TESTIMONIALS. Stress and Phobias Release.


Examples. Cleaning of complexes in love and relationships

Review: / Elena:
What have you done to me?))) I have become so kind towards the opposite sex ... I’m surprised! I like the acceleration of energy so much ... I can not stop)). I want more and more.

Review: / Nadezhda:
The result pleased me. Sex is now much more fun and I am more emancipated. Did not expect this.

Review: / Gulnaz:
Particularly strongly I observed the changes after the cleaning of the complex "Attitude towards the family," and I saw that family relationships improved and became warmer after getting rid of the complex.

Examples. Cleaning of complexes in work and money

Review: / Nikita:
Very pleased with the effect after cleaning the complexes  in relation to work. What I used to do through force is now perceived easily, even some kind of enthusiasm appeared.

Review: / Jaroslav:
After cleaning the complex of  “willingness to work” I can note such changes as that those things that need to be done, but they are not very pleasant, they have become easier to do. It is clear that there are still signals, but the fact that the signal is already almost 2 times weaker due to the unwillingness to work, it is felt.

Review: / Arsen:
Hi) In general, once again I notice that after cleaning the complex there is a feeling of freedom of movement in the area where this cleaning occurred. Now, after cleaning the negativity to work, work processes begin to accelerate. Acceleration of tasks, some internal resistance has gone, which has slowed me down. And yet there is a feeling that I let go of the brake. And I also feel when I compare what happened before and after various cleansing complexes: when I act in the area of ​​the complex, whether it is the desire to get rich, sales, or simply the willingness to work, then the energy of consciousness is heavily consumed. And when the complexes are removed, there is no such energy leakage. That’s about these changes.

Psychological complexes - 
this is what sets the excessive motivation of behavior, makes it necessary to act 
, create conflicts with other people.  If you feel that some of the identified complexes bother you, they can be cleaned!

Cleaning of complexes will significantly increase your efficiency, add happiness and spiritual harmony!

Cleaning of complexes is the most popular and demanded service among the clients of our center.


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  1. Cleaning Complexes

    "Cleaning complexes and stress"

    In the life of every person there are serious stresses, something that he could not cope with: severe divorce, humiliation, betrayal, physical and emotional abuse, etc.

    These stresses create residual stresses in the body, on which a significant energy resource is spent daily. A resource that a person could use in a constructive way: to learn a foreign language, work on family relationships, learn new things, and move up the career ladder.

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  2. Stress Release. FAQ.
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  3. Stress Release. FREE TRIAL

    Our specialists have developed a technology that removes complexes, stresses, phobias that have been forming in our personality over millions of years and create tension in various spheres of life. Cleaning is done at the energy level. A person relieves tension and restores normal, adequate perception of reality.

    Our job is to relieve energy tension and help the mind to process negative information. Stress is transformed into personal experience, a calm attitude to the source of unpleasant sensations appears. You need a photo and a clear description of stress.

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