Light of Consciousness

“The Dynamics of the Assembly Point is the Light of consciousness. Speeding up information processing. ”

Removing mental trauma,  increasing the ability to embed and process new information, accelerating thinking.

What is the point of Assembly Point Dynamics?

Evolution, accelerated development - this is the process of finding and obtaining information (mental), processing and absorbing it inside your information structure, and assimilating it.

This process is what is called spiritual development, accelerated development, personal growth, personal evolution.

The actual system of the Assembly Point is responsible for capturing, processing and transmitting information inside our mental body .

An Assembly Point is a system for capturing, processing, and transmitting information.
The "Dynamics of the Assembly Point" ("Light of Consciousness") is the performance of the Assembly Point. 

In the process of evolution, a large number of mental injuries accumulate - mental injuries of the Assemblage Point system.
Plus, a large amount of raw information hangs.

The performance of the Assembly Point on average in people is reduced to 5-15%!

In subtle bodies there are zones that are responsible for processing information. These zones are in the body of the Personality, in the bodies of Ajna, in the bodies of Sahasrara, in the Soul Bodies. Here is the processing and logical interpretation of information.

Removing mental injuries from these areas increases the speed and quality of receiving and processing information. .

Information, having entered inside, is linked with the information that already exists, is copied to other mental bodies. 

In the esoteric world, it is claimed that you need to get information, process it, connect it with existing experience and knowledge and pass it through personal experience.

This is the description of these information processes, this is the development, evolution.

Assembly Point Dynamics is one of the most important elements in capturing and entering information. 

Light of Consciousness 1 step 

Around the Assemblage Point there is a structured filamentous cloud of energy. This cloud copies information - it sticks to external energy flows and information flows through these threads into the human energy structure. Which is a very important part of the evolutionary process.

The whole process of the Assembly Point operation is similar to the process of communication between the inhabitants of Pandora and all living things on the planet in the movie Avatar. Those. There is a system of threads, which is included in external information sources through which information reaches the body.

Any problem at any level is an unfinished, undigested information from the past, tied to the process of not assimilating some type of information with the Light of Consciousness . Undigested information blocks often freeze and slow down the processing of new information.  

This is a rather difficult task, but removing these mental traumas significantly accelerates evolutionary development.

The Light of Consciousness, together with the Experience of the Monad, is one of the key technologies of evolution.

Light of Consciousness 2 level 

At the first stage, this is the optimization of the system of the Assembly Point that we are currently using (this usually happens during the last 50-100,000 years).

In an earlier period, we deployed Assembly Points at lower frequency levels. If a person now has an Anahata level Assembly Point system, then before that the person activated 4 more Assembly Point systems (Manipura, Tien Tien, Swadhistana, Muladhara, and possibly lower) systems.

Raw information at past points in assemblies and locked information are now affecting the evolutionary process.
At the second stage of the Light of Consciousness, we are just in the process of optimizing past assembly points.

Contact us for information about this service. 

Cost: Service "Light of Consciousness" 1 cycle: $150

You can do 7 cleaning cycles, swinging the level of indicators of the Assembly point up to 90%. When ordering 7 cycles, a special discount of -30% is immediately applicable.


Question: How to check the changes after clearing the Light of Consciousness?


To check the state of the Light of Consciousness - just look at your Assembly Point
and the vortex around it - the amount of energy, activity, dynamics.

Physically, the feeling of clearing the Light of Consciousness is usually not. The parameters of consciousness change more - the work of the Assembly Point (attention) in the aspect of input, absorption of information at the level of the individual.

QUESTION: The Light of Consciousness is activated immediately after cleansing, or does it take time to swing?

ANSWER: The light of consciousness is activated at the moment of straightening, alignment of the energy structures of the Assembly Point.

Alignment of fine structures after clearing still takes some time (about two weeks). The main sensations can arise at the moment of the clearingly thin structures (when we work), when the thin structures begin to straighten and level out, as well as when the Light of Consciousness starts to work and freezing raw information begins to process - sensations can also arise at this moment.

Question: What does the Light of Consciousness give apart from accelerating the assimilation of information? Does it somehow affect the general situation in life?


The Light of Consciousness is a useful thing. But this technology affects thinking more - understanding, processing, assimilation of information, acceleration of building in the necessary skills and experience. In particular, the Light of consciousness also affects  the restoration of the body's resources - as one of the aspects of processing information regarding the body's work.

Question: I thought that the “Light of Consciousness” makes it easy to connect Assemblage Points - the process of connecting, reading and copying information of interest to us, but it turns out that due to the cleaning of the energy threads of the TS, its natural amplification and our Personal strength take place along with the same ability to act to the outside world is increasing?

Answer: The  Light of Consciousness facilitates the process of reading, copying and processing information.

In this process, the fixation of the Assembly Point itself is not so much unlocked as the glow around the Assembly Point becomes brighter. Due to this, quick dissolution occurs, information processing.

Indirectly - it enhances the inner strength, ability of healing, cognition and accelerated development.

Unlocking the movements of the Assembly Point itself, the ability to concentrate and tune into different energy lines is carried out as part of the 1st level of the Vision Activation service  .


Review: Service "Light of Consciousness" / Alexey Vasilievich

At one time I ordered the service "Light of Consciousness". The results after a month are very well monitored: the ability to think quickly appeared, the decision-making time was reduced. I think this service is very necessary. Over time, the feeling becomes dulled and taken for granted. But at first it was very noticeable.

Review: Complex of services "Light of Consciousness, Plane of Thinking"

Very powerful technology. The acquired information and the speed of training increased by an order of magnitude higher. The whole potential is still difficult to track, it takes time. But brains work better by several orders of magnitude. 

Review: Service "Light of Consciousness" / Lyudmila

The Light of Consciousness felt such an impression that there was a place for information, otherwise there was some kind of looseness, could not engage in magical practices. And the heart has returned to normal over the past few days))).
The sensation was like a ripple in the head, not for long, it even became interesting.
Well, just - Very pleased with your work!

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