Step 3. Psychology Map (Advanced Psychology Diagnostics)

The diagnostics includes:

Analysis of the basic psychological complexes, and diagnostics of stresses and phobias
300 psychological stresses and phobias are diagnosed. 

You will get detailed analysis, stresses and phobias psychological portrait.

All tested phobias and complexes may be removed in 10 day! 100% results guaranteed!

It is amaziing how people change their life after diagnostic and cleaning the complexes and phobias! 
That will make your life more happy, harmonious and successful!

Price for Advanced Personal Diagnoctic is 10 USD.
100% satisfaction or money back guaranteed!

Before ordering detailed Psychological Diagnostics please request FREE personal diagnostics.


REVIEW: Psychological Map of the Personality /Nadezhda:

Thank you for your work!!! All absolute truth, never cease to be amazed by your technology!!! I will work with you for a very long time, I feel that I am changing internally, thank you!!!

REVIEW: Detailed Map of the Personality /Anastasia:

THANK YOU for the diagnostics! Hit 100%. Now that the picture has taken shape, I received answers to all my unspoken questions. And it is clear why. You can, of course, lament the fact that “It’s a pity that I didn’t know about you before when there were opportunities and finances,” but that means I myself wasn’t ready.

I recommend to everyone! Thank you again!

REVIEW: Psychological Map of the Personality / Svetlana:
And of course, now, after meeting you, my picture of the world changed dramatically. In general, I myself specialize in stress, but those that are in my current life. And I'm pretty good at it. And I thought that what I was doing was very cool, because in one session you can send a person immediately to the situation of the root cause of the symptom and fix a lot there.

But now I understand that there is an even deeper level - complexes.

Previously, for me, this concept was very unclear, I did not have a clear idea of ​​what it is. And now, analyzing the map and comparing it with the events of my life, I see very deep patterns. And I see how some complexes even of signal of 2 units are able to darken life very much.

In general, you shook thoroughly the picture of my world. How many things have already been done by me in terms of cleanings for the current life (about a year or two in time), according to the Genus (exactly a year), and how much is still to be done. I really do not understand sometimes how people around me live in peace.

And moreover, those problems (stresses) that I seem to have thoroughly cleaned according to current life still give a signal of 2 units.

People in general, perfectly read each other at a subconscious level, and, of course, in order to make each other better, we begin to push each other into the zone of the complex.

REVIEW: Psychological Map of the Personality / Svetlana:
And in general, about diagnostics, I would like to say that the maps are, of course, very good. I really recognize myself.

Thank you for what you are doing. This can be seen by how many parameters are set in your maps. And only now comes awareness (of what it was). Because the picture was drawn all and entirely. How difficult is a person... The first task is to know what to look for. It is much easier to correct and treat.

Review: Psychological Map of the Personality / Alexander:

Initially I was a little skeptical about psychological services in principle. Communicating with many psychologists I was somewhat skeptical of this science. I was always confident that these people talk a lot, but in fact they do nothing.

Therefore, when I was offered to make a Map of psychological complexes,  I did not attach much importance to this.

And only because at that moment it was at a discount and a friend said that it was a cool thing. I was confused that this is done only by the photo. But before that, as I have already said, I was familiar with many psychologists, and understood that this could theoretically be done.

And when, literally every other day, they send my portrait, a Psychomap, and I see that indeed many of the parameters there are close to me. I already realized many. Something has opened for me in a new way. In general, this is a good service in terms of understanding yourself.

All sorts of astrological charts, Pythagoras squares, people studying all sorts of sciences are trying to understand not the description of the world - they are trying to understand themselves, their own inner surface. And so many people may be hiding behind some kind of visibility of searching for another, although in reality they are looking for a reflection of their inner self and are trying to understand their essence. And it seems to me, that these general parameters as zodiac signs are generally descriptive, but do not provide details. But I liked that the Psychological map is individual and gives a certain description of my complexes, helps me to know my essence better, to understand myself. What previously seemed to me a feature of my character turned out to be just a banal complex.

Therefore, when I was told that I had a complex in relation to the world, I realized that my kind of difficult relationships with people was the result of this tension. And when the center specialists said that they could remove this signal, I of course immediately agreed, although I didn’t know what result I would get.

As a result, after some time, perhaps a few weeks later, I began to notice that I feel much more comfortable with people, it became easier to communicate with them Now, after a couple of years, I can say that my condition before and after has a really significant difference. And this is what made my life so much easier and calmer. Therefore, I strongly recommend the removal of complexes and any stress. Even if you think this is some kind of zest - removing it you will feel much easier.

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