Qi/Prana Channel

“Adjusting the QI / Prana Channel. What it is? Where does it come from and why is it needed? "

Chi channel, Prana - increases physical endurance.

The energy of Qi, Prana is the energy on which the organisms of people and animals on Planet Earth work.

Plants are the producers of Chi energy, which absorb the energy of the Sun and, through the process of photosynthesis, accumulate this energy in the form of chemical compounds.

This energy is actively radiated by plant organisms around.

Animals and people eat plants and as a result of oxidation energy is released, on which the organisms of animals and humans work.

- At what frequency?

- The energy of prana is located according to the frequency of Manipura and according to the frequency of Anahata.

Part of this energy is radiated by the animal organism around itself.

The body works on this energy, plus this energy is consumed by the emotional and mental body. Thinking processes operate at higher frequency energies. 

But this energy is necessary for the body, therefore it is associated with the concept of health.

The fullness of Chi-Prana energy is one of the indicators of health.



At the moment, the activity of the QI channel
is on average 15% for humanity
- for people of the 4th caste about 10%

For people who do a lot of sports, the values ​​of the QI parameters are about 20%
and this energy allows them to actively engage in sports, 
increases physical endurance.

The cost of one cycle: 150

At the moment, you can do 2 cycles of 10%.

There is a planetary Channel of Chi Energy.

In this channel, plants and animals emit this energy, and humans consume it.

It is the energy of physical and social activity, physical activity, energy of endurance, it supports the emotional and mental sphere.

We started testing the alignment with the Planetary Chi Channel in the Energy Personality Chart.

You can clear the resonance with this Channel and increase the energy of the person's Chi.

 QUESTION: What is the difference between the Chi Energy and the 17th arcana?

The source of life force on the Planet is the Sun. Living organisms process the energy of the Sun - the energy of nuclear reactions and release energy to living organisms. Conditionally it can be called the planetary life force energy - or the energies of Tsi prana.

And there is a separate computer for adjusting energies on the Planet. And the 17th lasso is one of the energies of this computer.

If we take the 17 lasso in the computer and the Chi energy, they intersect - the resonance with the Chi energies is about 50%.

QUESTION: What is the difference between Chi energy and level 1 or 2 energy pumping?

ANSWER: The Qi channel is a pumping channel at the level of the manipra - anahata.
Level 1 and 2 pumping programs are the energies of fire, which mainly go along the Vishuddhi level.

Pumping energy of the 1st level is one of the Atlantic programs for feeding consciousness, aimed at processing information. Its main value is used for development technologies.

Level 2 pumping programs are the connection of fire elementals, they set the body shift and make a person more active - they add the energy of activity.

Level 3 energy pumping programs (high-frequency) - a program developed by the Atlanteans for embedding and processing information.

NOTE: Qi / Prana is the energy that living organisms release under the influence of the Sun. The main producers of Qi are plants on the planet. But man also produces QI. It absorbs food and inside the body the process of burning fats, carbohydrates, proteins and excretion of prana takes place.

The breathing process is the process of constantly pumping air into this "furnace".

QI / Prana - are one of the main energies that feed all processes in the human body, including thinking. The brain consumes 80% of this energy. If a person stops breathing, fuel stops burning and the body begins to die without energy in a few minutes.

But a person also has an additional flow - resonance with the external flow of Chi. This stream is clogged as a result of interaction with other people, collisions with geopathogenic zones, and various debris.

It is recommended to clean it every few years.

QI is a package of energies of the frequencies of Manipura and Anahata.

 By clearing it, we can increase the Chi energy. Increase body endurance, health, activity.

Usually these energies work well for athletes for some reason.

Sports are hard to do without these well-functioning channels.

Marathons are usually run by people who have this energy working well.


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