Ritual "Stop the World" Castaneda and Don Juan

"Ritual of Awakening of Consciousness - Stop the World"

After going through strong stresses, collisions with Death, the elements of "Stop of the World" and "Awakening of Personality" take place.

These are strong stresses that lead to the Stop of the World, plus the consolidation of these stresses by the Energies of Death.


The result is an increase in Personality Awareness, as stated by Castaneda.


This effect is especially noticeable when you look at the photos of the military who have gone through severe stress and trials.


Many people say that all people are like in a dream. So here we have an example that a person has awakened.


We are now completing the preparation of the Stop the World technology.

QUESTION: Please tell me more about the service, the Ritual of Stopping the World. This is like the service "meeting with death? What in real life changes for a person?"


ANSWER: It would be more correct to describe more clearly what we know about this ritual. No comparisons.

We know from observation that the behavior of such a person becomes more conscious. The personality becomes more awakened. This can be seen in the photo.

The first time after such a ritual, nervousness appears, as after stress, which gradually passes.

For each ritual / each cycle of such work, you can add 5 units of a certain awareness.


For example, the guys in the photo can be tracked as over time, after the tests, their awareness was activated

- First photo: awareness of 30 units.

- Second photo (mustachioed guy): 20 units of awareness.

- Third photo (girl): 15 units of awareness.


- Does your awareness decrease over time?

- We think that it decreases, but not so significantly, by 10-15 percent, at long distances.

For example, there was a level of 30 units, by the end of life, it decreased to 25 units, after 20-30 years.


You can carry out the Full level of such a procedure,

bring the level of Awareness to 30 units (do six cycles).


- How often can such procedures be carried out?

- Can be done no more than once a month to avoid overload.


- Is there a discount for the Full Level?

- Yes. The first cycle costs 200 ye.

There is a 40% discount for each subsequent cycle.

You can order each next cycle no more than once a month.


Description of the ritual Awakening of the Personality (Stop of the World). From the Book of Carlos Castaneda.

We provide a description of this ritual - a quote from the book of Carlos Castaneda - Journey to Ixtlan.


Quotes by Carlos Castaneda. Book 3. Travel to Ixtlan. Don Juan on parenting.

Don Juan and I were just sitting and chatting about this and that, and I told him about one of my friends who was having serious problems with his nine-year-old son. For the last four years, the boy lived with his mother, and then his father took him to his place and immediately faced the question: what to do with the child? According to my friend, he was completely unable to study at school, because he was not interested in anything, and, moreover, the boy was completely lacking the ability to concentrate. Often the child was irritated for no apparent reason, behaved aggressively, and even tried several times to run away from home.

“Yes, it really is a problem,” don Juan chuckled.

I was about to tell him something else about the child's "tricks", but don Juan cut me off.


- Enough. It is not for us to judge his actions. Poor baby!

It was said quite sharply and firmly. But then don Juan smiled.


- But what should my friend do? I asked.

“The worst thing he can do is get the child to agree,” don Juan said.

- What do you mean?

- The father in no case should scold or spank the boy when he does not do what is required of him, or behaves badly.


- Yes, but if you do not show firmness, how then can you teach a child anything?

- Let your friend make someone else spank the child.

Don Juan's proposal surprised me.

He definitely liked my reaction. He chuckled and said:

“Your friend is not a warrior. If he were a warrior, he would know that in relations with human beings there can be nothing worse and more useless than direct confrontation.

“What does a warrior do in such cases, don Juan?

- The warrior acts strategically.

- All the same, I do not understand what you mean by that.

- But what: if your friend was a warrior, he would help his son stop the world.

- How?

“It would take him personal strength to do that. He must be a magician.

“But he's not a magician.

- In this case, the picture of the world to which the boy is accustomed needs to change. And in this he can be helped by the usual means. This is not a stop in the world, but they will work, perhaps, no worse.

I asked to explain. Don Juan said:

“If I were your friend, I would have hired someone to spank the boy. I would have scoured the slums well and found there a man of the most creepy appearance as possible.

- To scare the kid?

- You stupid, just to frighten in this case is not enough. The child must be stopped, but the father will not achieve anything if he himself scolds or beat him. To stop a person, you need to "push" hard on him. However, you yourself must remain outside the visible connection with the factors and circumstances directly related to this pressure. Only then can the pressure be controlled.

The idea struck me as ridiculous, but there was something in it.

Don Juan sat with his left hand on the box and his chin in his palm. His eyes were closed, but his eyeballs moved under his eyelids, as if he were still looking at me. I felt uncomfortable and I said:

- Maybe you can still explain in more detail what to do to my friend?

- Let him go to the slums and find the worst bastard, only younger and stronger.

Don Juan then outlined a rather strange plan for my friend to follow. It is necessary to make sure that during the next walk with the child, the hired type follows them or waits for them in the agreed place.

At the very first offense of the son, the father will give a signal, the tramp will jump out of the ambush, grab the boy and beat him properly.

- And then let the father as he can calm the boy and help to recover. I think three or four times will be enough to drastically change the boy's attitude to everything that surrounds him. The picture of the world will be different for him.

“Wouldn't fear hurt him?” Will not cripple the psyche?

- Fear does not harm anyone. If something cripples our spirit, it is just constant nagging, slaps in the face and instructions on what to do and what not.


When the boy is sufficiently controllable, tell your friend one more last thing; let him find a way to show the son of the dead child. Somewhere in the hospital or morgue. And let the boy touch the corpse. With the left hand, anywhere other than the abdomen. After that, he will become a different person and will never be able to perceive the world in the same way as before.

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