PART 5. The worild of Gods and Mages


Mahonia as a potential level.

Mahonia can be described as the "head" of the planet Earth. There is its central nervous system - people at levels 4.3 and 4.4.

You can call Magony the location of prototypes (egregor species). So, for example, all animals of the same species (for example, tigers) are represented by only one prototype.

Thus, the Magony is, as it were, the diminished (the relation of the body and the head) projection of our world, which is a control system or the Consciousness of the Planet Earth.

We consider further the specific types of magicians: shamans and werewolves.

Shaman totems.

As mentioned above, shamans (ancient Mages 4.2-4.3) created their own evolutionary path, which, however, detached them from the egregor of the human species (they began to ignore the principle of dying acting in the system (see 13 A.) that no creature can live outside the egregor of its species as a living cell separated from the body, so they have created a mechanism for themselves to lead such an unnatural (artificial) way of life, this mechanism is called a "totem", and it works with "prototypes" animal species. (eg Adam Kadmon), the shamans are connected to the egregors of certain animal species (there is no mechanism causing human death in these egregors (no 13A).) Mechanisms that are tuned to regulate the population size of animals of this species do not work with people (they give out a signal for self-liquidation in another frequency band.) Unlike people who manage to form a monad (soul) during one lifetime and develop it during subsequent births, animals that lead a primitive life do not accumulateThey experience so much experience and do not form a monad, but dissolve in the consciousness of their kind, transferring all the accumulated experience there. The exception is "pets", those cats and dogs that live in homes and actively interact with a person. Some of them begin to form a monad and regenerate, developing consciousness during subsequent lives. In general, the animals have a mind possessed by a prototype located in Magony (see legends about the Great Cat or Great Wolf, etc.). By creating Totems (a method of connecting to the egregor of animals), shamans invented a cult of beast people (see all about the gods of ancient Egypt). This way led the shamans to interesting results. In the process of interaction with prototypes of animal species, many shamans acquired a second monad of the animal type.


          Gods and Saints.

Mahonia contains a hierarchical structure that represents the central nervous system of the planet Earth. The parameters of this "Heavenly Hierarchy" are displayed in the Small Arcana Tarot in the form of "pictures".

The sequence of Volta-Knights-Dame-Kings-Aces shows the structure of the "brain" of the planet.

The pages / Volts are the just-passing "Curators" (4.2-4.3). They are called "creators" and are engaged in a direct impact on the "middle world". By the standards of humanity - these are powerful gods (a kind from below from the middle world), but in the hierarchy of Magony these are the smallest figures (manipulators).

The next level, designated in the Tarot as Knights, is called "pointers." These are messengers carrying an order "from above" to "creators".

The next level is marked by Ladies (the passive female principle) and is called "observing". They monitor the results of the actions of the "creators" and, on the basis of the existing order of things and the plan that has been lowered, issue an order "indicative".

The next level, indicated by the Kings, is called "decisive". They make a decision and work out a general plan, descended by the "observant".

The next level is "real", denoted by Aces (4.4) and it denotes the information space itself, in which the Earth Treaty exists (analogous to a computer).

All this can be illustrated by an example with the device of a ship: the steering wheel (rulers) is controlled by thrusts (pointers) attached to the steering wheel (observing), which turns the helmsman under the guidance of the captain (decisive). But the whole ship and the sea are Aces (Existing).

Part 3-2. Wanderers

The Cosmic man is like a way out.

Below we talked about the level of evolution 4.5, which can also be described as 5.1. This creature, who lives freely in space and does not need a planet, we, after the writers of the Strugatsky brothers (see "The Beetle in the Anthill" and "The Waves Extinguish the Wind"), have been called the " Wanderer ".

We can assume that there are two ways of cosmic expansion of mankind: technological and magical (evolutionary). In the case of the technological path, the civilization of people (1-4.1) goes into space on the spaceships created by it, and, creating bases there, is engaged in the expansion of oneself and one's way of life into outer space, increasing the area of ​​the space developed by mankind. This is an obvious path to scientific and technological progress, well described by science fiction writers.

Another way, much less described, is the cosmos as a natural habitat for some supermind (5.1). This mankind has some of its goals and tasks associated with the existence of no longer the consciousness of the Earth, but of the solar system and, most likely, follows the cosmic expansion of mankind.


Manifestations of the activities of Wanderers.

First of all, what do Wanderers look like? In fact, this is a bunch of high-frequency energy, which is the carrier of a huge amount of information.

At the same time, it is also a human (superhuman) personality, which has a genetic connection with humanity (perhaps with those civilizations and peoples whose tracks are lost in the depths of centuries).

Wanderers, obviously, can materialize in any form convenient for themselves, but at the same time fall outside the scope of the known material objects.

Under this definition, some of the UFOs, known as "luminous" objects or as "plasmoids", fall into it. In ufology, there are descriptions of clearly man-made objects, solid metal ships, which, one day, will probably learn to build Earth humanity. Along with this, there is a description of luminous objects that easily change shape and are able to move contrary to our ideas about the laws of motion. In addition, they are able to separate into several objects and reconnect to one. If "solid" ships have "population" descriptions (in the form of creatures or robots), the plasmoids behave like intelligent organisms. During the various tests of new technologies or military operations, plasmoids are often observed in the sky. American and British pilots during the war raided Germany, saw in the sky plasmoid objects, which were called fu-fighters (taking them for new weapons of the Germans). However, fu-fighters did not attack anyone. American astronauts described the plasmoids that accompanied them when flying to the moon, while they had a feeling of "insurance". They felt that the plasmoids were not just present, but they were also ready to come to the rescue .

Voice of emptiness.

At the initial stage of flights to space, crews of spacecraft were few. The astronauts who were left alone with the Cosmos experienced strong experiences, superior to everything they experienced in the training in the isolation ward. At this point, many of them (astronauts were afraid to tell anything to the authorities about this, because they were afraid of writing off for a mental illness) experienced contact with the higher mind. To them were some Supreme beings and talked with them about their lives and the role of man in space. There are descriptions of such stories by several Soviet cosmonauts.

Part 3-3. Hermits. The transition of man.

Buddhas and Samadhi people.

There is a boundary layer 4.2-4.3 occupied by hermits .

This is a certain stage of internal work, which requires complete solitude. This is due to the accumulation of energy necessary for the transition. At this moment, the person solves and works with the energies of the 9 Arkanas (see the description of the 9th arcana "The Hermit").

Working with the accumulation of energy, the Magician (4.2-4.3) interacts with his consciousness with the entire Treaty (objectively real world) of the Earth. As a rule, at this moment the person himself secluded in a cave or in the mountains (he almost does not need food and warmth and receives energy directly from outside (9A).

At a certain stage, some of them leave consciousness in Magonia, leaving their physical body in the middle world (point of interaction 9 A ruck and a 12 arcana , see the description of 9 and 12 Arcana).

This state has two phases, one called Sattori (temporary state), another Samadhi (constant state).

These people are part of the management mechanism or part of the System, and their consciousness is used by the Creators (see) to transmit control signals to the median world (physical world).

These people can be in the state of Samadhi for centuries, and their body at that time is protected from decay. Periodically, ordinary people are attacked by Sattori's condition, which can last dozens of years (lethargic sleep), at which time their body is also protected from aging and decomposition. This is due to the special properties of the 12 Arcana (shift in Water, see Element Water).

Cases of detection of imperishable bodies of people, whose condition can not be classified as living or dead, is quite a lot.

The very state of consciousness in Mahon is called "nirvana." Those who manage to move from 4.2 to 4.3 are called in the middle world "buddha" (the designation of a person perfect for the middle world).

Buddhism exists in two versions. The first option is religious. It is designed for an illiterate and rather primitive population. Includes a vast cosmology, saturated with spirits and demons. The second variant is philosophical and intellectual, designed for people engaged in their own evolution purposefully (4.1, 4.2, 4.2-4.3). This is a high level, directly linking with the Kurat and the World Government.

At this level, there is no religious speculation, but only a description of the methods and stages of the evolution of human consciousness. The pillar of this knowledge is Tibet, where the interests of the rulers of the whole world extend. Speaking of Tibet, do not be mistaken about the role of the Dalai Lama, who is the leader of a religious line.Leaders of the spiritual direction are the Mahatmas (great souls) who are in two secret centers of Tibet: Shambhala and Agarati.

Shambhala and transition zones. 

After the death of Atlantis, the planet was flooded with an unprecedented flood (see the myth of the Flood.) The painting, close to the one described, is shown in the film "Water World").

Over the water, only the peaks of the highest mountains protruded (about 67 thousand years ago). Those who survived the flood were saved there, and these people created secondary settlements of the Atlanteans on the mountain peaks (the only land accessible) (see Forbidden City of the Gods).

These cities (pockets of knowledge and technology of ancient civilization) existed for 27 thousand years, until they were destroyed about 40 thousand years ago during the war with the Van civilization (see Wang Invasion).

However, several such "secret cities" have survived to our time. One of them, "Avalon" in Britain, disappeared during the Dark Ages, about the 6th century. AD, because of the invasion of the barbarians (Picts, or Saxons).

According to the legends of the peoples of the world, three such centers survived: Shambhala (in Tibet), Agarati (the underground capital of the underground civilization - usually also point to Tibet) and Belovodie, the center associated with the ancient mysterious civilization of the giants in the Altai and the religion called Burkhanism.

Shambhala is the main of these centers. It is directly connected with the Magony (contact with the "Creators" 4.3). Shambhala itself is a frequency gateway (the frequency converter of the middle world into the frequencies of Magony). Therefore, those seekers of "adventures on their own", going in search of Shambhala, can not find anything. It is between our world and Mahonia.

There are passages to Shambhala, but they do not look like doors, rather, they are elevators. Roughly speaking, every person in his caste has one of seven carrier frequencies (in accordance with chakras and by analogy with 7 notes and 7 colors of the spectrum), which accounts for the maximum of his energy.

Shambhala, as a frequency converter (or lift in the "light world"), has a capture band (approximately from 4.1-4.2 frequencies, to frequencies 4.2-4.3). Thus, only a person, at least level 4.1, can enter Shambhala. Sometimes the soldiers of level 3-4.1 are under the influence of stress (stress accelerates the body) into the frequency band 4.1. And they can enter Shambhala (for example, fleeing from enemies).

Shambhala is not only a meeting point with the Mahatmas (4.3, they are also "buddhas"), but also a world center of space (interstellar) communication, similar to what is described in the "Andromeda Nebula" (I. Efremova) as the "Great Ring".

In Tibet, there is one of several spaceports used jointly by the World Government and external civilizations.

The Heritage of Atlantida. Conent.

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