The article highlights the questions that arise when buying magical mandalas and mandalas according to the Arcana.

What mandalas according to the Arcana are suitable with assemblage point on Anahata?

Question: I watched magic mandalas according to the Arcana, it is written that it is necessary to select the Arcana according to your level. How do I know which Arcana my level corresponds to? Can you tell me?


The Position of the Assemblage Point on Anahata corresponds to 17 lasso (attunement to life force, life energy), 18 (energy of the path - a person follows the path of spiritual development) and 20 lasso.

If you take the arcana, which are higher, then there will be a big overload.
But if you work with the lasso, then it is advisable to completely merge with the lasso, so that energy flows through a person around the clock. Then some qualities of the lasso begin to appear, energy comes. And after a year or two, you can write down 80 percent of the mental from the lasso, which is a lot. This will give a significant impetus to development.

But the lasso must be taken just below its level - slightly below the position of the Assemblage Point, otherwise there will be an overload.
The main mistake of people who work with lasso is that they take high-frequency lasso and their information processing system is simply jammed tightly.

For example, they start working with the 9th lasso, and after a month of operation, the throughput of a person's information recording system drops by 3 times. The efficiency of this system (the Assemblage Point, the internal information processing system) is reduced by 3-4 times, by 70-80%.

If, with the position of the vehicle on Anahata, you start working with high-frequency 15, 16, 14 lassos, then the system will stall by 50%. These are serious things. You need to monitor this.

From the point of view of acquaintance, you can go there and leave, but if you stay there longer (a month), you can block your information processing system. The most effective from our point of view is to take what is easy for you to handle and increases potential.

For example, the recording of information from the 18th lasso (due to the fact that readily assimilated information goes) quickly develops a person. If you completely merge with the lasso, then within a year you can increase your information throughput by 30 percent. Due to the fact that the previous level is qualitatively prescribed (energy and easily assimilated information is constantly flowing) a person develops.

This is something like this: 

  • if you give food to a person in small portions and give a rest, his physical form will begin to grow rapidly.
  • but if we say, let's increase physical activity by 4 times and make us eat 4 times more, - the person will be overworked, health problems will begin.

Question:  How do we increase the bandwidth of consciousness?

Answer:  Each fully assimilated unit of information increases a person's potential. And here we give easily digestible  information that raises the level of a person.

The 17th lasso for people who have not registered Anahata will stress the system. It won't be a plus. Most likely, the system will work at the limit if the TS Anahata is lower.
But we still need to look at the level of human development in general.

If the vehicle on Anahata is better to take 18 and 20 or 21 and 19 Arcana?


  • 21 lasso - information is mainly located at the level of the Manipura chakra.
  • 19 lasso - according to the level of Manipura.
  • 22 lasso - between Svadhisthana and Muladhara.
  • 18 lasso and 20 lasso - basic information between Manipura and Anahata.
  • 17 lasso - basic information goes on the level of Anahata and the First body of Vishuddha.
  • 14, 16 lasso - basic information goes on the 2nd body of Vishuddhi.
  • 13, 11 arcana - the main information goes between the 2nd and 3rd body of Vishuddhi (the level of the root of the nose).
  • 10th and 12th lasso - 3rd body of Vishuddhi (nose bridge).
  • 9 lasso - information goes just above Ajna.

If the vehicle is on Anahata, then it is better to work with the level slightly lower (18, 20 lasso).
The lower pumping (19,22, 21 arcana) gives the body's stability, but does not affect the speed of information processing. The speed of information processing is influenced by the quality of the zone where the vehicle is located (slightly higher and slightly lower). To increase the speed of recording information on the vehicle level on Anahata, you need energy slightly lower - 18-20 lasso.


What do the Arcana give in addition to the magic mentality?

Question: Arcana 20, 18, 15, what do they give in addition to the magic mental? Alignment with what quality energies? What qualities, events, the attraction of what, what other infa? Because, having ordered for development in magic, you get a whole lasso in the kit, and there is a lot of everything, right? 


  • 15 Arkan - the energy of conception and interconnection, keeping some objects near you;
  • 18 Arkan - the path of spiritual development, development as such. Those who conduct these energies, they become curious, they want to acquire new knowledge, learn something and develop, a stream that stimulates development, striving for development, learning;
  • 20 Arkan is a certain accumulated experience of mankind. Experience and knowledge coming from the past. This is a stream of experience and knowledge coming from the past. Experience and knowledge of past incarnations, a kind of mysticism. There is a setting for all incarnations. Including activates the experience and knowledge of their own incarnations;
  • 17 Arkan - a stream of life force, which is easily digestible, very tasty and healthy for the body;
  • 9 Arkan - spiritual development, high-frequency flow;
  • 3 lasso - planetary yin;
  • 1 lasso - planetary yang, yang energies;
  • 10 lasso - some kind of luck.

Hundreds of thousands of people are attuned to each lasso, their experience and knowledge are little by little present in each lasso.

The mentality of humanity is concentrated there. Any of the arcana is a flow of developing information on Earth.

Question:  And yet, if they are worn at the same time, the energies are mixed, the effect is in theory distorted, or what?

Answer:  There is a very cool developing technology from Sephirothic magic - this is to completely merge with the arcana of your level.

It is energy and information that is easy to digest. If a person merges with the lasso - the flow begins to pass through the person very quickly - development is accelerated 10 times.
But the condition is as follows: you need to take the lasso of your level or slightly lower. If we take Arkan higher, the speed of assimilation of information immediately decreases. There is a lot of energy and information in the lasso, a person develops rapidly.

Question:  I still have a question about mandalas - I understood correctly from the reviews, are there mandalas 15 and 19 Arcana? how do they work, do they provide information from the channel?

Answer:  These Mandalas are intended for passive use: if you look at it, put it in your pocket, and the mandala begins to automatically align the body with the Arcanum. The flow of the lasso you need begins to flow through the person. This stream contains information from the lasso, which begins to be recorded on a person.

Arcanic mandalas can also be used for active meditation. Using the mandala, you can tune in to the Arkan itself - the flow of energy within the planetary system - and work with it.

Plus, the energy of the arcana begins to accumulate in the energy structure of a person and the qualities of the arcana begin to manifest.

Question:  If the 15BA mandala is added to the Pan Initiation,  will it double the 15BA energy? 

Answer:  Mandala 15 Arcana will increase the energy of 15 Arcana in the body.

Question:  Will the qualities of the arcana be prescribed faster?

Answer:  The speed of assimilation of information depends on the parameters of the human energy structure (level of development, amount of energy, dynamics of the Assemblage Point).

Question:  When the information from the arcana is completely rewritten, then the mandalas become simply as sources of energy for the arcana?

Answer:  Exactly. But in the Arcana, information is constantly being accumulated.

Question:  How is it that mandalas with high-frequency lassos are loaded, but there is no initiation? (For example, the Dedication of Pan and the 15th lasso.)

Answer:  There are many factors involved.
On the one hand, the individual characteristics of a person, how quickly he processes high-frequency energies.
On the other hand, to what extent this or that technology includes a person in the Arcana.

Therefore, we recommend that you simply try - and if you feel overwhelmed - reduce the dose. For example, if there is a feeling of overload from the Mandala with the Arcanum, postpone it for a while until the energy is absorbed.

Question:  If the 6th arcanum mandala, for example, is worn at meetings, will it influence girls more strongly than the male beauty mandala?

Answer:  Girls are best influenced by

  • - Dedication to male beauty (Apollo, Freyer, Incas),
  • - then Mandala Male Beauty,
  • - then Mandala Masculinity
  • - then Mandala 6 Arcana

Question grew up: Does the 19th lasso somehow affect?

Answer:  Girls 19A do not act as attractiveness

Question: By the 17th lasso mandala, you can find out how much mentalal according to Vishuddha?

Answer: The  Mandala is simply attuning to the Channel. And in the Channel itself, according to the Vishuddhi level, there are about 4 units.

QUESTION: And what does mandala 16 ARKANO: Karmic tensions give. Is it a drain of karmic tension?

ANSWER: The 16th lasso is an energy that coincides with the frequency of tension between a person and the world around him.
The energies of the 16th lasso begin to compensate for these energies and discharge tensions. Mandala tunes to the channel itself.
If you channel this energy, the tension begins to fall.

But at the same time, great attention must be paid to safety.
Be sure to meditate every hour for 30 seconds in the sun, 30 seconds for magma inside the earth. Otherwise, the residual energies that are released at the time of such work strongly affect social relationships and can provoke conflicts.
Therefore, during and after working with this channel, you need to practice meditation for a week.

QUESTION: Hello. They wrote that the mandala of the 7th lasso was made in a simplified form so as not to overload anyone. And how do you spell the information from it?

ANSWER: This mandala is not designed to record information. In the Mandala, there is no strong attunement with the lasso. Since the 7th lasso are energies in a high range (according to the frequency of the Ajna chakra) and are very overloading.
Mandala of the 7th lasso gives energy to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

QUESTION: I would like to clarify the range of information on lassos for the future, so that I know in what order to order in the future. As I understand it, the 11th lasso writes in vishuddha-2, the 10th lasso in vishuddha-3.
Then on ajna 7, 8 and 6. And the rest on sahasrara. Correctly?

ANSWER: Arcanum number corresponds to frequency characteristics.
You need to look at what level it goes from.
The 11th lasso goes from 17 to 9. Accordingly, information is present from the Anahata level to the Ajna level.

There are major milestones that indicate the frequencies of the processes.
Malkut is Muladhara,
Keter - Sahasrara
17 arcanas - Anahata
9 Arkan - just below Ajna
(between the 3 body of Vishuddhi and 1 body of Ajna)
4 Arkan - 3 body of Ajna.
Tipheret - 2nd body of Vishuddhi.

All the rest are somehow placed between these.
10 lasso where does it go? Between the 9th Arcanum and Tiphereth.
Now you yourself can roughly imagine what the frequency characteristics are.

QUESTION: If you use the 11th Arcana Mandala, how do people around you perceive a person with the 11th Arcana energy? Does he somehow influence or perceive as usual, but simply do not want to harm?

ANSWER: The energy of the 11th arcana is rare. Therefore, it is difficult to track how such a person is perceived. Will people subconsciously change their attitude towards such a person? Not too much.
More often you can find people who are carriers of the 17th lasso (a fairly common behavior - Druids). How does the behavior of others change? No way. Awareness is not enough to understand that a person has 11 or 17 lasso.
It would be more correct to say that people, attacking a person with 11 lasso, will receive some injuries. But it is not known whether they will attack less.

QUESTION: A question about the mandala of the life force of the 17th arcanum: can I use this mandala to fill with strength and energy? 

ANSWER: According to the mandala, Life Force 17. With the help of the mandala, you can tune in to the flow of Life in all Plants in the world and work consciously with this flow: direct to yourself or individual organs.
The mandala is designed for the next job - consider and put in your pocket. At the same time, the body itself is attuned to the Vitality of the plants and is constantly pumped up with energy (while wearing the mandala).