Technique for working with beliefs

Sometimes a person experiences stresses that give rise to complexes.472,528 Meditation Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime
And sometimes there are beliefs that I am like that or not like that.

For example, you can check this: tell yourself I am a businessman, I am a psychologist, etc. - and check if something resists it.

These may be beliefs that you have from past lives.

For example, a businessman is a person who does something for a profit. In any case, you have ever made a profit from your activities in your life, so you are a businessman, maybe not a big one.
Concentrate and meditate on the thought that you are a businessman.
After a while, you will feel that the obstacle in the assertion that you are not a businessman is being pushed through and disappears. And you become closer to the egregor of businessmen, become a part of this egregor.

And this helps to get an impulse of experience and knowledge from the egregor.

And in the same way, you can gain a foothold in other egregors that interest us. For example, I am a programmer there may be resistance, but at the university many took a programming course and can create an algorithm. You create this algorithm on paper and say I am a programmer - I have education and I created programs.
Thus, you break your own belief.

This technique helps to master new professions.
You are watching a video course on YouTube.
Create a micro-product or action, meditate that you are now a blogger, copywriter or HR manager. And connect to this egregor. From there comes experience and knowledge and it becomes easier to master such a profession.
This meditation can be repeated from time to time.

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