Step 5. Consciousness Empowerment Technologies.

Technologies of Empowering consciousness

Development technogies and initiations require a lot of high frequency energy. And success in life is partially dependent on the working of the mind, speed of learning.

As well as a person with little high frequency energy and low assemblage point dynamics (dynamics of processing and input of information) will often have high untreated stress. 

Technologies in this category:

  • Level 1 paging programs (high frequency nourishment of consciousness)
  • Level 2 paging programs (fire elementals, increases activity, sharpness)
  • Manual paging programs
  • Plane of thinking
  • Brain dynamics activation and Hemisphere synchronization
  • Light of consciousness

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  • Past-life experience
  • The Vessel of Luck and Karma
  • Personal energy balance
  • Main psychology complexes and stresses
  • Balance of vitamins and microelements.
  1. Level 1 Paging
    Energy nourishment of consciousness, through the connection to the supplying sources of high-frequency energy in the Universe. Learn More