Dedication of Lakshmi- Saving Money, Organizing Finances

Dedication to Lakshmi

Initiation into Egregor of the goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi likes to organize business, manipulate finances (invest), loves to save money.

An additional plus of this egregor is that it is modern, pumped up with energy, you can work with it more actively - direct the impact on problems (For example, Lakshmi does not like debts, etc.)

Feature of egregor Lakshmi: 

  • The signal strength of Lakshmi is so high that it can drown out the signals of other Initiations.
  • The energies of Lakshmi are closer to the energies of the 7th Arkan.

Lakshmi initiations are held by many central Indian and Chinese billionaires.

Lakshmi motivates to engage in business and finance.

This eggegor contains knowledge in the field of
business, management, finance, trade, investment.

Initiation of Lakshmi Stage 2.

The Lakshmi Initiation of the 2nd stage has 4 allocated frequencies:
- Channel of Wealth
- Purposefulness to achieve the goal (7 lasso)
- Channel of Taste
- Channel of Popularity

QUESTION: Could you please tell me the photos of people with the Initiations of Lakshmi?

ANSWER: For example, the billionaire Lakshmi Mittal has a dedication to Lakshmi.

QUESTION: Hello. Can you give examples of people with lakshmi initiation other than lakshmi mitall?

ANSWER: The first four out of five have Lakshmi initiation


QUESTION: The initiation of Lakshmi gives a strong signal and drowns out other initiations, that is, is the information coming only from the initiation of Lakshmi? But what about other initiations, does information come from them, or does information come from Lakshmi only?

ANSWER: Lakshmi's initiation gives a very strong signal.
Side effects, beats between egregors were not noticed. Information from other egregors continues to flow.
It's just that there is a brighter signal from Lakshmi, since this is an active egregor.

Cost: Dedication to Lakshmi, 1 step - $ 150;

Cost: Dedication to Lakshmi, level 2 - $ 500

The first step of Initiation - makes a stable channel of communication with the egregor of the Divine.
The second stage of Initiation - strengthens the channel, copies information from the egregor.


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