Personal Preservation initiation

Dedication to Personality PreservationDedication to Personal Preservation

Preservation of the current Personality in future incarnations.

Our personality is how we perceive ourselves - it was born and developed in this incarnation. And by dying, this person will join our same personalities in the world of the dead.
And in a new incarnation, a new personality will begin to form, which we will not influence.

In the new incarnation, we will partially perceive what is happening with the new personality and observe how it controls the body and shapes and reacts to events, but we will not be able to influence.

- Does a person fall asleep after death?
- The process of falling asleep / extinction takes millions of years.

But there is an ancient technology that allows our personality to return again, to incarnate in a new body and continue its development. This technology is Personality Preservation.

It is very important that you do not stay in the World of the Dead, but return and continue your development. In the presence of the technology of personality preservation, a rapid development of the personality occurs.

At the First level, the Atlantic systems of personality preservation are involved.
At the Second level, Extraplanetary systems are involved, which are much stronger and more efficient (safety net).
At the Third level, it is possible to install such programs according to the nearest parallel realities, which will lead to an explosive development effect.

Personality preservation technology is designed mainly for the manifestation of the effect in the next incarnation. The task is for this personality to remain, to be embodied, to continue from life to life.

There is a subspecies of the technology of Personality Preservation "Intellect" - it creates a complex personality in the current and next incarnation due to the fact that several personalities are connected.
We connect 5 more previous personalities to the current personality.

- Do they interfere with each other?
- It is not noticed that these individuals clearly interfere with each other.
We made these initiations to many - the negative influence of individuals on each other was not noticed.

Without the presence of the Personality Preservation technology - the current personality will in the next incarnation become a part of the subconscious and be in the World of the Dead - such a person will perceive, without the ability to influence. The longer a person will incarnate, the less the current personality will be able to perceive incarnations and influence.

The Monad Experience technology returns the ability to observe past personalities over existing incarnations.

The personality preservation technology allows the current personality to manifest itself in the next incarnation - to be born in a new body and continue life. It retains its personality and is one of the leading development technologies.

If the child is given a Dedication to preserving the personality, the
basic program we expect will be manifested in the next incarnation.

There is a program to preserve the personality of Intellect - it will manifest itself brightly, since her personality is just beginning to form and the impact will be more noticeable.

The dedication of Personality Preservation is primarily focused on consolidating the awareness of the current personality of a person in subsequent incarnations.

This was mainly done to young children in Atlantis. In this case, the previous adult personality was recorded. This made the child immediately an adult, a conscious person.

Such children are very different from the general mass of children of their age. They are smarter, smarter, more conscious. Such a personality begins to develop rapidly and this gives a powerful impetus to accelerate development for the next millennium.

The same technology allows an adult to preserve the same personality at birth in future incarnations. when this technology was made to infants, it greatly accelerated the development of the child.
This technology provides acceleration of development, awareness, mental abilities increase, etc.

The dedication to Personality Preservation is one of the key technologies of accelerated evolution.

The specialists of our Center carry out the Technologies of these Initiations. 

The main tasks:
1) continuation of the person's personality in subsequent incarnations 
(this person can be born again and continue to develop again)

2) Acceleration of development, when not a lot of individuals with the same level of development are formed, but one personality begins to develop.

Usually (if the Initiation of the Preservation of Personality is not placed) in subsequent incarnations, each personality is reborn - a new personality is formed. Many famous people of the past, Generals, Emperors can lead a relatively ordinary life in their new incarnations.

Cost: Dedication to Preservation of Personality - 300 USD.

QUESTION: Do I need to do the Dedication to preserve the personality, if I did it in ancient civilizations?

ANSWER: Personal preservation dedication is one of the most powerful technologies. After global catastrophes and wars that were in the time of Atlantis and earlier, these programs are inoperative (they do not work on a person).

In those cases when these programs operate at least partially, we are dealing with a spiritual, very developed person.

Individuals with working Ancient programs on the planet can be counted on one hand.

Personal preservation dedications 2 and 3 level-Strengthening:
/ Solid consciousness /

With the technologies of Initiation through Death, the Personal Bodies contact and the information exchange between incarnations takes place. There is a kind of overflow of experience. But at the same time the Continuous consciousness does not occur. An increase in experience occurs, but the personality is not preserved in subsequent incarnations.

If the task is to preserve the personality (the formation of "Continuous consciousness") - i.e. one personality begins to dominate, which develops from embodiment to embodiment.
In this case, an explosive development occurs. The rapid development of the personality begins. This technology accelerates development tenfold.
This is especially noticeable in children who are born with a fixed, saved personality. If an ordinary child is like a doll, with the rudiments of consciousness, then a child with a preserved personality is a fully developed adult personality.

At the second level, we duplicate this technology with the involvement of other Extraterrestrial systems. those. we are strengthening this structure in order to increase its efficiency and reliability, as technology is very important.

The technology of continuous consciousness in the Cosmic Rating of developing technologies takes 2nd place. The Monad experience stands next to this technology in terms of development.

There is a third level of personality preservation, when we duplicate the same system for parallel realities. This launches the mechanism of the accelerated development of the entire Fan of Incarnations.

Cost of the 2nd level: 500 USD Level 3: $ 2000

2. Devotions of preservation of personality Intellect:

One of the technologies for enhancing consciousness is Personal Preservation - Intellect.

Initiations through Death work with "bodies of experience".
Initiations of preservation of personality are a contact of consciousness (consciousness joins)

You can add to the consciousness of the current personality of the consciousness of past incarnations (how to add a few more processors), which will strengthen the consciousness of the current personality.

Intellect technology is the addition of 5 personalities of past incarnations,
which enhances the mental abilities and consciousness of a person in 1 cycle.

Usually more than three cycles can be done.

Cost of Personal Preservation Dedication - Intelligence: $ 900 / + 5 personalities /
The Intellect system can be installed several times.
On promotional terms, it costs 200 USD - for every additional 5 persons.

The Intellect system is installed in the presence of the basic technology of personality preservation.

QUESTION: What is the difference between level 2 personality preservation and intelligence?
ANSWER: Personal preservation programs are system strengthening. And Intellect is the strengthening of consciousness due to connection with the personalities of vulgar incarnations.

Since the preservation of personality is of great value and importance, it is possible to use extraterrestrial systems from past incarnations, which are more durable and reliable than the Atlantic terrestrial ones.


Dedication fixes a bundle from the last few incarnations of a person at the level of consciousness and gives preservation of awareness - the memory of experience - in the subsequent incarnation. This is important for the preservation of experience so that in the next incarnation you do not start everything from scratch.

Whether this awareness will extend only to the skills of the current incarnation - or to the experience of many earthly and stellar incarnations depends on whether the signal of the subconscious is open (the Experience of the Monad).

Light of Consciousness, Plane of Mind, Energy pumping programs partially solve information processing issues.  

Within the framework of these development technologies, the registered information is constantly undergoing additional processing. But it is recommended that everyone additionally devote enough time to restore resources - to meditate on the Sun, an hour, or, if possible, several hours a day.

The technology of the Initiations of Preservation of Personality is carried out for a month, but its effect is calculated on subsequent lives.

QUESTION: Does the level 1 personality preservation have any effect in this incarnation, on the current personality?

ANSWER: This question is divided into several nuances.
If the Dedication is given to children, then the past personality joins, and the effect is very noticeable. If it is set for an adult, then the main task is to preserve the current personality in future lives. Plus, due to the fact that personalities of past incarnations are added, the effect of collective consciousness arises.

The main effect of strengthening consciousness occurs at the second stage, when a large number of personalities join. Moreover, it is possible to do several cycles of the Level 2 Personal Preservation Initiation.

Dedication to Preservation of Personality Level 2. 

QUESTION: Please tell me, is this one-time service or can it be in cycles? Will repetition give something and what, if it does?

ANSWER: This technology is one time only. It is based on the development of the Atlantean civilization. 
We have tried to test this technology in various ways. So far, the results are satisfactory in terms of the sustainability and effectiveness of the result. We will not disclose the details of this program.

But you can make the 2nd level of the Conservation of Personality Initiation.
Duplicate this technology with the developments of other Space Civilizations
in order to obtain a sustainable result.
You need to understand that the result from this technology (as opposed to other developments) is expected in the next life. But since this development is of particular value (it accelerates evolution), we spent a lot of time looking for duplicate systems (which were developed by other Space civilizations), and looking for ways to test this system. 
The test results satisfied us. Features have not been disclosed.

The 2nd Level of Initiation of Personality Preservation involves the installation of two redundant systems.

NOTE: Complexes in previous incarnations.

QUESTION: Those individuals who join in the Initiation of the preservation of personality with their "cockroaches" i.e. complexes, etc.?
and it is possible to attract some complexes, for example, which do not exist now? or what exactly is connected, somehow selectively?

ANSWER: All of your previous personalities have the same complexes as you. Absolutely the same, no changes.
Unless you have had some kind of severe stress in this life, which has not been encountered in the previous 3 million years of evolution.

NOTE: Past incarnations.

QUESTION: During the Initiation of the preservation of personality, are two previous personalities connected, or any two personalities from the past? since previous personalities could be nothing special, while some earlier ones could be more developed.

ANSWER: In our different past incarnations, the level of personality development remains approximately the same. The level of education is changing.
Technically, with the Personal Preservation Initiation, any personality can be chosen. But it will be about the same level of development. The further in time, it will be less active. But during the times of highly developed civilizations, it will be additionally formed.

Usually the last two personalities are taken as the most active.

QUESTION: Does the setting of Devotion of Personality Preservation load the 2nd level (duplicate systems) heavily?

ANSWER: Regarding the dedication to personal preservation, this is an interesting question. Loads the first time during installation. And it loads when we attach additional personalities - the "intelligence" system. Since each person carries information. We try to process this information. But if it overloads, you tell us. Redundant systems usually load less.

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