Regulation of emotional and mental stability

"Regulation of emotional stability and mental stability"

Hot temper and emotionality

Among hot-tempered people - 50% are those who have fire elementals at the Anahata level.
If you transfer the fire elementals to the Vishuddhi level, so that this energy feeds the consciousness, the problem will be solved - the person becomes calm and balanced.

The second 50% of the causes of irascibility is the presence of psychological complexes: a desire to quarrel, incontinence, etc.
The presence of fire elementals is characterized by explosive irascibility - when a person does not just mutter something under his breath, but when the emotion goes with a very high amplitude.

The parameter emotional stability shows how much an even emotional state prevails in you or emotional explosive outbursts are possible.

The emotional stability parameter can be adjusted.

Cost: Adjustment of emotional stability - $ 150 /cycle.

Question: What is the difference between the parameters  Emotional stability and Mental stability  and how to improve them?


With emotional stability, everything is more or less clear.
This is often found among magicians as the result of strikes by Lemurian efreet.

- At the magicians?

- Often with the magicians, as they were sent to demining the Lemurian warehouses, which were protected by combat systems. Certain blows to the structures led to the fact that a person is very emotionally unstable, his mood and state are constantly changing.
If you regulate this sphere, then the person quickly calms down and stabilizes.

Mental stability is also often a manifestation of technical strikes - ancient strikes of martial magic techniques, plus traces of mental trauma in these zones - systems of subtle bodies.

If the effect of correction of emotional stability is more proven: Removing injuries - the person is calmer. Fortunately, we have little experience in the field of correction and treatment of mental illnesses.) Therefore, the "Increase in mental stability" service is more suitable as a prevention of mental illness than as a surgical intervention.

The service "Increasing mental stability" includes the removal of trauma in the mental sphere, its stabilization and strengthening.
One cycle strengthens the work of this area and reduces the likelihood of mental illness. On average, in humanity, the parameter of mental stability is 50% out of 100%.

The mental stability parameter can also be adjusted.

Cost: Adjustment of psychological stability - $ 150 / cycle.

Personal diagnostics of the parameters of mental and emotional stability is now carried out within the framework of the Energy Card of the Personality .


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