Dedication to Hermes- Travel, Business

"Dedication to Hermes - business, money, wealth, travel"

Initiation into the Egregor of Hermes.

Hermes is the God of Business, Travel.

At the heart of this cult was a real magician who specialized in business and finance.

The main qualities of egregor:

  • Activity, Dexterity, Reasonableness;
  • Ability to organize structures;
  • The ability to make a profit - by some kind of activity;
  • Wanderlust (research);
  • Interest in development technologies: any applied technologies, how you can activate your business, get some kind of material result. 

Hermes practitioner. The egregor contains a lot of information about business, trade, organization of business processes. Egregor is based on the energies of the 15th lasso.

Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, Surkis have Hermes.

Question: What knowledge is accumulated in the Hermes Channel?


In the egregor of Hermes there is knowledge in the field of:

  • business,
  • management,
  • trade,
  • finance (in order of mental accumulation). 
  • also have experience and knowledge in sports.

Many bodybuilders have a Hermes initiation. 

This egregor also has knowledge in the field of magic and medicine. Hermes has a personal magical experience.

This is a religious egregor. A huge number of people participated in it, a large amount of experience and knowledge in these areas was accumulated. It is considered the patron saint of merchants and travelers.


Question: What are the qualities in the Hermes channel in the second stage of initiation?

Answer:  There are dedicated channels in the Hermes Channel of Stage 2:

  • 1. Channel of popularity (person who attracts attention).

Popularity is necessary for people who conduct social activities, politicians, artists. A person begins to attract attention, his fullness, significance appears.

  • 2. Dedicated motivational channel : 

motivation for business, finance, management.

  • 3. Dedicated Channel of Wealth.

The Gods of Wealth usually have a dedicated channel associated with the Egregor of Wealth.
But how this affects material well-being is difficult to say.

QUESTION: And what energies are there in the Initiation of Hermes?
ANSWER: In the Initiation of Hermes, there are energies of Sephira Yesod (Power) and a small amount of energies of the 1st arcana.

QUESTION: Does the initiation of Hermes at the 1st level also give motivation for bodybuilding and sports?
What impact on money issues, behavior has?

ANSWER: Dedication to Hermes and 1 and 2 and 3 levels also adds motivation to engage in bodybuilding.

Dedication to Hermes motivates to do business.
Egregor contains knowledge of business, sales, management.

Cost: Initiation Hermes, step 1 - 150 USD .;
Cost: Dedication of Hermes, 2nd level - 500 USD

The first step of Initiation - makes a stable channel of communication with the egregor of the Divine.
The second stage of Initiation - strengthens the channel, copies information from the egregor.


Feedback: Dedication to Hermes / B. 

Did the Dedication of Hermes several years ago.
After Initiation, he actively switched to organizing business processes, became more interested in business, and consulted on business.

Feedback: Dedication to Hermes / A.

Hermes is a great leader in life - there are desires for something to do, how to organize a business, a business to study and how to optimize the process. By chance, new opportunities and projects appear - areas of activity.

After the Initiation of Hermes, I accidentally found a direction for business, which turned out to be effective.


Imagine that someone from a higher power has put on the fact that you will achieve outstanding success in your life.
You are aware of this fact. And you feel supported.
You start moving towards what you really want, despite any obstacles.
In moments when your strength ends, you just remember those who support you.
It is enough just to imagine how they put their hand on your shoulder behind your back and you are ready to move on.
The further you go, the stronger the support, the more driving force you have.
At the same time, your training is accelerated at times. Each choice of teaching method and mentor is many times more effective than the previous one.
and you experience a state of ascent, a state of flow from everything that you do and what happens to you.

PS: It took 10 months after the initiation of the Winners, the initiation of Hermes and a year after receiving the mentor in evolution technologies.

I really liked the bundle Dedication of Hermes + Dedication of the winner. When 3 months passed after both initiations, a clear promotion was felt.
This is my second time taking a program on working with limiting beliefs about money. Much better to work out than a year ago.
I also went through the program, after which I found my purpose.
The most interesting thing is that a system of motivation has appeared that does not allow not to act.
In the new environment, one can feel how both business thinking and the ability to achieve goals are pumped.

Question - Anton:
Hermes and Plutos are built on the energies of the 15th Arcanum. Do these initiations strengthen the Silver Thread? Attract and retain people / partners?
In the egregor of Hermes and Plutos, there is a little 15 arcanum.
In the Egregors of Kubera, Lakshmi, Plutos, Billionaires, the Golden Taurus, there are basically 17 lassos.
In the energies of money and business, there are many arcana 7, arcana 17, a lot of fire, there are 4 arcana energies.
Most of all 17 lasso. 15 lasso is present, but very little.

The Earth Shift is present in a small amount in the egregor of Kubera (insignificantly, up to triplets)

In the same way, there is to take the Galactic egregor of finance, business, management - there is the energy of power, the energy of determination, victories, the energy of vitality and the energy of fire.

These Initiations certainly do not strengthen the silver thread and do not keep partners. For some reason, the energies of the 15th lasso in the egregor of business and in the egregor of money are not enough.

The energy of the 15th arcanum is present in the Initiation of Demeter, the Initiation of Pan.

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