There are 3 parameters to the concept of a strong-willed person.

1) There is a center of Will (Hara) - the area below the navel on the palm.

 It is the center of concentration of our personal volitional efforts.

2) There is a center of Intention (located between Anahata-Vishuddha).

Magicians use this center when they try to change the world with the help of concentration. Castaneda's writings emphasize the importance of the Channel of Intent.

3) There is also a Channel of Will that comes from the Divine plans.

To feel the energy of will, for example, you can tune in to Sergei Mavrodi.

How does Will work?

Question: How does Will work (operates)? 
The Center of Will is not only Hara, but also Ajna?

Answer: This is a rather difficult question and requires detailed study.
The Will Center is mentioned in the martial arts to focus on it, and Castaneda's work places a lot of emphasis on working with this center.

There are centers with some kind of emitting hairs into the outside world.
There are several centers in the abdomen - but what is meant by each of them is still difficult to understand in detail. When we say strong-willed people - basically they have a center of Will, Ajna is not very involved in them.

There are several main centers.

  • There is a center of intention - at the Anahata-Vishuddha level.
  • There is a center in the area just below the Sahasrara.
  • And several centers in the abdomen. 
  • There is also a center at the Svadhisthana level. 

This is similar to what is called the Capture Beam in women.

It turns out that the attractiveness of women is formed - both attractiveness and as a function of capturing and retaining the attention of other people.

If you look at women without men, their center at the Svadhisthana level is in a rather stunted state. 
We will continue to study. This can be a pretty interesting area of ​​development.)


QUESTION: Activation of the will center, is this the only service for the Hara chakra?

After activating the Willpower, I feel normal, the will has become 15 percent more. It's easier to force yourself to do the necessary dreary things at work. For this, a special thank you, I would like to further strengthen the will center


ANSWER: Chakra is a pipe that goes through a person.

Hara is not really a chakra. This is the energy center, which is 5 fingers below the navel.

In this area is the Energy Center of Will


How is this Center related to Willpower?

“The Will Center we are building is the low frequency aspect of Willpower. Volitional efforts in relation to oneself. Concentrate on something, force yourself to do something.


There is also a center of Will at the Anahata level, it is called the center of Intention.

And also there is Divine Will.

The energy that comes from the Divine Channel of Will passes through these centers.

In fact, this is an input signal. It is the Will that goes from the Higher Planes to the person and is transformed in these centers.


In this way,

- to strengthen the Will, you can make several cycles of activating the will center.

- as well as you can do the Activation of the Divine Will (detuning the incoming signal).