Family Harmonization

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couple harmonization

Attunement of partners, harmonization of relations in couples

Tuning of partners creates resonance in the chakras. This in turn leads to the effects:

Sexual attraction (Resonance on Svadhisthana).

Friendship (Manipur Resonance).

Love (Resonance in Anahata)

Mutual Understanding (Resonance Vishudha).

sexual attractiveness

Sexual Capture Center - Activating connections

The Capture Center allows the power industry to connect with the partner's energy and hold it, thus forming permanent connections.

Adds stability to the couple. If you chose someone and start communicating with him - this Center allows you to form a permanent connection with him.

Sexual Capture Center will be more effective in family, sexual issues. Primarily for the formation of long-term family connections.

Activation of the dynamics of Svadhistana,

Clearing Svadhisthana links

A man in the process of evolution accumulates a huge number of relationships with women. The same situation is with women. During sexual intercourse, the energetics of the man splashes into the thin bodies of the woman, stable bonds, threads that gradually break up, are formed. The remnants of these connections, not broken threads, inhibit the energy of men and women. They can be cleaned.

The increase in the energy signal on Svadhisthana leads to an increase in activity, in particular, sexual activity, sociability, emotionality and other factors that positively affect a person's charisma.

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