Deep cleanings- purging strikes on past lives

"Purge of magical blows on past lives"

Purification of a person's energy from damage (magical blows, rewinds), made to him in past incarnations in the earth and the Atlantic period.

Periodically, a person falls under magical attacks in past lives. 

It is of particular importance when a person is present in highly developed civilizations.

In this case, the strikes can be technically competent using complex technologies and algorithms for constructing strikes.

There was a case that a person with rewound abilities, when he concentrated on hearing, lost consciousness (he could not perceive by ear). When the impact was removed, everything returned to normal.

There was also a case when a guy had a problem with quick ejaculation.
When the impact that rewound the main energy meridians was removed, everything returned to normal.

These influences - they are like a layer cake - can remove a certain amount of damage to the ancients, especially if they are obvious. After a while, the energy will settle - a new series of damages will be visible.

We trace the evolutionary path of a person (usually several million years) and we clean up what is visible.
After some time (2 weeks), you can make another cycle, gradually cleaning up the traces of ancient influences.

 There are several types of past incarnation blow cleaning services:

  • Cleansing blows to Earthly incarnations in the post-Atlantean period is the removal of magical influences that can be found during the period of cleansing.

Service cost - 100 USD. / cycle.

  •  Cleaning professional magic blows - Atlantis period.

Service cost - 150 USD. / cycle.

  •  Cleaning professional magic blows - in the period before Atlantis.

Service cost - 150 USD. / cycle.

  •  Cleaning professional runic strikes -.

Service cost - 150 USD. / cycle.


For several million years, a person goes through hundreds of thousands of incarnations.

A certain number of beats is accumulated, which can be graduated according to the following principles:

  • A small number of hits;
  • Average;
  • Large;
  • A very large number of hits.

The difficulty lies in the fact that, being in highly developed civilizations, a person is attacked by complex magic blows from professional educated magicians (they have high-level knowledge). And these attacks are based on high-quality magical knowledge, often using technical means, sometimes with a complex system of concealment and protection. And therein lies the complexity of the job. Several cleaning cycles are required to diagnose and remove most of the accumulated damage.

In order to remove the main number of blows, on average, each level requires 4 blows clearing cycles.

It turns out:

  • Small quantities require 4 cleaning cycles;
  • At the middle level 8 cycles;
  • At a high voltage level, it is desirable to go through 12 cycles;
  • A very large number of blows requires 16 cleaning cycles.

When ordering a full cleaning cycle, a 40% discount applies to your level.

  • Cleansing of the ancient blows (military technology) associated with health problems that have accumulated over the past several million years.

Service cost - 100 USD. / cycle.

Question: What is the difference between the services of cleaning magic blows on past lives (50 USD) from cleaning high-precision magic blows, mental injuries during the Atlantean period (100 USD).


Cleansing magical blows on past lives removes the classic blows you have accumulated on past lives (damage, rewinds, blows, etc.). Accumulated impacts with a load can hang on the energy and reduce the body's performance.

When it comes to high-precision magical injuries in the Atlantic period, they look like more mental injuries, lead to an outflow or blockage of a part of the mental mass.
In the second case, the work is more painstaking and deep.

Each has different levels of damage.
Someone has accumulated more blows on past lives, someone has more mental trauma. 

Often people better known, practicing magical practitioners, could have had more damage in the form of professional magical blows during the Atlantean period. 
If you have not had a professional magical education, usually this type of blows is less.
The presence of complexes sometimes leads to an increase in other people's envy or anger, and there may be traces of basic magical blows on past lives. 
But this is all quite individual.

Diagnostics of your energy state can be obtained in the Energy Personality Card.

Question: Cleaning for past incarnations ($ 50) and standard cleaning from blows ($ 30) -  what are the differences?


Basic energy cleansing - allows you to remove the main current damage from you at the moment. The main focus is on energy damage in the current incarnation. The emphasis is on restoring the energy resource.

During the Past Incarnation Cleansing, it focuses on energy damage and minor mental trauma in past incarnations that block the potential of the personality. Cleaning blows on past incarnations is quite a useful technology

Question: Is it worth doing this after the Mental Restoration service? What is the difference?


The Mental Restoration Technology is described in part 4 of the book Development Magic. Mental restoration - first of all, removes injuries that lead to significant breaks and outflows of the mental. Partly in this process, magic assaults are also removed, but this is not the main task of the Mental Restoration (VM) technology. 
The emphasis in the VM is placed precisely on the correction of the largest gaps in mental bodies, which lower the level of consciousness.

Magical blows may not lead to significant ruptures of mental bodies,
but simply cause rejection from any areas of activity (suggestion), interference in the work of the body, blocking of abilities, etc. Such damage is not so significant in terms of mental recovery, and less attention is paid to them, compared to different types of man-made damage and ruptures as a result of disasters.

Ancient magic strikes are closely monitored and removed thanks to the Purge magic strikes technology.
It can be carried out after the Restoration of the mentality or in parallel - it is not important, since in this case different accents are used in the setting of tasks. 

Review: Cleaning blows on past incarnations / Alexey Vasilievich, 28 years old

Cleaning blows to past lives - complexes let go, internal clamps, it becomes a little easier in life, more comfortable, it eliminates the constraining framework. A small change in the plan of thinking, due to the fact that there are fewer internal limitations. From what I was able to trace.

Testimonial: Complex of services "Cleaning of premises,  Cleaning of strikes in past incarnations during the Atlandita period,  Cleaning of military strikes"  / S. Zh .

Yes, thank you! Feels like there are changes. Both in the house and in yourself. The house really became somehow calmer, less negative, more pleasant to be. Personally, it became easier for me to keep a stable high-frequency state and not fly into deviations (ala anger, lust, and others). Of course I try to move myself a little too, but I think that your help was one of the key points. For some reason, during the time the cleaning lasted, a connection with you was felt. Also, according to sensations, the connection with the magical egregor has become stronger. I noticed an interesting feature, when thinking about some kind of magical topic, you set the direction of thinking, as if you ponder it, as if you fill it with energy, and the answer comes by itself. Moreover, the barriers between old and very old experience seem to be breaking down, because the answers seem obvious and understandable, as if received from their own experience. It feels like you are working with a database. There was a slight exacerbation of health, but here the weather may also affect. Interestingly, even before communicating with you, I had an OS in which a girl worked with me. It produced an effect of some kind in the range of Ajna, and I noted that the sensations are very material. Here is such a picture, thank you very much and good luck in your development and work!
Testimonial: Cleansing relationships based on past lives / Nikolai

Now it has become easier, she happens to dream, but less often, in reality, thoughts - suggestions became weaker, and before the cleansing there was, as it were, an obsession with her. An understanding of the details of everything that happened, as well as a certain fragment of a love spell - a runic structure containing Odal and Algiz (most likely there were more runes there).
An understanding came that my head was working incorrectly in relation to this phenomenon and I paid little serious attention to it (that is, I did not turn to specialists like you) specifically on this problem seriously.
Also, in addition to this, it became easier to create, desires and opportunities appeared (in fact, they have always been). I feel better about my current girlfriend. During the cleaning, at first there was depression, anxiety, fear ... then, as it were, a vision of this young lady in the form of a huge cat. And then disgust, disgust, surprise, how could I be so naive. Also, at times I was tough in communication during the cleansing, and also attacked by a feeling of terrible fatigue FROM ALL RELATIONS, as if I had a million of them. Thank you all, your wonderful team for the WORK done.
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