- spreads quickly;
- a long incubation period (within 10 days the virus may not be noticeable, and the carrier can infect many),
- the symptoms are similar to a common cold;
- easily transmitted through the mucous membrane, respiratory tract, eyes;
- heavy death, from suffocation;
- high mortality, especially among the elderly and debilitated people after illness.

Now the main thing is to gain time, not to get sick in the next 6-8 months, to wait until the vaccine appears.
Those who can hold out during this period will win.

Recommendations for this:
- Be sure to use medical masks in contact with other people (at least medical masks, preferably specialized, of the N95 type);
- Plus eye protection. The main thing is to be airtight, so that when a person breathes, air does not get into the eyes;
- Disinfect hands after any contact (with objects and people) - wash and disinfect with special aerosols, you can use alcohol;
- Minimize any contacts. If they are looking for communication with you, you can try to clarify whether they have been in contact with the sick before.

On the recommendation of Chinese doctors who worked with coronavirus, it reduces infection and alleviates the course of the disease
- a large amount of vitamin C. For an adult, 1000 mg / day.
Divide the tablet into doses and take every two hours. For colds and suspected coronavirus, increase to 2000 mg per day.

These are the main guidelines.

In people who have contracted coronavirus, one of the hallmarks of energy is poor processing of vitamin C, calcium and iron. 
As an additional prevention of diseases - you can take vitamin C, calcium and iron every day.

What are the best vitamins to use?
- Pharmacy vitamin C is fine.
- Iron - you can put a rusty nail in the apple to stand for an hour and use.
- Calcium - it is better to use seafood: take a piece of seashell, fill it with lemon juice and after half an hour fill the salad with this liquid.

Plus you can use the Coronavirus Mandala.

It works like a vaccine, stimulates the production of immunity.
We have uploaded the Coronavirus Mandala for free in connection with the epidemic,
and we are also ready to send the Influenza vaccine Mandala electronically for everyone.

This mandala can be printed, put in a breast pocket, viewed twice a day for 10 seconds.
And it will stimulate the body to produce antibodies to the coronavirus, which will ease the course of the disease.
Also, this mandala can be downloaded to your phone and also viewed 2 times a day, but no longer than 10 seconds.

You can read more about grafting mandalas at  this link.

Last news. We have updated Mandala - Coronavirus vaccine.

In September, we added the latest photos to it, which cover the main characteristics of this egregor and its branches.

Plus some elements that make the coronavirus easier to transfer. Tuning for vitamin C, oxygen, iron, calcium, tuberculosis bacteria.
It is desirable to print the mandala with an optimal size of 812 cm. Consider 2 times a day. Wear it on yourself, preferably in a breast pocket.
We highly recommend it. In our opinion, this will facilitate the course of the disease and reduce the likelihood.

To get these mandalas as a gift, just go to the ezohata.com website 
and send the message I want a mandala in the button at the bottom right of the site.

Be healthy