Overview - What are Mandalas and how do they work. Testimonials.

MANDALA - certain schematic images of plants, animals, sources of power, famous personalities, etc.
When working with Mandalas, you get additional resources to improve the quality of your life.

Themed mandalas are useful in business, sports, building love relationships, pumping extra energy and improving health.


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            What is the meaning of mandalas? What are they needed for? Let's figure out what a mandala is, because for a common man in the street it's just a drawing. Mandala is a sacred schematic image or design that was used in Buddhist and Hindu religious practices, containing images of Deities, historical figures, animals and plants, and other components.

            Mandalas are a certain picture, each element of which attunes a person to a certain energy. We can say that mandalas help a person tune in to certain information flows and interact with them. The mandala is built in such a way that it can work for a long time (several years). In order to activate the mandala, it must be carefully examined for one minute, 2 times a day, and worn (in your pocket, on a string, wallet, etc.). In a bag, at a distance of half a meter from the body, the mandala will not bring the desired effect, since it works in the immediate vicinity of the body. The team of specialists has developed mandalas of various orientations.

QUESTION: Who is the inventor of mandalas?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we have nothing to do with the invention of mandalas. In Christianity, the first collective miniature images appeared about 1500 years ago. They carried miniature icons with them, just like mandalas are now.

Ancient Tibetan icons date back to the first century AD. And often they were also made in the form of small images that you can carry with you.

Both Tibetan and Christian icons depict Saints, various Spirits, Places of Power, plants, animals, objects of power (crown, sword, wand) - everything that has energy and information that can change the user.

And we also use the Mandala technique as one of the most effective and convenient techniques for influencing a person.


Series -  Extra Energy . / Cost - 20 USD /

  •  New: Mandala Techno-energy. Anahata 4 units, Vishudha 5 units, Ajna 10 units;
  • Forces of Rejuvenation. (The famous Place of Power in China which prolongs youth and gives activity.);
  • Energy of sun. Digestible energy. Anahata 4 units, Vishuddha 1st body 7 units, 2nd body 7 units, Ajna 8 units;
  • Burning Gas. Energy source 15 units. Anahata-Vishuddha range. Anahata 10 units, Vishudha 10 units;
  • Activation of the Animal Power Channel - enhances the flow of energy through the Animal Power channel, Manipura;
  • Activation of the Power Plant Channel - enhances the flow of energy through the Power Plant channel, Svadhisthana;
  • Places of Power. Uranium mines. Ajna 30 units. This Mandala is not for wearing, but for meditation, a stream of raw information can be passed through it so that it is easier to digest;
  • Powering the energy of consciousness - About 30 units. energies: Vishuda 10 units, Ajna 10 units, Sahasrara 10 units;
  • Places of Power - Consciousness Pumping. Anahata 5 units, Vishudha 7 units, Ajna 6 units, Sahasrara 8 units;

 Series -  Youth and Attractiveness .

  • Mandala female beauty
  • Mandala of male attractiveness 
  • Male energies. Drugs that increase male strength, potency
  • Mandala Fat Burner 
  • Mandala Rejuvenation of the body 
  • Appetite - decrease;
  • Hair - Beauty and Strength / Strengthening.

 Series -  Protective Mandalas . / Cost - 25 USD /

  • Protection of the Earth's Biosphere;
  • Defense of Buddhism;
  • Defense of Christianity;   
  • Protection of the Mountains;
  • Mountains-Health-Protection.

Series -  Money. Business. Success.  / Cost - 25 USD /  

Business mandala - formed from people and the structure of the mandala radiates information from the egregor, radiates information on managing people. The manifestation of the effect of the mandala is expected within 1.5-2 years as the information is assimilated. The process can be accelerated by pumping energy - the Energy of the Sun, Places of Power, etc.

Tuning - amplifying resonance and signal:

  • Egregor of Business (Manadala-emitter of energies of Egregor of business);
  • Egregor of money. Mandala is aimed at improving the financial situation. 


Lots of positive reviews! 

Knowledge and experience:

  • Management Skills-Knowledge (Manadala, radiating information egregor management.);
  • Money. Finance (Knowledge and experience in money and finance, business and finance professionals);
  • Business (knowledge and skills);
  • Politics - Social pyramid;
  • Billionaires (Light billionaires are selected with extensive experience in business and finance, who have built their empires, the source of the mentality / there are 8 series of mandalas);
  • Corporations. Egregors containing knowledge of Business, Management, Finance, Investments. International corporations with a lot of mentality in the field of management, business, investment, finance.

Energy for business:

  • Mandala Winner - Energy of achieving results (7th Big Arcana);
  • MLM-Energy (sales skills and knowledge) - Fire Energy - Business Activity;
  • Mandala Intellect activation;
  • Super - brain (people with powerful consciousness, united in a common organism, a kind of super - brain).

Series -  Mandalas of Professional Skills . / Cost 25 USD /

 Languages ​​- Egregor's mental (facilitates and stimulates learning):

  • English language. Native speakers (the mandala exudes the mentality of the egregor of the English language);
  • English language. Egregors of cities. Highlights the language egregors of cities in the aspect of the English language;
  • English cities. The source of the mentality, the knowledge of those residents who are included in it. Language egregor of English-speaking cities; 
  • German (the mandala exudes the mentality of the egregor of the German language);
  • French language (the mandala radiates the mentality of the egregor of the French language);
  • Thai language (the mandala exudes the mentality of the egregor of the Thai language);
  • Chinese.

Information Technology:

  • Silicon Valley - a source of knowledge in the field of technology, programming.

Professional skills. Study:

  • Universities. Egregors of the leading universities. 9 most powerful. (Sources of desire to study + university knowledge);
  • Physics. Great physicists. Source of knowledge in physics;
  • Mathematics. Great mathematicians. Source of knowledge in mathematics;
  • Chemistry. Great chemists. A source of knowledge in chemistry.

Automotive equipment:

  • Car driving. World champions. (experience and skills in driving a car - leading race car drivers);
  • Motorcycle driving (motorcycle driving experience and skills).


  • Acting skills;
  • Directing skills; 
  • Special services;
  • Egregor of oriental martial arts. Great masters of martial arts;
  • Boxing. Great Champions. A source of experience and skills;
  • Alpine skiing, snowboarding. 

Series -  Magic Mandalas.  / Cost 25 USD /

  • 11 ARCANUM: Divine law;
  • 15 ARCANUM: Relationships. The energy of conception. Strengthens the silver thread;
  • ARCANUM 16: Karmic tensions. Karma;
  • Mandala Great Magicians. Magician Ghanag. ($ 20);
  • Egregor of Yoga. Attunement to light yogis who carry the yoga mentality;
  • Activation of Muladhara. Low frequency energy drain. Draining heavy energy for purification, healing of Svadhisthana and Muladhara.


Series -  Healing Mandalas . / Cost - 25 USD /


  • Anti-cold mandala;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Mandala Aconite (first 3-4 hours of a cold);
  • Mandala Angina. A set of herbs and trace elements for the treatment of angina;
  • Allergy. Reducing allergen exposure. Allergy relief.
  • Strengthening hair. 
  • Herpes. Treatment.
  • Eye treatment (complex to strengthen the eyes)
  • Strengthening vision. Blueberries. Marigolds are black-cutters;
  • Sunburn. Heals sunburn. Good feedback;
  • Insect bites. Helps to heal the bites of all sorts of creatures;
  • Mountains as a source of correct torsion fields. Adjusts the body and begins to correct distortions in the wrong rotation of the energy;
  • Injuries. Healing. Healing of inflammatory processes, wounds of various origins;
  • Wounds and burns. Arnica. Mumiyo. Palm. Healing of wounds of burns, inflammatory processes;
  • Appetite: decrease;
  • Hemorrhoids. Treatment;
  • Rubella. Treatment;
  • Getting rid of worms. 

You can also perform Mandalas for various homeopathic remedies. 

Series -  Vitamins and minerals.  / Cost - 25 USD /

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin complex (contains all major groups of vitamins)
  • A complex of trace elements. Carbo vegetabilis (plant ash) (contains all the main trace elements)
  • A complex of trace elements. Sea salt. Contains almost the entire list of the periodic table.
  • Vitamin C. Plants are high in vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B2.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin complex for the eyes.
  • Vitamins for hair.

Series -  Homeopathic remedies.  / Cost - 25 USD /

  • Arsenic. Activation of the body's immunity;
  • Guarana. A well-known tonic. Toning substance, which is aimed at losing weight and revitalizing the body;
  • Ginseng. Aimed at activating the body, losing weight.

Series -  Vaccinations.  / Cost - 25 USD /

Active viruses against which the body begins to develop an immune response.

  • Angina. Staphylococcus bacteria (causes acne).
  • Hepatitis. Vaccinations.
  • Herpes. Vaccinations.
  • Fungus. Vaccinations.
  • Flu. Vaccinations.
  • Rubella. Vaccinations.
  • Papilloma virus. Vaccinations.
  • ARVI virus. Vaccinations.
  • Polio. Vaccinations.
  • Tuberculosis. Vaccinations.
  • Lichen. Vaccinations.

Mandalas are  preferably used in combination with other forms of treatment. Mandalas have no pronounced side effects, because there are no real drugs.

There is energy and information about the drug. But if you have doubts about an allergic reaction, try a little at a time.


  • Energy of sun 

Digestible energy. Anahata 4 units, Vishuddha 1st body 7 units, 2nd body 7 units, Ajna 8 units Expected result: an inflow of energy in the area of ​​work of consciousness. Term - the effect occurs immediately.

Review: Mandala energy of the Sun / A. 

I always keep the mandala with me when I feel that I am overwhelmed by something or some kind of sluggish state - I look at the mandala and somewhere strength appears, my head becomes lighter, as if everything becomes clear, I want to move on. 

Review: Mandala Solar Energy / Anton

As for mandalas, I feel very well the effect of the solar energy mandala. Almost the same sensations as meditating on the Sun, plus, in fact, productivity lasts 1-2 hours longer during the day.

Review: Mandala 15th Arcana /  Andrey M

Hello. I feel very good from this mandala, as if I used something like this and go high) soft energy, as if complements the actions of the other mandalas, fit well. Now just another 19BA is starting to slowly accelerate. Together with Pan's initiation into manipura, a very tangible density has become. That is, in situations where previously he would have shown modesty, uncertainty, now only attempts to influence manipura are felt, and one feels just like it, like an impenetrable one, beats everything off, as if a bulletproof vest is on. It is most likely that 15BA and 19BA together strengthened the action. Vishuddha is now also constantly high) not in terms of vibration, but inside the throat is nice.

Review: Mandala Solar Energy / Alexei:
Good evening. Received mandalas today. In general, it turned out today to shake your condition even after work. And the fatigue is gone and the energy is there and the anahata even managed to power it up. The mandalas are quite working.

Review:  Mandala Solar Energy, updated / Andrew:
I want to write such a review. 2 years ago I ordered a sun mandala from you. Then I was told that a newer version was released and I ordered again. Just received. I must say that she is five times cooler !!! In reality, a stream comes from her when you look at her! And it feeds well. Thank you for constantly improving and releasing more and more new and interesting things !!!
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