Recording Professional Skills

"Specialist Lesson - Recording Professional Skills Information"

Copying the necessary skills to your mind from leading specialists in your chosen field of activity (magic, healing, economics, psychology, etc.)

You can make 3 types of professional information recording.

Recording professional information is 
the transfer of a professional from leading experts who have been in the history of mankind in this field. These are individuals who have accumulated vast experience and knowledge in this area, experience in solving situations in selected areas. They have unique professional secrets and subtleties-keys in the chosen specialty.

There are several levels of recording.

The first level
recording is a recording of professional information on the current personality and five previous incarnations. The record is limited by the level of the person - how much information can be put on it. Therefore, this is called a "specialist lesson" - a limited portion. 
Cost: 70 ye.

The exchange is enhanced if there is a Dedication to Death (merging of past incarnations).

Note: Skill Record Mandalas have also worked well.

The second level of the Specialist Lesson: 

When recording the second level, in order to increase the capacity to which we can write, we use the current incarnations and the nearest incarnations that can participate in the energy-information exchange. Usually this is the next 50,000 years, during which there were about 50 incarnations.

There is a transfer to your past incarnations. And this is your subconscious - it starts to work better. A certain amount, "capacity of experience" is poured into your subconscious. 

Each person can take on a certain amount of experience.

These specialists share their experience. It is somehow absorbed and manifested. This is a very high quality technology with nice reviews. Those people to whom we recorded this experience 2-3 years ago say that now they feel that their experience and knowledge have grown significantly. Some even changed their profession.

Cost: 300 USD
The exchange of information is enhanced if there is a Level 1 Monad Experience.

The third level of the Specialist's Lesson: 
There is a recording of the specialists' lessons  on the nearest parallel realities where intensive energy exchange is possible.
At the third level, there is a record not only on the closest past incarnations, but also on the closest parallel realities from the Tree of Worlds.

At the same time, the amount of information that our past incarnations on parallel realities can receive increases by an order of magnitude. Past personalities and personalities from parallel incarnations are our subconscious and in one way or another affect the behavior of the current personality.

Cost: 300 ye.

The exchange of information is enhanced if Level 2 Monad Experience is activated.
When ordering all three levels - a discount of -30%. 

A professional egregor is formed due to the combined experience of all specialists included in this egregor.

We can accelerate for you the absorption of experience from the egregor you need and the development of yourself in it as a professional.

To speed up the absorption of this experience, you can:

  • Include you in the egregor of the specialty;
  • Copy the information in the desired egregor to the person;
  • Choose from the egregor the best specialists, great masters of the past,
    and write down the experience of specific people in this area;
  • We can activate the experience in this type of activity
    that you had in the past incarnation (if any);
  • You can strengthen your personalities, who were engaged in the activity of interest to you in highly developed civilizations.

The revitalization of professional skills can be carried out in the following areas:

  • Healing;
  • Magic;
  • Business skills;
  • Management skills;
  • Programming, technology;
  • Psychology, counseling;
  • Skills in sports, martial arts, driving and other professions at your request.

Or any other direction from the list of traditional professions.
You can indicate 1-2 accents.
For example,
- Magic with emphasis on social influences or
- Healing with an emphasis on general therapy.

QUESTION: How to deal with the skills of the body, not just thinking and understanding. Music as movement, boxing, and dancing - what are the effects and how are they achieved?

ANSWER: The body consciousness also accumulates information. When recording professional skills, we try to write it down to the level of body consciousness as a separate level. Consciousness accumulates information, body consciousness and consciousness spheres.
A skill, for example, boxing, implies a lot of information at the level of body consciousness, and finances at the other two levels.

The download of professional information (specialist lesson) goes to the level until the consumed capacity is full. The only limitation is how much information the human energy structure can withstand at different levels.

 QUESTION: is it possible to somehow (approximately) spread the prof, information by levels (manipura, anahata, vishudha +). so as not to overload the massive recording of too high-frequency information, for example

ANSWER: The recording of professional information is 80% Anahata level and 20% Manipura level. Regarding information on magic and healing, it shifts a little to the level of Vishuddha.

The recording of information on magic and healing is processed for about a month. The rest of the records are processed in about 2 weeks.
You can record at least 10 different records in parallel. We'll just make several entries in sequence.
- if the assimilation of one cycle of recording is 2 weeks, then 10 records will be assimilated for 5 months?
- assimilation of 10 cycles of professional info by experience will also be assimilated for 2-3 weeks. But writing everything down at once will not work. It will be possible to make approximately 3 entries per day. Much will depend on the person, in what state he is now, etc.

QUESTION: Is it possible to have a three-level specialist lesson in English?

ANSWER: Yes, you can.

The egregor of the English language itself exists recently. It was formed several hundred years ago. But due to the fact that a huge number of people use it, there is a lot of information in the egregor itself.

You can make a record of information and the first level: a person and several nearest incarnations.

You can make both the second level and the third level (for parallel incarnations).

This information can be applied to any number of incarnations to increase off-recording capacity. Usually, difficulties in studying arise if a person in past incarnations did not incarnate in English territories or often incarnated in Germany or France, which have a long tradition of wars with England and in which complexes of a negative attitude towards English territory and language are developed.

We test these complexes in the Map of habits.

When recording all three levels of the Specialist Lesson at once, there is a -30% discount.

QUESTION: A specialist's lesson, or a Mentor program, which will be preferable in the direction of massage, tantric yoga, tantric massage?

ANSWER: Massage is a technical thing, it is not very rich in information.
 Usually people live by something else and do massage.
We believe the Lesson of the specialists is preferable.

QUESTION: At what age can children receive a specialist lesson?

ANSWER: Starting from the age of five, when the personality has already matured.
Or starting from the age of two, if the child has the Initiation of the Continuous Consciousness, and the personality is formed.

QUESTION: Which of the mandalas will help you to assimilate the information from the lesson faster?

ANSWER: Mandalas for pumping energy. For example:
- Mandala for pumping the energy of consciousness
- Mandala of the Sun
- Places of Power
- Fire Elementals

QUESTION: Can I order an appointment with specialists (female skills) during pregnancy?
ANSWER: Yes, you can, you just need to warn - so that we make the impact softer.

QUESTION: When recording a specialist lesson, because there is a direct copying of the mentality from a person, is it possible to "pick up" some negative information, for example, complexes or some personal life experience that has nothing to do with the topic?

ANSWER: When you record a lesson, we record professional information. Complexes are stress. This is raw information. It is not in the Master's body.

At the time of recording, the Master is telling something. In this case, the complexes are not recorded, not transmitted.

QUESTION: When recording a portion of professional information, is the mentality copied from a person too?

ANSWER: Elements of the mental are transmitted. Basically, a certain information pattern is transmitted. The one in which the information fits.

Recording in one direction can be carried out on average once a month.


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