The article talks about how the energy partners interact during sex.

Energy boost.

As for the situation between partners after sex, the issue is very controversial about replenishment.

Man and woman are two physical points. And energy from the point where it flows more to the point where it is less.

A powerful, viscous bond formed between the 15 arcana energies formed between these two points. Energy will flow, but it is very viscous, and in this stream, first of all, there will be information about the body, the structure of another organism. This information is difficult to process, because it has a high viscosity and all the energy received will be spent on processing this information.

A man and a woman, after sex, may not feel an excess of energy. They talk more about relaxation, that their energy has been compensated, balanced.

With a large number of partners, there may be an information overload of Swadhistan and a sharp drop in immunity.

All the energy goes into information processing. People with a large number of contacts, for example, confused have a high risk of diseases in this area, despite the fact that they are protected. The system is just unbalanced.

There are other additional factors:

for example, partners may have an excess  Yin signal  or  Death Initiation , which can additionally overload and injure this zone.

Change of partners is not bad. But you need to be careful and not overload yourself. The desire to constantly change partners is most often a complex, psychological dependence on sex, which is associated with some kind of stress in the past.

It is advisable to  make a diagnosis of your complexes in advance and clean them so that the attitude towards sex is leveled, it becomes calm and adequate.

A man, in the process of evolution, accumulates a huge number of connections with women. Over millions of years of evolution, these are tens of thousands of women. The same situation applies to women.

During sexual intercourse, a man’s energy is splashed into the thin bodies of a woman, stable bonds are formed, threads that gradually disintegrate.

These thin threads are indicated in the works of K. Castaneda.

The remnants of these ties, not broken threads, inhibit the energy of men and women.

The remaining ties accumulated over millions of years of evolution are recommended to be cleared, which will strengthen the dynamics of Swadhistan and increase the human energy. The removal of ties from past partners usually does not go as part of a general purge. Since such relations are usually quite a lot and require special attention to this issue.

After  cleansing ties in Swadhistan , you can free your energy, restore strength and get an energy boost for creativity and adventure.

Secrets of energy attractiveness of partners.

Question: There is an opinion that after sex a man leaves energy hooks in the woman’s body with the help of which she is then fed by her energy. Thus, the more women a man has, the better. Is it so? 

Answer:  Energy in sex depends on several points:

1) The power of attraction to the opposite sex

determined by the presence of your partner's Initiations of sexuality and attractiveness:
  • For men - Initiation of Apollo, Freyr, Pan, Caucasian Initiation;
  • For women - Initiations of Aphrodite, Freya, Yin, Ishtar, Demeter, East Goddess.

Having established this Initiation for yourself, you become much more interesting and desirable for the opposite sex.

Read more:  Male  and  Female  Charisma Initiations.

2) The resonance level in the pair:

 (mutual understanding, sexuality, mutual support and sensuality - depends on the level of  adjustment of chakra partners .)

3) If there is constraint in sex, relationships  - 

it most often depends on the presence of psychological complexes. You can do the  cleaning of complexes  and restrictions will decrease.

4) If suddenly tensions began to arise with partners in love

maybe the problem is in the  State of the energy .

5) If the partners come and go, there are no strong connections.
Weak connections of the part are connected with insufficient work of the Sexual Capture Center . 

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  • the presence of magic blows;
  • collisions with geopathic zones;
  • energy gaps in conflicts of interest and clashes with other people.

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