Adjustment of Vows

"Adjustment of Vows"

Sometimes people give vows:

For example, when a person works, has a bad experience, and then says: “I'll never work again!"

And sometimes people in a stressful state manage to make a Promise to the Higher Forces.

Or a woman after an unsuccessful experience in communicating with some man says: “Yes, I'll never deal with a man again!”

And it sends a message to the Higher Forces. This is found in 15% of the population.

And this vow takes effect:

Time passes, and the man is no longer against working, or the woman is ready to make love relationships with someone, but their vows begin to interfere with situations.

This may be some version of the Crown of celibacy, or interfere with work.

Sometimes this happens in a state of affect, for example, a mother curses her children, or makes promises that in a healthy state would not occur to her.

People sometimes pay very cruelly for such things.

The deities have taken the vow and are already following that. This is perceived as a promise to the Gods.

Vows are a tricky thing to take. Deities require something in return for a person to understand and somehow pay for his mistake.

Among people, vows are common.

Especially subject to Vows are the 2.5 Wave.

But among people 3-4 Waves of Vows are observed only in 1-2%.

Adjustment cost: $200

Vows can be diagnosed in the Karma Map .
Vows can be tried to remove.

If you already ordered a Karma Card, we can diagnose this topic for you as a bonus.


QUESTION: How strongly do vows affect life?

ANSWER: Vows are powerful. Factors That May Affect Vows:

- vow power;

- remoteness from the present;

- which Deity makes vows (all Deities are different with different characteristics);

- our own characteristics, the availability of programs that can work in dissonance with vows.

For example, there is a vow that there will be no family but at the same time there is a strong motivation to have a family - it will influence. Maybe something else.

The degree to which problems are resolved depends on other factors. When we remove, we remove this particular factor. The presence of other factors affects how the situation develops further. Again, for example, the presence of a family - we will remove it, but there may be some complexes that, again, will affect situations and other factors.

Does a person get something in return for these restrictions?

We find it difficult to say whether there will be a positive result from the fact that a person is 5,000 years old without money or communicating with friends. It is rather a request. The man asked - done. Usually a person does not receive any additional bonuses. The man turned to the Divine - he got the result and remains a little due for the request. Whether a person used the money granted to him, loneliness, lack of children - you need to look individually. Different people will receive different results for themselves from the situation of deprivation. Perhaps someone can use this as a positive factor for development.

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