Step 2 - Reiki Healing, Health Support & Immune Activation Mandalas

Series - Healing Mandalas:

  • Series - Healing Mandalas:

    Allergy Text
    • Allergy


    Hair Vitamins Text
    • Strengthening hair 


    Gynecology text
    • Gynegology
    • Male potency 
    Dealing with gynecological problems - inflammation, pain, PMS.
    Healed Text
    • Trauma (healing) 

    Herpes Text
    • Mandala Herpes 
    Immunostimulant Text
    • Immunostimulant
    Stimulates general immunity (Echinacea and other drugs that stimulate the immune system are used)
    Sedative 2 Text
    • Sedative 

    Used for overexcitation, stress.
    Antidepressants Text
    • Antidepressants 

    These are Substances that relieve depression.
    A drug for the reduction of depressive conditions.
    Antioxidant Text
    • Antioxidants
    Anti Onko Text
    • Anti-oncology 
    Fungus Text
    • Fungus 
    Deprive Base
    • Lichen 
    Worms Text
    • Getting rid of worms
     Wounds Burns Arnica Text
    • Wound healing

    The famous homeopathic remedy Arnica, which is used to heal wounds and burns.

     Flu Anti Text
    •  Antiinfluenza
     Anti-cold Reduced  
    • Anti-cold mandala 
    • Angina


    Eyes Complex Text
    •  Eye treatment (complex to strengthen the eyes)
    Vision Blueberry Text
    • Strengthening of vision. Blueberry. Marigolds - chernobryvtsi
    Hemorrhagic Healed Text
    • Haemorrhoids. Treatment
    Sunburn Text
    • Sunburn. Heals sunburn
    Insect Bites Text
    • Insect bites. Helps to heal the bites of all sorts of critters
    Health Rotation Text
    • Mountains as a source of correct torsion fields

    It adjusts the body and begins to correct distortions in the wrong rotation of the energy.

    Mandala Anti-inflammatory

Collection for all types of inflammatory processes + wound healing.

Mandala is based on the most popular herbal preparations that have a very large number of positive reviews.

  • Mandala Aconite

This drug works when you are hypothermic, the first sign of a cold.

If at this moment the Aconite Mandala is activated, the disease does not begin, it all goes away without a trace. 

Review: Mandala Aconite

I used to use a homeopathic apparatus (Aconite pea). Now I switched to using Mandala. Now in the pharmacy, counterfeit devices are sold, and in different jars they are better, but they work worse.

And there have already been two cases of Mandala application.
Just starting to get sick - I examined Mandala and immediately all the symptoms disappear.
And recently, my friend also complained that she was frozen, she says - I know myself, I can get sick soon. I gave her an hour to vilify Mandala - and it was all over too. 

Testimonial: Mandala “Allergy. Dog hair "/ Vladimir 

In the yard we have a dog named Bonya. She runs up and immediately begins to lick and rub. It was all nothing. But a month ago I stroked it and was all like red with white spots. But after applying the mandala “Allergy. Dog hair "reaction sharply decreased. I even risked stroking her a second time. And again there was a strong reaction. And again when I applied the mandala, it disappeared quickly. 

  •  Fat Burning Mandala

Fat Burning Mandala works better than all the remedies that we have seen, but the topic is complex, there is no dramatic effect. Helps the body process fat.

The person undergoes a constant accumulation of fat. The body either accumulates them or spends them. This Mandala stimulates the opposite process - to spend them.

- Will the energy appear?

- Some energy should appear, but against the general background it will not be much visible.


Healing Mandala - $25 for 1 piece.

You can also perform Mandalas for various homeopathic remedies.
The printed mandala will be mailed to you. 

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