person faster.
If a person has magical attacks, you can cleanse the energy at least once a week.

Damage accumulates on the house less often -
things with negative energy appear, elementaries appear. damage, curses, etc.
It is recommended to check the condition of the house every floor and, if necessary, to clean it.

In order to get the "Places of Power" effect, you need to order the 2nd level of House Cleaning. Special events are held within the second level.

- Can the room be honored so that cleaning is no longer needed?

- We are working on technologies that will allow us to clean the room once and then it will clean itself. At the moment we can only qualitatively cleanse from magical influences, remove what we find. But if after a while spoilage, evil eyes appear, elementaries appear, then it will be necessary to clean this room again.

The room accumulates energy waste more slowly.
It makes sense to check the condition of the premises every six months and order energy cleaning.

Cleaning the room improves general condition and improves mood.

Cost: Cleaning the Premises, level 2 - $ 350.

Review: Room cleaning, level 2 / Anastasia

It has become pleasant, I do not want to leave the house. Because it's very comfortable at home. In other places it is much worse than here. If before I wanted to go out somewhere, gain energy. And now I feel great here.

Review: Room cleaning, level 2 / Dmitry

Before all these purges, we used to come home and take a break. It was good sleep at home. Then after cleaning the house of the 2nd level, activity appeared, all the time I want to do something. It became comfortable and I want to work at home.

Review: Room cleaning, level 2 / Elena

We moved to a new house. The first time they came there, fell asleep and the head was heavy from sleep. They were all kind of sleepy and boiled. After doing one cleaning it became easier. There was some kind of comfortable state. We felt that the energy had ceased to flow away somewhere. 
We did a second level cleaning. After that, it became very good. Activity has increased. Everyone's mood has risen noticeably (this is relative to the initial state upon entry). And what is interesting, the domestic cat has stopped running away from this house. Initially, he came only to eat and get out. And then he began to spend the night and stay longer. It can be seen that he also became comfortable.


TESTIMONIALS: Cleaning the premises level 2 / Nikolay.

A couple of years ago, when most of the residents died in this house, a strange thing began - when they were in the apartment - heaviness in the legs, unwillingness to do anything, sleep - but he did not give rest. Then we did the first level cleaning - it helped but not as much as we would like. Most of the magicians with whom I had communication for several years unanimously argued that the place where I live is not the most positive and even as an option - to change my place of residence. 

Did a level 2 cleaning. 
In general, during and after cleaning, it became completely different in the house. We can say that the energy of life has increased dramatically. The feeling of coldness in the body and legs especially began to go away. The way of thinking began to change towards a more constructive and positive one. Also, the work with the channels went much better, and there was also a desire to work with them. I can say with confidence that cleaning a second-level place is something to start with, so that you can live without hindrances and feel the full effects of other works of the center's specialists. I don’t regret the money spent on this and I am 150% satisfied with this work. Honor and Respect to the Center's Specialists.


In any apartment there are several main factors that one way or another occur: 
energy outflows, incorrect torsional rotation of the energy of objects in the apartment.

Pollution with other people's energies and thought forms, the energies of people who used to live and live there, is especially pronounced in old houses.

There is always something in every apartment that can be improved or corrected.

You can feel for yourself how comfortable you are in the apartment, how it feels, and decide whether you need to clean the energy of the apartment, optimize it or not.


The corners of massive objects (cabinets, pedestals) aimed at the workplace or resting place, sleeping place can also affect the energy. You can relieve stress on your own by moving the object away so that it is not directed to the resting place. 

The note :

Even if the outflow of energy is 2 units, then it is advisable to clean, because energy is constantly flowing away from you - it takes part of your strength.

To clean the house, you need to send a photo of the house from a distance of 30-50 meters and each room diagonally. And it is advisable to mark the windows of your apartment on the photo of the house. 

Laboratory experts comment:

When ordering room cleaning, it is advisable to send a general photo of the house with a note where your apartment is located. Then we also clean up the strong outflows that are in the nearest apartments.

It doesn't matter if it is a living space or an office.
If the working space of your company is more than three rooms, the volume of work is proportionally increased by the number of offices.  

Review: Cleaning the Premises / Andrey

Moved to a new home. The house is newly built. But there was a feeling of being drawn out, inhibited.

I asked to clean the room. The result was very clear. There was a feeling of calm and cleanliness at home. The space of the apartment no longer strains and does not push out, as before. The feeling and microclimate have changed. It became easier to breathe! :) I
ordered it just in case - and suddenly it will help. I did not even suspect that in a week you can completely change the atmosphere in the house :)

Feedback: Cleaning the Premises / Marina

Good afternoon.

Finally I can write a review on cleaning the premises. I cannot say anything about tuning the channels yet, apparently, it takes more time. So.

I turned for advice on one issue important to me: I could not wake up in the morning. It seems that I slept for a sufficient amount of time, at least 8 hours, but still fell asleep in the morning, barely having time to remove my hand from the alarm clock. It has been suggested that the apartment may have yin outflows. I sent photos of the apartment from different angles, which confirmed the preliminary diagnosis. The load was determined at 3-4 units. Naturally, I ordered a room cleaning service.

A few days later I felt obvious changes. I wrote a letter with a question, to which I received an answer that yes, the work is underway, but not yet finished. As a result, now the feeling is radically opposite to what it was. No falling asleep, not even a hint. But now I have gone to the other extreme. If for some reason I suddenly wake up before the alarm clock, then that's it, I won't fall asleep)) Checked repeatedly. This option is also not entirely satisfactory, because I don't always have time to sleep by the time they wake me up. But this is already much easier to solve. You just need to somehow force yourself to go to bed earlier.

So many thanks to the specialists for their work! And thanks for answering all my stupid questions) I will definitely ask for other services!

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