PART 3. Ancient and modern magicians


5.4. Complete consciousness.

By analogy with the computer, human consciousness can be imagined with two levels of memory (information awareness). In the computer, the entire amount of memory is divided into disks (C, D, E, F ...). You can imagine a human consciousness, also divided into two areas - "personality", or "I", and "subconscious", or "not me."

At the same time, in the "I" area, the whole experience of the person from birth to the present moment is stored, and in the "not me" area, the experience of the same person, accumulated in previous lives, is stored.

 It can be said that "not me" is a creature, or beings whose consciousness is recorded by a very weak signal (a sharp decrease in the signal occurs at the time of the death of the object). However, the energies of all "past I" are summed up, and it is possible to imagine the moment from which this amount will reach the "threshold of sensitivity". Then all the experience accumulated in previous lives will become available to the "I". This is what happens when you go to level 4.2.

  This ability (or quality) is the first stage of attaining full immortality, which fully manifests itself at the level of 4.4. Such a person does not begin his development at every new birth (spiral movement), as happens in mortals (castes 1-4.1), but continues his life in the next incarnation, accumulating a new experience (forward movement in the development of the personality). This makes it possible to accelerate the evolution of consciousness and move on to "vertical" (accelerated) evolution. Such a person can act consistently throughout many lives, pursuing some (or some) goals.

5.4.1. Formation of elites.

One of the problems that mortals spend most of their energy is finding a place in the social hierarchy ("finding their place in life"), and achieving material prosperity (not always connected, since history knows poor generals who are barely able to provide themselves and their loved ones, and the oligarchs, who, despite all their wealth, are not able to defend themselves against the society (to resist the arbitrariness of officials)).

In ancient times, this issue was solved with the help of the formation of the Aristocratic elite (a secured part of society connected by hereditary ties). This aristocracy was for the most part of military origin (from the leaders of the fighting squads) and represented a family noble who received property by inheritance.

 In such a situation for immortals (level 4.2) there was a fairly simple task - to be born inside such an aristocratic family and to inherit the necessary property and position. This task does not represent a technically difficult problem, but it requires a well-thought-out behavior from a person (creating the right connections and eliminating unnecessary ones). Having studied the factors influencing the time and place of the next birth, the immortals created a set of certain rules of behavior, leading to the desired result (birth in the aristocratic elite).

5.4.2. The needs of the immortals.

Vertical evolution, as a matter, requires certain conditions (like any occupation). However, unlike most other occupations, this work is not external (as in the professions of mortals), but internal (the transformation of one's own consciousness). This work was called "spiritual development" (or internal doing).

From the point of view of mortals, which make up the greater part of the society, such inner work is complete idleness (lack of work). Therefore, it was necessary to form an aristocratic elite, belonging to which justifies in the eyes of society the right to idleness. However, the military origin of the aristocratic elite brought with it the duty to participate in wars and military service, which contributes to the evolution of the 3rd caste, to a certain extent level 4.1 and to a small extent 4.2.

As a result, the immortal (Mage 4.2) began the formation of a new type of egregores, which ensure the formation of a special elite, called "priests." Initially, it was also the birthplace where the profession was inherited (like aristocrats), for example, there were brahmanas in India (a hereditary caste of priests), or Levites from the Jews.

These egregors were initially tied to people at level 4.3. (who were in Magony), they were patrons, patrons of religious egregors. With the emergence of the priest's profession, there arose the possibility of some inner spiritual work, claimed by the society.

The priests, as mediators in the intercourse between people (castes 1-3) and gods (4.3), were considered possessors of huge forces superior to the might of the soldiers (3 castes).

With the emergence of monotheism (tied to the consciousness of the egregors themselves) an institution of monks (in different denominations) arises. These people form professional communities in which spiritual development (internal doing) is considered quite a noble occupation.

5.4.3. Shamans.

After the death of a highly developed civilization on Earth (Atlantis died about 65 thousand years ago), quite a few (about 100,000) people remained (Mages, level 4.2), possessing "full consciousness", whose evolution was accelerated technologically (the achievement of Atlanta science).

These people were put in difficult conditions: their life had a meaning for the system only under the condition of further spiritual development (they died as soon as they stopped in development), and spiritual development itself required so much effort (in the absence of technology) that there was no time to satisfy ordinary physical needs.

Thus, a special tradition has formed in which a whole group of people (tribe) works for one person of a shaman (4.2), who has a great impact force (on people, see description 4.2). This shaman makes an effort to remain in the world of people and be born again at his own wish after death. He still takes a student during his lifetime, which he promotes to a level of 4.2 by means of a special training. (the pupil is selected from 4.1).

With the help of certain actions and manipulations, he creates a strong connection with the student and, after his death, is held on to him, as at anchor. Holding on to the disciple (possession), the spirit of the shaman continues to gain experience and develops further. The student chooses his wife (wife) and with one of them produces the conception of the child, where the soul of the shaman is connected. Thus, he immediately incarnates in the same tribe and becomes the successor (and heir) of his own pupil.

The entire resource of the tribe energy (life energy) and material (objects) is at the disposal of the shaman.

Shamans have their own hierarchy and levels of subordination (on a territorial basis). Each shaman, depending on his personal strength (degree of power) controls more or less territory.

Shamans form an intellectual elite with their own rules. The leaders are only the military leaders of the tribes. The real power belongs to shamans. Such a scheme is similar to modern space rockets, when the entire mass of the accelerating stages is spent in order to bring into orbit a comparatively small satellite.

In primitive societies shamans (Mages 4.2) have to use all resources for development. They revive the dead to create helpers and guards, use the dried heads of defeated enemies as powerful personal computers, etc. Like Nazi (Japanese and Soviet) doctors who experimented with prisoners, they are not shy about choosing objects for their experiments. Hence the eerie rituals and human sacrifices.

5.4.4. Mages in villages (village Magic).

After the spread of monotheistic religions and the emergence of monasteries, the majority of people interested in spiritual development left there.

However, there are stages in the development of magicians (transitions 3-4.1, 4.1-4.2, 4.2-4.3), which require seclusion (accumulation of energy) and experiments that are risky from the point of view of society's morality (for example, sexual rituals, or the summoning of spirits, or the transformation of the body and etc.). In addition, many magicians who master the level of 4.2., Need the possibility of collecting herbs, minerals and communication with animals. All this induces the Magicians, who are on the above-mentioned stages of "inner doing", to retreat into the country wilderness. It is clear that absolutely uninhabitable places in our world are difficult to find and around, one way or another, there will be people.

In times of feudalism, the Magician could become a country landowner and live in the wilderness, protected by caste bans. However, the influence of religions and the fall of serfdom led to the abolition of this possibility. Now the Mages live somewhere in the settlements and in the farms in the distance from the people. As a rule, you can find quite powerful Magicians there. Like shamans, they try to keep territory in their hands, causing fear among the nearest villagers. Such Mages know each other well and, as a rule, form something like a territorial council (coven).

5.4.5. City Mages.

Even in the city of Magi they try to live apart. This is due to the same moral problems of interaction between society (1-4.1) and the Magician (4.2).

From the point of view of the layman, the practices of the Magicians can be terrible, disgusting, horrible. As a simple example, we can mention the first anatomists who stole corpses at night (nobody really needed) and secretly dissected them in their homes. Or the founders of physiology who conducted vivisection on unfortunate animals (killing them for eating and fun morals does not contradict). Even the innocent work of the alchemists (Transition 4.2-4.3) caused accusations of a connection with the Devil, take at least the history of the English alchemist of the 16th century. John Dee in the description of Gustav Meyrink ("The Angel of the Western Window"). At the same time, the auto-da-fe, produced by the Inquisition (that's where Satanism is), was considered a perfectly godly deed. Thus, the religious egregors created by the Mages themselves turned out to be time bombs that were torn apart in the Middle Ages.

All this caused the Magicians living in the city to lead a special way of life. They turned their abilities (Magic) into a profession and began to sell their services (healing, predictions, fortune telling, astrology, creation of talismans).

Urban magicians also formed unions, called "orders" and "lodges", allowing them to resist the influence of society. With the influence of the lodge, both secular and spiritual power were compelled to be considered.

It was the Magical Lodges that put an end to feudalism and the power of religion and led people to a democratic form of government, although they had to sacrifice some convenient social niches, as was said above.

Modern urban Mages work in salons or consulting centers.

In many countries, the status of urban magicians is quite legal (they pay taxes), in others they have to hide in the underground (they do not pay taxes and take much more for services). At the same time, only state officials who exercise control risk - if the Magician decided to keep incognito, then the death of several policemen or financial inspectors, which came for quite natural reasons, will not stop him.

Even in the period of bourgeois revolutions, the Magical Orders began to conclude treaties like those that were concluded with kings and emperors. Under these treaties, the secular authorities pledged not to get into the affairs of the Magicians. It was the violation of this treaty that led to the death of European monarchies. Since then, in important cases, if the Order of the Magicians require secular authorities to observe the "status quo", the authorities retreat (nobody wants to be on the guillotine).

5.4.6. The Earth's elite, or the secret government.

There is such a direction of research thought, which is usually called "conspiracy". These researchers (conspiracy) explain the entire history of the Earth from the point of view of conspiracies. That is, there are some secret societies that carry out their terrible plans with the help of secret activities.

Imagine people of level 4.2, capable of preserving consciousness in later lives, born in the right place and at the right time, and planning their actions for many centuries (incarnations) forward. It is important that the population of these people is not so large (about 300,000 for the whole Earth).

In addition, they are rooted in the powerful technogenic civilization of Atlantis, which had cosmic colonies and external contacts with other civilizations of the cosmos.

These creatures always knew where America was and what is under the ice of Antarctica. They knew what a UFO is and where the lunar bases are. Realizing a single plan, they accustomed people to gold, and later - and to the world currency (the famous mystic sign on the American dollar).

They have accumulated over a millennium a purposeful and systematic work of treasure, communication and technology that make them the real rulers of mankind. In addition, they had in their hands "external" (space) contacts.

They represent the inhabitants of the Earth before the inhabitants of the cosmos, conduct negotiations and trade with them (close to the plot of the film "Men in Black"). This elite is non -religious and non-national. These people (4.2) assert rulers and influence events in the world. The principle of managing the world.

The above-described world government governs the planet as a whole and is of course interested in uniting humanity, but this turned out to be a difficult task.

Having initiated several great conquerors, such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and Napoleon, they did not achieve sustainable results. The same was with huge empires, which, one way or another, fell apart. The creation of the United Nations, the united Europe and the NATO bloc are one of the stages in the unification of the world.

The Heritage of Atlantida. Conent.

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