Cleaning outflows of energy from past incarnations

"Cleaning the outflow of energy from past lives"

Question: Outflows of energy through past incarnations - what is it about? How critical is this for this incarnation? What procedure is meant?


Over millions of years of evolution, our remains rest in some places with either positive or negative energy. In some places there may be an excess of energy at some frequency - Places of Power. In this case, zones appear in the multidimensional structure of our subtle bodies, where energy is exhausted - and our subtle bodies are fed.

But much more often there are some zones with energy suction. In a ratio of about 1 to 15. And they are a sink of energy. You can try to identify some large areas with energy outflows and destructure them in different ways.

The essence of the service Clearing energy outflows from past lives:  the largest zones of energy outflows are selected and destructed with the task of increasing the amount of energy in the current incarnation. 

In the field of increasing human energy, there are a number of technologies in magic.

  • For example, they take hair, nails, pour it into wax and bury it in the Places of Power.
  • Or vice versa, you can clean the car and the room for energy outflows.
  • You can also create a channel for power supply (install swap programs of 1-2 levels).
  • You can carry with you mandalas for additional energizing (Mandala of the Sun, Mandala with elementals of life, Mandala for energizing consciousness).

That is, you can install additional systems for pumping energy, or you can clear out the outflow of energy from past incarnations.

Waste cleaning is one of the technologies used to increase energy.
The amount of energy is a valuable task in magic.

In Development Magic, the amount of energy is an important component of work. It is easy to download information, but it is necessary for the information to be assimilated, to reach the level of skills. And in order for information to be quickly assimilated, one of the most important parameters is a large amount of high-frequency and easily assimilated energy.

Question: Is 2 units of energy outflows in past incarnations a lot or a little?


We are considering the entire evolutionary process, several million years. How this will affect a specific personality is difficult to say. Sometimes a small suction of energy in current life due to the fact that concrete houses with strong outflows of energy will affect 100 times more than large outflows of energy in the past.

Therefore, how much it will affect you is difficult to say. We're just measuring the churn rate. The amount of energy is a very important parameter. And the total amount of energy depends on both inflows and outflows. There are developments that add energy and information. And there are technologies that are aimed at removing energy outflows.

They work from different angles. Diagnostics of the level of energy outflows according to past incarnations is carried out in the Energy chart of the personality .

On average, people have 2-3 units of energy outflows from past incarnations.

QUESTION: Energy outflows by past incarnations (in the energy map) +4 - is that a lot? few? if the swap programs give out +13, then 4 of them take away the past "burials"? What will create more energy - put one fire elemental on Vishuddha or cleanse these outflows?


ANSWER: The outflow of energy according to past incarnations is the level of load in certain arbitrary units. It is not the amount of energy that flows out.

But these points of flow are at a distance from this personality, therefore it is rather difficult to determine a clear figure.

- Do the swap programs cover the energy shortage somehow?

- It's hard to define. External load only indirectly affects the level of interaction. With the field of points, depending on the distance, there is a different level of interaction.

- Do the level 2 swap programs (with elementals) intersect with these outflows?

- They overlap, but depending on what levels the outflows pass through.
It is rather difficult to conduct a clear analysis of what kind of leakage, on what bodies, how it affects. These parameters are different for each person.


Cleaning out energy outflows from past incarnations - $ 150/cycle.

For 1 cycle, 2 units of energy outflow are removed.

Testimonial: Cleaning the outflows of energy from past incarnations / Stanislav

I think we need to clean up completely, Outflows from past incarnations! By the way, there were very interesting sensations when cleaning ... As if they had immersed me under water ...)) An interesting background of this kind was felt everywhere ... and now, I begin to feel the flow of energy, especially noticeable in the upper chakras! 


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