Exercises for concentration and attention

QUESTION: It is difficult for me to meditate. How to improve concentration?Blowing Out A Candle Flame · Free Stock Video


ANSWER: Concentration is a mind skill that can be trained. One of the most effective ways to do this is to meditate on a candle flame. At a distance of a meter, light a candle in a dark room and focus on it. At the same time, concentration training and the replenishment of flame energy take place.


If we are distracted and some thoughts lead us aside, we again turn our attention to the candle.

You can start with a five minute meditation and gradually build up the duration. A trained mind allows you to keep your attention on the flame for an hour.


This skill is useful for meditations. Attention is usually distracted by Internal noise or some pressing problem.


You can write down a topic on which we are constantly distracted on a piece of paper.


If this topic is caused by complexes, these complexes can be tested and removed. If internal noise distracts, it can be tested (in the magical personality map) and adjusted.


Also, quite often there are negative complexes for engaging in spiritual practices. These complexes reduce motivation to exercise.

These complexes are also tested in the magical personality chart.


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