Activation of Tao

The Tao Way. The main purpose in life. The path of human development.

Many sources mention a force that acts, directs a person along the path of development, along the path of true destiny. This Power is called Tao. The path of true destiny.

What we know.
This force resonates a person with what needs to be done.
When this force is well manifested in a person, it directs the person in one direction.

There are people in whom this power is strongly manifested. Such people are said to be a traveling person, he has his own path and goes somewhere.
The impact of the 18th and 9th Arcanum are close in result to the impact with this Power.

- Is the Tao Way somehow connected with the Chinese Tradition?
- In Chinese Taoism, Vedic culture and in a number of other religious traditions, Christianity, Judaism, this is mentioned. We are dealing with a certain Power that many people know about. In Taoism, this force is most carefully described and is an attempt to systematize the laws of Tao and how it affects a person and the entire living and inanimate world.

In the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, Tao is the Path of development along which the entire world around, all people, plants and even inanimate objects follows, fulfilling their purpose. Moving along the path of Tao, each being and object develops and improves.

This is the path of development and evolution. The hieroglyph of Tao is described as Knowledge, Learning. Seeing and walking the smart way.
Including in Alchemy, the path of development of elements is mentioned, and gold as the pinnacle of evolution.

'Tao is what drives things. His path is mysterious and incomprehensible. '
- Lao Ji.

- Is Tao related to vocational guidance?
- Tao is associated with the true purpose of a person in life. And the true purpose is associated with vocational guidance as well.

The direction of action of this Force does not always coincide with our desires. This is due to the fact that when we are doing something, we may experience stress, phobias, complexes associated with this action.

Sometimes Tao works harder.
When exposed to 2-3% (2-3 units), a person chatters - his actions are not limited by anything.
When exposed to more than 5% (5 units), a person feels that some kind of current acts on him, which stimulates to study, to engage in some professions, stimulates his hobbies.

There are some kind of mental trauma, the consequences of wars, cataclysms, which can disrupt attunement for this parameter.
We can test and clear a person's connection with his Tao.

Q: Is the Tao personal or general?
A: There are several levels of Tao.
1) At the first level, you can clear the person's connection with the personal Tao - which acts on him personally.
2) At the second level, you can clear the connection of a person with the Divine Tao.

This power is tested in the Card of the Higher Self.


QUESTION: Is there information on what frequencies the Tao affects a person?
ANSWER: Tao of the 1st level follows the frequency of the personality body (2nd body of Vishuddhi),
and Tao of the 2nd level operates according to the frequency of Ajna (while we are developing this technology).

QUESTION: Does this Power have resonance / dissonance with the Master's Stamp technology?
ANSWER: The dissonance is not visible, but whether there are intersection points, how they can intersect, we find it difficult to say. The imprint of the Master is a mental pattern of accumulated information. Tao is a kind of force that sets the direction of movement. It is difficult to say where and at what point they intersect.
Not everything that sets movement is Tao. Tao is one of the many forces that exist in this world.

QUESTION: Divine Tao: is there any information on how exactly clearing affects life?
Does it affect the Higher Self?

ANSWER: This force guides a person along the path of True destiny. But how soon it will change life, we find it difficult to answer, because for each person it will be different.
It's like asking what this book carries? It contains certain information. And how it will affect your life is difficult to determine.

NOTE: 1 cycle of adjustment amplifies the Tao channel by 5%.
At this time, based on our understanding, we can make 7 cycles of clearing the Channel of energy that goes to a person.
The cost of 1 cleaning cycle is 100 ye. At full level (7 cycles) - 20% discount.

QUESTION: Does the clearing of the Tao affect this life, in this incarnation, or does it work in the next ones too?

ANSWER: Certainly, the clearing of the Tao is calculated for the next life as well.
After the channel is cleared, it immediately begins to act on a person.

The energy starts to move.
But it takes time for events to line up. How long it will take is not known. Maybe months. Maybe years. Changes are not always visible to us. Events are happening all the time, but we do not always assess whether this is true and how they affect our future.

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