Connection with the System- Body Synchronization

"The standard of health: clearing the connection with the system"

Removing various injuries and strengthening the Signal from the system (Egregor of Humanity) according to the level of past incarnations (signal of the subconscious) and other lines of reality.

This is a rather interesting direction for deeper cleansing of the body. Within the framework of this work, not only the current state of human energy is considered, but an in-depth cleaning of the Signal from the system (Egregor of Humanity) is carried out according to the level of past incarnations (the signal of the subconscious) and other lines of reality.

A signal goes from the Egregor of Humanity to each specific person that adjusts his body, emotions to a certain ideal state.

Various types of curses, human anger, etc. clog this channel, the tuning signal decreases, which reduces the person's attunement to health.

In energetic cleansing, we focus our attention on tactical damage, and here we clear all the upper channels coming from the system.

The work is carried out on the current personality, on past earthly incarnations, on the nearest parallel worlds.

Question: What does the control of health by the Galactic and Universal Humanity mean?


Galactic and Universal Humanity are systems in which the principles of the functioning of the human body are laid. Usually, due to injuries of various types, this connection is disrupted and energy exchange decreases. That is, the leveling effect due to these injuries is reduced.

Question: What is the difference from the egregor Adam Kadmon?


Adam Kadmon is one of the names of the Earthly human egregor.
Egregor Planetary is part of the Galactic. And that, in turn, is a part of the Universal.

Question: I thought that humanity is only related to the planet earth, foreign organisms, they are not people.


More than a hundred systems in the Galaxy have representatives of the human race. 
One of the closest systems where the human race is present is the Dolphin Constellation.

Cost: Clearing the Connection with one of the aspects (Planet, Galaxy, Universe) - $ 150

Cost: Clearing the Connection with all three aspects at once - $ 300 /cycle.

During the cycle, the level of contact is increased by + 10%.

Full level - 5 cycles. 
Cost: 600 ye (Planetary egregor) or 1000 ye (all three egregor).
When ordering a full level (5 cycles) - 20% discount.

2nd stage. Strengthening the resonance with the Egregor of money in parallel realities -  500 ye / cycle.

Clearing the connection with all three aspects at once - $800 /cycle.
During the cycle, the level of contact is increased by + 10%.

Stock. When ordering the Full Level (5 cycles) - 20% discount.

NOTE: You can clear the signal from other egregors.

In the same way, you can clear channels for some
areas of interest to  you:

  • magic;
  • healing;
  • art;
  • business;
  • money;
  • any professional channels, etc.

You can start clearing and optimizing these channels.

This work is relevant if you already have a connection to a channel, have experience in this area, but have lost interest, the channel has stopped working or is not working well.

Clearing the connection with Egregor Money .

Feedback: Clearing the Connection with Planetary, Galactic, Universal Humanity

After I was set up "Connection with Humanity" + "Connection with Galactic Humanity" and + "Connection with Universal Humanity", I began to feel in some areas of problem bodies as vibration goes, as if something was pushing these areas ... Nice enough feeling.


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