Initiation through Death (Increase power of the subconscious mind)



            Successful people: billionaires, professional military men, magicians, healers and others are primarily individuals who managed to accumulate a significant amount of experience over millions of years of past incarnations.

            There are ancient technologies to accelerate access to the experience accumulated by the soul. Similar things were done in Tibet, Ancient Egypt and the Traditions of the Shamans of Africa and America. This system is called Initiation through Death , it accelerates access to the experience gained during the period of earthly incarnations of man.

These Initiations are the highlight, the pinnacle of post-Atlantic accelerated development technology.
They were stored as super-secret, elite technologies in the ancient civilizations of Planet Earth.

We believe that these technologies are very valuable for development and the minimum price is set 
so that the maximum number of people has access to these opportunities.

Review: Initiation through Death / Dmitry K. A deep sensation appeared. Understanding as a Universe. Rather, I look at the world from space. I’m looking straight at the inside. Not with my eyes, but how far away in the universe is my consciousness, and from there I look at the world. Well, energy has increased. So I don’t know if this is connected with what setting. And so, a cool feeling of yourself, as a multi-dimensional volume creation. I am very grateful. Well done!

Technologies of the Ancient World - " Initiation through Death"

This Initiation is common in almost all magical traditions. 
It is also found in the Toltecs (Described by Castaneda in his writings), it is found in the African tradition, Egypt, in the Taoists, Tibetans, Hindus (Raja Yoga), etc.

For instance:

Sai Baba has the remains of the Initiations of Egyptian times (Initiation of Ra, Isis). Several Bodies of the Personality of Sai Baba (Bodies of Vishuddha relating to the Egyptian period) are increased several times. One body of a person is doubled, the second body is three times - in relation to neighboring bodies. He several times passed the Initiation of Death.


Dalai Lama 14 - has the remains of the Initiation of Thoth, Isis.

About 2.5 thousand years ago there passed the Initiation of Death.
The body of the personality of that period in the Dalai Lama is about two times larger than the neighboring ones.

Marilyn Manson , by the way, also has a magical education; he passed the Death Initiation in Egypt.
Moreover, Marilyn Manson, and everything in his group is Mages 1, 2 levels.

3 merlin

Castaneda - in the last incarnation passed the Initiation of Death in the Toltec tradition.


Karnapa 1 - in a previous life he was given the Death Initiation (technology in the Tibetan tradition). The personality body in the last incarnation is even more than twice as much as in this one. 


Garchen Rinpoche  (Teacher of the Drikung Kagyu tradition) - passed the Death Initiation in the last incarnation (Tibetan Buddhist Tradition). The personality body of that period is several times larger than previous and subsequent incarnations. The personality body has specific traces of the presence of death energies, which are carried out at the time of such initiations.


Rev. Lobpon Tenjin Namdag Rinpoche in the Bonpo tradition two incarnations ago passed the Death Initiation in the Bonpo tradition, with the invocation of the demons of death.
The personality body of that period is increased 4 times more than the neighboring ones. This is due to the fact that Lobpon is quite an ancient person on Earth - has more than 1000 incarnations on Earth. Located on Earth since the time of the Lemurian civilization.


In the next photo - The same Master in the tradition with his students.
The third person on the left, his student passed the Death Initiation 3 and 5 incarnations back. You can see how much his personality mass is greater than the personality of the first and second students. Although the first and second students are more ancient personalities, they are more than 5 million years old, they are from the 5th Wave of the origin of souls.


Essence of Initiation through Death

As a result of the presence of death energy in certain frequency planes, the human egregore reacts (the human egregore begins to respond to death energies) - and the wave, which occurs as a response to the presence of death energies, causes the shells of the bodies of the person to stick together and tear along Earth incarnations (mainly distributed to earthly incarnations).
The bodies of the person are a “bubble in an elastic shell filled with information” - similar to liquid rubber wool.
Under the influence of the response flow of the human egregore, the bubbles of the personalities of earthly incarnations begin to stick together and open in places of contact. The threads of content begin to touch and there is a partial copying of information from the bodies of individuals. This increases the informational body of the individual several times.

The amount of information recorded will depend on:

  • from the number of incarnations on Earth;
  • on the quality of the mergers of these incarnations.

In the original, this procedure is very difficult, as it requires a large amount of energy.
Usually in the original after this procedure, it took from a year to two to restore energy, all the time the followers were in a critical de-energized state. When we do this procedure intensive processing and rewriting of the information is undertaken and often people say that they don't feel anything at all until later. We consider this a huge success.

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