Consecration of Thoth

"Dedication of Thoth"

  • Entering the Magical Picture of the World
  • Strengthening magical abilities.
  • Motivation for development
  • Motivation to practice magic
  • Experience and knowledge of the God Thoth and the Ancient magicians included in the egregor.

Review: Dedication to the Tota channel / Andrey 

Very Interesting Channel. According to observations, I tracked that there is a thirst for knowledge, a desire to collect some artifacts, knowledge, manuscripts and study. Before that, there was also a thirst for knowledge, but after Initiation, this process begins to interest and capture more and more.

 This is one of the key initiations that allows too see past social assemblage of reality and begin to perceive the world of magic, where anything can happen. 

Initiation into the Channel of Thoth:

  • Egregor of the Ancients;
  • Magic egregor;
  • Gives inclusion, including in runic technologies;
  • Stimulates a person to practice magic;
  • Representatives: People who are actively involved in magical practices;
  • Ancient magicians entered the egregor, and when it is turned on, information begins to accumulate.

The initiation of Thoth gives inclusion in the magical egregor,
stimulates a person to engage in magic. 

Information has been accumulated in the egregor of Thoth 

  • By magic 6 units, 
  • Healing 6 units
  • 2 units policy
  • Management 7 units
  • Military science 2 units
  • Equipment 1.5 units

In the Initiation of Thoth, there is a high motivation for magic.

The Channel of Thoth contains the energy of the 9th Arcanum - the Energy of Development.
And the energy of attraction.

Sean Connery, Robert Hossein has a strong Initiation of Thoth. 
Such a strong signal is rare. 

THOTH is a knowledgeable specialist in magic. He really likes magical secret knowledge. Gives a desire for riddles and artifacts.

He is interested in evolution as a principle of development, magic as a science.

He studied in great detail:

  • Runic magic; 
  • Sephirothic magic;
  • Lemurian magic. 

His area of ​​interest:

  • Elemental magic;
  • Scout magic (travel to other worlds, distant worlds);
  • Well versed in Healing. 

Egregor Thoth included the Ancient Magicians, people who were actively involved in magical practices. When Thoth is included in the Channel, information from the egregor begins to accumulate, which will eventually manifest itself.

Initiations into the Channel of Thoth - 1 step - $ 150, 2nd step - $ 500.
The first stage  makes a stable communication channel with the egregor of the Great God Thoth.
The second stage  strengthens the channel, sets the selected Qualities.
The third stage  - sets the merger with the egregor. Dedication is strengthened and established on True Bodies. This allows not to lose the Initiation at the time of death.
You get: Initiation into the Ancient Cult and Instructions on how to use it and conduct energy. 8.

Channel THOTH stage 2. 

There are dedicated channels in the Thoth Channel of Stage 2:

- Channel of Entry into the magical picture of the world
- Channel of motivation, interest in practicing magic and healing
- Channel of interest in Ancient knowledge, development.
- Channel 9 Arkana (energy of spiritual development)
- Channel of Popularity 
- Channel of Attraction (beauty)

QUESTION: Does the dedication of Thoth of the 2nd degree give attractiveness only to men or to women too?

ANSWER: Catherine Deneuve has 2 levels of Thoth Initiation:
with the Channel of Beauty and the Channel of Attraction dedicated.
It is worth noting that Catherine Deneuve has only the Empowerment of Thoth strong.
There is a weak Initiation of Aphrodite 0.3 units and Freya 0.3 units.

Catherine and Robert Hossein have some special beauty. Mysterious.
The beauty of Thoth gives a kind of Supreme and mysterious beauty.

Stage 3
There is a strengthening of the connection with the egregor, the maximum transfer of qualities.
In Stage 3 we work with true bodies. 

We are trying to solve the problem that 99% of initiations disappear after death.
We strengthen the connection with the egregor, which makes it possible for the processes to exist much longer and use the effect of time: the accumulation of experience and knowledge from the egregor for hundreds and thousands of years.

If the 2nd stage is installed with the magical picture of the worlds allocated by the Channel, then the 3rd stage will strengthen these qualities.

After the 2nd, 3rd stage, it will be possible to continue strengthening the Initiation and deliver other dedicated channels of the 2nd stage.

QUESTION: I saw that in the initiation of God Thoth you indicated a new channel, the 9th lasso.

Could you briefly tell us whether this is a motivational channel or inclusion in the 9th lasso?

ANSWER: In the channel of Thoth there is a separate motivational channel for engaging in magic - there is a motivation for those magicians who are present in the Channel of Thoth and God Thoth to engage in magic.

And there is a separate Channel 9 Arkana ("Energy of spiritual development"), which is associated with the 9 arcanum of the Sephiroth Tree.

QUESTION: Tell us more about the Egyptian Initiations.

ANSWER: Thoth's initiation gives motivation for magic and a little healing. 
For example, the Initiation of Asclepius (Greco-Roman culture) gives motivation for healing and a little motivation for magic.

Initiation into magic egregor, egregor of Egyptian magic - there is no strong motivation, but there is knowledge and experience in the field of magic.
We recommend starting with the Initiation of Thoth or Asclepius.

The parameters of the Deity and the parameters of the egregor are usually different. 

Usually the Deity has more mentality.

When we make the Initiation - we give completely identical 
Initiations to the Egyptian version of the Initiation of Thoth.

- How was it done?
- All Initiations in all religions are approximately identical. The ritual was performed in some consecrated place.
Dedication of Thoth - God of wisdom and knowledge, patron of libraries, scientists, government officials.

In Egregor Thoth, the main mentality for magic and healing is 
accumulated in the field of Egyptian magic. 

The Deity accumulates the mentality in those directions that the Deity is interested in. In the egregor of Thoth, information is collected from those people who are included in this egregor and somehow interact with it. If the egregor of Thoth is several thousand years old, 
then Thoth himself as a Deity is several million years old. 

At your request, we can make a dedication to any famous cult (Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Slavic, Scandinavian, etc. Gods).

The setting for cults must be preserved (ruins of Temples, sculptures of Deities or their temple images of the period of existence of this cult).

We will take an egregor an authentic Initiation, which will be an exact copy and correspond to the Initiation of that time.

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