PART 1. Preface. The Heritage of Atlantis.


This book is devoted to the idea of ​​a vertical (accelerated) evolution of the consciousness of a person. Such an evolution of the ancient Chinese called "the path of the left hand." However, in the European (Western) tradition, this path has been known for centuries as "Magic." 

The 7th millennium society.

The socium that once existed and was lost in the flood was highly technological. It was the product of a civilization that developed at the time of its death not less than 20 thousand years and built on the basis of the achievements of an even more ancient high-tech civilization. According to my (subjective) estimates, the difference in levels of development with modern civilization is about 5 thousand years of development. 


When the ancient civilization died (about 67 thousand years ago), a small group of scientists (about 100,000 people) managed to avoid death (in terms of loss of consciousness of the individual). Unlike most of their fellow citizens who died in a catastrophe, these scientists, with each re-birth (incarnation), completely restored their consciousness and thus preserved the ancient knowledge. 

During the subsequent centuries after the catastrophe, they affected the society, accelerating its development. Each of the surviving scientists (and the author of this book as well) had his own specialization.

We were the product of the highly advanced technology of the whole Atlantis civilization (as it is called today). When the catastrophe took place and about 9 billion people died within 3 hours, most of us also died. However, then we again returned to this world, we preserved the memory, the Forces and knowledge. Then we formed the corps of Progressors, which works now. The past 67,000 years after the disaster, we worked, trying to restore what was lost.

The civilization of Atlantis was a very advanced civilization, belonging to the category of Biocivilizations. This civilization did not perish at all because of some own vice, but because of the war with the external enemy (space war).

In this book, I set out for the adherents of my school a basic model of technology for the distant future of this world. Here we are talking not only about technology, but also about the evolution of human consciousness. What the Atlantean civilization did with the help of high technology, we subsequently learned to do with the help of Magic and training. By Magic we here understand such modes of work of human consciousness, under which it can change the external world (objective reality).

1. Introduction.

What we offer is not fully a science or a religion. This is a third way of knowing the world. You can learn more about this in more detail just by completing the reading of all this text

1.1. The need for ancient technologies.

When we say "ancient technology", then we can assume that this is the technology of the Middle Ages or antiquity. In the end - Ancient Egypt. But I'm talking about technologies that are much more ancient. When one famous scientist of our time was asked what will be fighting in World War III, he replied: I do not know what will be at war in the 3rd World War, but in the 4th - with sticks. 

In my memory, this happened twice: 67 thousand years ago, aliens from Mars of Etune destroyed the civilization of Atlantis, after which the world was plunged into chaos and savagery. For the second time, 25 thousand years ago, the Van race destroyed itself in a bloody high-tech war, destroying all traces of high technologies on the planet. Now there is a new round of development of civilization, which began about 2-3 thousand years ago.

Thus, we have three versions of the knowledge existing today:

1) myths, legends and legends that have a clear religious (descriptive) character; 2) ancient science, existing in the form of a system of secret knowledge (in the final version, frozen at the time of the death of the Atlantean civilization);

3) a new evolving science. 

For a long time, the system of ancient knowledge was leading, then religion came to the surface, and at present the leading system is, as it were, science. In this book I'm talking about the scientific paradigm of Atlantis, which has a great advantage over modern science. According to my estimates, the difference in levels is about 5 thousand years of development.

I present this technology to my students, with whom I work as part of the restoration of ancient technology. The technologies we are restoring can be very strong and progressive in this world. Their development can greatly change the face of this world. However, if we do not do this now and do not try to accelerate the development of this world, then after a while it can disappear completely or turn out to be a colonized inhabitant of more developed realities.

1.2. Why Psychotronic? 

All Magical technology of Atlanta was based on the idea of ​​artificial acceleration of the evolution of the consciousness of the individual. Such acceleration was achieved and maintained through the use of artificial man-made resources. On the one hand, Magical Consciousness is a powerful technological tool that allows you to change the properties of reality in a large range, and does not compare with other technologies, since in principle it gives an unlimited power to a person.

On the other hand, such a consciousness is created and maintained artificially with the help of certain technical means. This book is devoted to the creation of technologies that allow us to receive and maintain such a magical consciousness. By "Psychotronic" I understand the complex of knowledge and technologies that allow the Magician to keep his consciousness in a "working" state. The picture of the world described here corresponds to the scientific paradigm of the Atlantean civilization. The devices described in this book are analogs of the corresponding devices of the Atlanteans.

1.2.1. Psychotronics as such.

Psychotronics is a technology for influencing the world, but it is in principle different from any existing technologies working in the mainstream of modern science. In essence, this is the same programming, but with respect to the world that we are accustomed to consider objectively existing. 

A psychotherapist uses his or her mind to edit the world, as a writer who rewrites a text, or a programmer editing a program. For example, a building can be built, and this is a common technology adopted in the modern world, but it is possible to create it.

When we imagine a building, draw it, model it on a computer, then we do not use bricks and cement. However, such a building created by our consciousness, though it will be tangible (in a sense), but it will not be real. Already, there are large printers that can materialize a three-dimensional computer image. The real object differs from the illusion by the density of energy and the dimensionality of the description. Now imagine a consciousness (pure, or equipped with special prefixes), capable of creating multidimensional constructions and attaining a certain critical energy density of thought forms, in which the created thoughtform does not differ from the ordinary material object. Such a consciousness will always intrude into and "modify" objective reality.

1.3. Tradition, religion and science.

In the world there is a large number of religions. However, all religions are essentially the described models of the world. 

Religions include, in addition to the picture of the world, descriptions of some special (mystical) abilities that their founders possessed.

In addition to religious figures who, as a rule, possess some miraculous properties, legends also describe the existence in the past of powerful magicians and wizards. Who could do wonderful things.

The ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" describes battles with the use of high-technology weapons and, finally, modern scientists come to the conclusion (as a result of research on giant craters and traces of destruction) that about 25 thousand years ago on Earth raged terrible nuclear war.

1.4. Source of knowledge.

There are many anthropological, archaeological and historical facts that attest to the existence in ancient times of other civilizations that precede ours. According to scientists, the previous civilization of the Earth was lost not later than 25 thousand years ago. Existing religions are not founded more than 5 thousand years ago. To preserve the ancient knowledge, there must have been some special institutions. And we find such institutions in the form of secret societies. Moses, the founder of monotheism, was initiated into the knowledge and rituals of the priests of ancient Egypt. Jesus of Nazareth, according to legend, was initiated into the secret doctrine of the Essenes, who received knowledge from the mystical Melchizedek. Thus, it can be assumed that the ancient knowledge of the deceased high-tech civilization reached the people who lived in the foreseeable past, and, perhaps, are preserved somewhere at the present time. In the past, the carriers of ancient knowledge (technology) were some mysterious secret societies, such as the Orphics and Pythagoreans. In the modern world known Sufis, Masons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and others, claiming the possession of ancient knowledge.

1.5. The forbidden civilization.

However, contrary to the logic, despite a lot of data about the deceased civilization, no one is trying to seriously study these materials. The study of the material traces of the highly technological civilization that existed in the past by the forces of modern science does not advance by a millimeter. 

This book is an attempt to present the working model of the World, which was produced by the Ancient dead civilization of the Earth. This model is the essence of Occult teaching or Heritage and is transmitted within the secret societies that are the structures of this ancient civilization.

2. Man as an object of research. 

The basic element of the study of Ancient Science, according to tradition, was the man himself. It would be more accurate to say that this civilization investigated and studied organisms.

2.1. Medicine as a set of techniques.

In the modern scientific system, all knowledge about a person is united under the aegis of medicine. However, the main disadvantage of modern medicine, in comparison with its ancient analogue, is the study of one individual in the absence of ideas about his surroundings. 

2.2. Sociology as a sluggish attempt to describe the environment.

Sociology is a rather sluggish attempt to study human socium. The cause of diseases of most people lies in the surrounding society. Doctors, by the way, readily admit this, but point to the powerlessness to change anything. 

2.3. Psychology as a science about behavior programs.

The present-day science of psychology comes close to the heritage of the Ancients. Psychology can be considered as a science that studies behavioral algorithms. By analogy with computers, psychologists can be identified with programmers, and psychiatrists with electronics engineers. But modern psychology fixed on pathologies. Instead of creating and disseminating new effective behavioral algorithms, psychologists focused on methods that detect pathologies in the mind (the core of pathology), and methods for its compensation. If we consider this task - the restoration of the psychological norm from the point of view of programmers, then most of the problems are solved very simply. 

In most cases, the formation of personality is thrown on teachers who often consider themselves not at all as educators (programmers who create the personality), but as subject specialists whose task is only to teach their subject. Standard behavior programs are usually created by writers who describe portraits of "heroes of their time".

2.4. Information methods of influence. 

There are different methods of influencing a person and his body. Some of them can be classified as "information impact". In this case, the object is transmitted not only the energy pulse, but also some control information. Such an effect on a person can be very strong. For example, a person is shot from a pistol, he is injured and survives. However, the same person who receives a letter with a notice of dismissal at work, receives a heart attack and dies. The paralyzed patient does not respond to any treatment. But the professor comes up to her bed and starts yelling that she is a malingerer and in vain takes a place in the ward, and the patient jumps up and runs away in horror. There are many such examples.

There are different ways of informational impact on a person. Such methods can be explicit (verbal) and implicit (not verbal). The verbal methods include psychology and psychotherapy. Non-verbal methods include, for example, telepathy, certain types of hypnosis, homeopathy. With the use of information impact, it is possible to influence not only the state of the individual, but also the situation associated with this person, and the society in which this person is included.

Having created a certain visual image, a person can change the state of his body. So, for example, one swimmer has set several records in different types of swimming. When asked how he did it, the athlete replied: "I have a vivid imagination, and every time I imagine a shark chasing me. Thus, everyone swims for medals, and I save my life. "

This principle is based on auto-training. Creating a system of visual images, a person can control his state.

2.5. Reflexotherapy as a description of the external management system. 

Reflexotherapy fell into the European medical system from Chinese and Tibetan medicine (from the Ancient Knowledge System) due to its effectiveness. However, most "official" doctors refer to this science as well as to magic and witchcraft.

Until a certain time, European doctors considered the existence of Chinese meridians to be purely conventional. However, X-ray images, with a contrast medium introduced into biologically active points, clearly traced the system of meridians.

The society can be considered as an energy structure of a higher level than the energy of one organism. In other words, the society can be considered as a single organism consisting of organisms of a lower level.

2.6. Sacred knowledge of Tibetan and Indian medicine.

Tibetan medicine is an artifact of ancient civilization. Tibet itself is the surviving fragment of Ancient civilization. It is in the Tibetan medicine system that the most important principles of information impact, which will be discussed in this book, are preserved. 

2.7. Homeopathy as a method of information impact.

One of the methods developed in the bowels of the modern "European" medical system is Homeopathy. This system is born on the verge of Magic (the system of Ancient Knowledge) and science (associated with a new civilization). In homeopathy, the substance is used. However, in homeopathy, a degree of dilution of the substance in water is used, in which it is no longer possible to talk about chemical reactions. The patient's body is affected only by information on the structure of the administered substance. This is a typical example of information impact. 

2.8. Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. 

Psychotherapy is one of the modern examples of the use of information impact. However, for the time being this method in its various variants is ineffective in comparison with the Ancient methods. Indeed, if you compare the session of psychotherapy with a conspiracy that can heal a person from a serious illness, then the advantage of Ancient technology will look visually. One of the methods of Ancient technology in a reconstructed form fell into the arsenal of psychotherapists. This is hypnosis.

3. The System.

The system in the ancient tradition is called a phenomenon known in religions under the name of God. If in religions God, or Gods, is credited with anthropomorphic traits, then the System in the Ancient Tradition is a completely inhuman phenomenon. The idea of ​​the essence of the System is based on the idea of ​​collective organisms, such as, for example, a hive or an anthill. A person consisting of billions of cells is also a collective organism. All populations of organisms together form the Biosphere of the planet. However, the system is not just a collection of collective organisms of the planet, it is a living planet Earth itself. 

3.1. Experiments with collective consciousness.

In the thirties, at the dawn of the creation of cybernetics, scientists experimented with the properties of collective consciousness. So, in experiments with migratory birds, they found out that the flight route and the technique of rebuilding the flock knows only the collective consciousness of the pack. The same was in experiments with ants. 

3.2. General idea of ​​the Biosphere.

The term "Biosphere" was introduced by scientists of the modern period. This term is used to denote the totality of organisms that form the entire biomass of the planet. There is also the modern term "Noosphere", describing the totality of artificial changes introduced into the structure of the planet Earth, by man.

 That is, the term "Biosphere" describes the sphere formed by the entire cumulative biology of the planet. The biosphere can be viewed not simply as a sum of biomass, but also as a superorganism. As for the Noosphere, how to separate the beehive from the bees, and the anthill from the ants? Obviously, the Noosphere is part of the Biosphere. By the System we mean the organism of the planet Earth, which we consider as a living object. 

3.3. The organism as a hierarchical system.

In any organism there is a hierarchical system of subordination. The main is the central nervous system (CNS), below is the peripheral nervous system, then the hormonal control system, then the organ systems, even lower individual organs. The analogue of the hierarchical system in the human society is the feudal ladder. 

3.4. Assumed role of mankind.

Man is the crown of the creation of evolution and the most developed form of life on earth. By analogy with the body, all of humanity can be attributed to the nervous system of the planet. Then all people can be divided into the Brain, or CNS, and the Peripheral nervous system, including the Spinal cord.

It is possible to divide mankind into three parts: the main body - the body (profane), the small part - the neck, being in the development stage (adepts) and some of the people with the developed consciousness (masters, or magicians) correspond to the brain.

3.5. Sleep as a reflection of the work of the System.

 In the "sleep" mode, you connect to the System and process information coming from outside. The subconscious is active, and consciousness is passive (it is an observer). The dream reflects the processing of the incoming information flow by the subconscious structure. 

3.6. Egregors.

Egregors are the structures formed by the consciousnesses of people. The psychic energy of individuals is united according to various principles into energy structures. These structures are vortex energy structures having the following parameters: amplitude (amount of energy), frequency (rotation speed) and phase (time shift relative to each other). There are two types of Egregors: natural (independent of human consciousness) and artificial (associated with human consciousness).

The unification of people around some ideas or deeds generates Artificial Egregors. These Egregors include economic, political and religious entities.

All the egregors existing on Earth are part of its bioenergetic structure. This structure is represented by the ancient scheme of the Sephiroth Tree, consisting of Sephiroth (generators of fundamental frequencies, or, by analogy with the brain, excitation zones) and Channels (the structure of the Earth's energy body).

The main religious and spiritual Egregors are associated with specific Channels. The natural egregors are associated with the Sephirahs (governing the territorial Egregors as organs of the organism of the planet Earth). 

3.7. The genius of the Earth.

The genius of the Earth is called the Consciousness of the Planet Earth. This consciousness is depicted structurally in the form of a diagram of the Sephiroth Tree. All the religions of the Earth, one way or another, are access channels (terminals) to the planetary consciousness of the Earth. These channels are spaced in frequency and have phase shifts relative to each other.

The genius of the Earth is a System that governs all planetary processes. It was the presence of such a management system that repeatedly revived the biosphere after global catastrophes. This same consciousness protects the Earth from receiving some kind of global "trauma".

The Heritage of Atlantida. Conent.

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