Appeal Channels for Men and Women

Channels of popularity (for men and women)

dedication of nobility

Dedication of nobility

Gives the perception of a person as a noble and socially significant.

This is some kind of knightly order in France 300-400 years ago.

Dedication of Actors

This Dedication is the entrance to the Ancient Guild of Actors.

It sets the acting interest. The person becomes more vivid and interesting. Acting dedication is charisma in its purest form.

A dedication makes a person bright and memorable.

dedeication of bloggers

Dedication of bloggers (6 arcanum)
1. Dedication of bloggers of type 1 (attraction, 6 arcanum).

Many bloggers have a dedication that attracts and holds the attention of YouTube users on them.

Its feature is in the presence of a low-frequency 6th arcanum and a high-frequency 15 arcanum. This creates a kind of "knitting" effect on the public. A dedication which contains the energies of attracting and retaining an audience.

dedication bloggers

Dedication of bloggers (9 arcanum)
2. Dedication of bloggers of type 2 (interest, 9 arcanum).
Very rare signal. This Dedication carries the energy of interest.

This is some ancient dedication, the egregor of which is poorly preserved, but the Dedication gives a signal for 9 arcanum in the aspect of interest. Egregor existed more than 10,000 years ago in the territory of the South Caucasus.

 Auxiliary channel quality (for men and women)

Dedication of sociability

There are people who have an active desire to communicate. Often this is due to the Dedication to the European egregor (3-4 thousand years ago), which gives sociability. The territory of central Europe.

Dedication sets the desire and ability to communicate. In the egregor there is information about communication skills. To meet, maintain communication.

About these people we say "convivial man."

dedication of good taste

Dedication of good taste, style

This is a dedication of refined taste.

There are 2 types of Dedications: Earth and Extraterrestrial,

which adds a taste to appearance, clothing, hairstyle, makeup, a tendency to model business, etc.

Those people who have these Dedications look very stylish, even if they are not engaged in modeling business.

These people have something that can be called well-groomed, stylish, beautiful. Perceived as a kind of harmony, taste and elegance.

arabic dedication of radian look

Arabic dedication of radiant look

This is one of the dedications that gives a strong, radiant look. All people who have a strong look have such dedication.

When the dedication is very strong, the look becomes too bright and causes even fear and apprehension (like the two guys in the photo). But in small quantities it adds radiance and fullness to the look.

The main quality that is present in this dedication is a bright, radiant look. There are energies of attraction in a small amount in this dedication.

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