Karma Principles

What is karma? This fashionable word now explains all the problems that appear in human life, just as all ailments are explained by a magnetic storm.

Karma is a complex mechanism that affects every person. (you can find out the fullness of the Karma vessel in the Free Development Card as part of the action of the specialists of the psifree.org center)

The karmic system is a certain Control grid that responds to our every action, thought, emotion, word. She reads our actions, and accordingly reacts to them, conditionally emitting a certain liquid of “pleasures” and “troubles”.

Each drop of negative karma is a certain tension accumulated by man during evolution. The energy of tension forms the  vessel of karma of a person, which is gradually realized in a person in the form of some tense events. It is important how great its fullness is, since it carries the potential for future negative events and troubles. Our specialists have developed a unique Karma Vessel Cleaning technique  that will help protect you from future problems and troubles. 

THE NOTE. Work with karma.


In light of recent observations, we believe that when working with karma, it is important

1) remove the complex that generate karma (for example, the sadism complex, the complex disagreement with the Divine plans, etc.) and 2) increase the processing of karmic information (load) so that it is not realized, but absorbed. Complexes describe the tendency of the soul over many reincarnations, not just this life. 

From this point of view, simply emptying the vessel of Karma is already a secondary moment for karma healing and it is not as important as the first two.

In addition, karmic chains are important that are not related to karmic energy, but simply generate negative events in life. And also the chains that stimulate the situation.

QUESTION: And what is the difference between the karmic chain and the stimulation of events. Understanding karmy. 
ANSWER: The karmic chain is the high-frequency voltages that have formed in the participants in the events. And this stimulates that this event recurs with some frequency. And the psychological stimulation of events by the subconscious is a strong stimulation of personalities in past incarnations so that a negative event occurs, and they then successfully solved it. At the same time, our subconscious is trying to form negative situations.


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  1. Clearing Karmic Chains and Complexes

    Karmic chains are formed when an event of sufficient voltage/stress takes place, and an astral map of the event is formed. 

    Chains influence behavior to form negative situations. These chains can be broken.

    Karmic complexes are ordinary psychological complexes, which form behavior and thoughts, which produces negative karma.

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