Step 8. Money Blocks Test


The cost of diagnostics: 20 USD.


REVIEW: Psychological Map of Money / Natalya:

I looked at the maps, everything is correct! Very detailed. I realized from the money map that it was hampering my cash flow, I understood the question of money. From the habits map, I understood some points about health that had been disturbing me for a long time. On the karma map, too, everything is clear, I will work on myself. Money mandalas I will to order from you for sure, but it will be closer to May. But in general, thank you very much, they helped me once again to understand myself. I will contact you!

REVIEW: Psychological Map of Money / Lyudmila:

I thank your team for a very accurate diagnostics! I recommend to everyone! Reveals all causes and effects! In all respects, except for strikes in the past - well, I do not remember)))), "hitting the bull's eye."

According to the Money Map, all the information was shown, everything is clear - I did not receive so much information at the Egregor seminar!!!

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