Step 12. Programs Map

New. Program map. (Ancient Civilizations).

NOTE: We have started testing new programs for Psychologists, Photographers, Appliance Repair, Sports, Diplomats, Studies, Musicians, Writers.

The standard set usually includes Information elements (databases), some experience in the form of elements of ready-made solutions, a motivational block and other elements necessary for the operation of small programs.

This is a standard set for any programs.
Elements of knowledge, motivation, necessary position of consciousness, solution standards for key tasks.
This set may differ for different programs, depending on professions, but the principle is similar.

Plus, you need to take into account that the equipment is ancient, because some elements will fail, but in general the Program will work and improve the professional abilities of a person.

We made a separate Map of Programs (20 units) that were installed on a person in Ancient Civilizations.
Programs can be tested and installed.

STOCK. Within a month, until September 1, the promotional price of this card is 10 cu, then it will rise to 20 cu.

Free Psychic Test - Mind Power, Health, Love & Past Life Experience.
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  • Past-life experience
  • The Vessel of Luck and Karma
  • Personal energy balance
  • Main psychology complexes and stresses
  • Balance of vitamins and microelements.

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