"PROTECTIVE DEDICATIONS (Christianity, Buddhism)"


If a quality Initiation into Christianity, Buddhism, Islam creates a protective sheath. 
For example, Buddhism strengthens the energy structure 2-3 times. 
Initiation to Catholicism strengthens the energy structure 2-3 times. Initiation to Islam strengthens the energy structure 2 times  Accordingly, it is recommended for children and adults. We do as protective spells:  - Initiation Christianity (Catholicism)  - Initiation into Buddhism. 

QUESTION: It is possible to make both Initiations. Are they compatible?  

ANSWER: Almost all of our users have a Consecration to Christianity. These Initiations are compatible with all Initiations that we make. 

QUESTION: Is the Baptismal Ritual Initiation into egregor? 
ANSWER: Certainly. This is a classic Initiation. But of all initiations, only 5% exist longer than 3 years, and the rest decay rather quickly. And they do not perform any functions. 

Likewise with consecrated objects, crosses, icons. 
They quickly lose their tuning to egregor. And this is the problem. 

QUESTION: Is it possible to make both Initiations in order to strengthen the protection? 
ANSWER: Most likely this will not have a large summarizing effect. We look at those who have both Initiations. From double Initiation, the protective qualities of Initiations increase by 20 percent. 

It should be borne in mind that Orthodoxy and Catholicism are different branches of Christianity, with different characteristics. 
Most of the Initiations that are found on our territory are the Initiation to Orthodoxy. 

QUESTION: Which Initiation is better to choose? 
ANSWER: We cannot recommend. It is desirable that the person himself chooses what is closer to him. 

QUESTION: Do these Initiations provide any motivation other than protection? 
ANSWER: There is an additional signal for development in the Initiation of Buddhism. 
Both systems have a lot of informational information. Christianity 15 units of the universal human mentality, Buddhism about 20 mental units.


QUESTION: Initiation into Buddhism already at the first stage strengthens the energy structure 2-3 times? How long after initiation will it become so strong?

ANSWER: Usually within a week there is a strengthening effect. Accordingly, it softens shocks and is a good protection for domestic collisions.


QUESTION: Do Buddhists and Catholics also have 2, 3 stages of Initiation? Dedicated channels? Is the degree of energy strengthening and protection increasing there or is the first stage sufficient? 38

ANSWER: Any defense takes some of the blows and the attacker hits the egregor and is injured. At the second stage of Initiation, the degree of strengthening increases by 1.5-2 times.

The concept of sufficiency of protection is very conditional. Depends on the quantity, quality of impacts, time. No protection is absolute. We take people who are qualitatively combined with the egregor: the protection cushions the impact.

Take the Dalai Lama, for example. A good person with a lot of accumulated positive karma. It has a lot of protective prayers, but a large number of black magic strikes.
In this case, the Protection doubles its energy structure and absorbs shocks.

QUESTION: Can you also use prayers to strengthen protection?
ANSWER: Anything can be used. Defense is a very large and complex topic. We recommend using Initiations, Mandalas and Energy Pumping for protection.


QUESTION: Can you give examples of people who have been initiated into Buddhism?

ANSWER: The King of Thailand and the Dalai Lama on the 14th, Karnapa on the 17th have an initiation into Buddhism.

Protective initiations into Buddhism and Catholicism relieve some of the burden of black magic attacks. Due to the merger with the egregor, the shock is absorbed, the egregor takes on part of the load.

In terms of reducing the black magic load, a good result was shown by

1) Adjustment of initiations that stimulate black magic activity

2) together with a dedication that increases the favor of those in power and socially significant people.

QUESTION: And with protective initiations, doing magic, runes, tarot - everything that religious egregors forbid to do do not cause collisions with egregors?

ANSWER: There is a separate opinion of individual clergymen, but the egregor of Catholicism and Buddhism itself does not fight about the magic of the runes.
The egregor of Catholicism beats against black magic, the egregor of Buddhism does not beat.

Magic like egregor beats in Islam for some reason. But Islam is beating against the modern magic egregor. But if you hang Egyptian Initiations or Thoth or Atlantic magic, then it will go fine.

In case of magical collisions, you can recommend:
1. Make a Protective Initiation into Catholicism and / or Buddhism
2. Mandala "Protect a Boulder" (from percussion techniques).
3. The system of additional energy pumping (for energy processing)
+ cleaning should be done periodically, cleaned by yourself.

QUESTION: I would like to clarify one question. Can initiations into magical egregors be used as a protective technology?

ANSWER: There are billions of people in the egregor of Buddhism. From our point of view, for the protection of the egregor of Buddhism and the egregor of Christianity are optimal. Magic egregors should be used as sources of skills and knowledge. Protective initiations of Buddhism and Christianity reduce damage from magical blows, but do not stop magical effects. This confirms that many leaders of Buddhism and Christianity have a large number of magical influences.

QUESTION: What knowledge is there in initiating Buddhism?
ANSWER: General - human mental (a little bit of everything)

Dedication to Buddhism:

NOTE: At the 2nd stage of the Protective Initiation of Buddhism,
thanks to new technologies,
protection from other people's anger and evil eyes was significantly increased.

REVIEW: Buddhist Protective Initiation / Vladimir

Feeling more resilient, as if I was lined up on several floors. And during some collisions with people, one feels that I am more stable than they are.


COMMENT: Catholic protective Initiation / Andrey

After Initiation, I feel around me like an elastic light solar jelly field, about a meter around my body.
This gives a certain light tone, composure, increased activity and determination. The sensations are pleasant.
It is easier to internally gather energetically.
I feel denser, more resilient, more energetic.
Even looking better and firmer! :)


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