Dedication to pleasantness in sex


Dedication to pleasure in sex.

This dedication is more suitable for women. Men respond well to him. Dedication creates a pleasant state after the act of love. Enhances a pleasant state, pleasant memories, sensations. Sets the aftertaste effect.

Plus dedication contains additional notes of beauty and sexuality.

QUESTION: What energies consist of initiations of pleasure in sex?

Our world consists of tens of thousands of separate energies of different quality - colors.
The dedication to pleasantness itself contains about a hundred of these colors in varying proportions.

We know the names of the names by some separate energies: beauty, attractiveness, but for the rest there is no name in our language.

This dedication contains the energies of
attraction - 6 lasso, a
small amount of life energy of organisms - 17 lasso, beauty. The

energies of this dedication are more suitable for women, but for men it also adds pleasure in sex.

- And what energies are good for a man in sex?
- Women respond well to men with Apollo Initiation and Syrian sex appeal initiation.

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