Asian Male Yang Dedication

Asian male Yang initiation.

Asian male Yang initiation.

Example. Salman Khan, Famous Indian Actor.
This is an example of a person with an active Asian male dedication.

QUESTION: Tell us more about the Asian male initiation.

ANSWER: Asiatic initiation is known to occur in southeast Asia. It increases male hormones and contains the 1st lasso.

QUESTION: What are the dedicated channels in the Asian male initiation?

ANSWER: There is only one dedicated channel in this initiation - Yang Energy.

QUESTION: Are there negative or uncomfortable effects from excess Yang energy? Thank you.

ANSWER: The negative aspect of excess yang is that surrounded by a man with strong yang, the woman will extinguish yin.

First, the man extinguishes the woman's yin, and then tunes her to yang.

It is also worth considering that if a person has a sex change, female energies and hormones will be extinguished in his female incarnations.

Yang energy is, of course, nice.

But everyone determines the appropriate level for themselves.

Salman Khan

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