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World Heritage Institute

is engaged in research and development

  • Technologies of accelerated evolution of man
  • Diagnosis and disclosure of potentials of the individual.
  • Strengthening the abilities of consciousness.
  • Restoration of strength, energy and health.
  • Increase of personal attractiveness.
  • Activation of professional skills in business and healing..

More than 20 years of experience in research and development.
For all developments, we give a 100% guarantee of the result-
return the entire amount of payment within a year if you remain unhappy.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ 1. Personal Diagnostics. How to order?

Q: How does the work go? Do I need a personal presence?

A: High technologies are used in the work, therefore your personal presence is not required.
All work is done remotely.
For work you will need your photo, preferably in full growth.

Q: At what age can you draw a personality card? I would like to see a map of my baby

A: It is possible from year, but it is better with 3х

Q: I'm interested in DIAGNOSTICS. I want to learn more about how this process goes.

A: For diagnosis, you need your photo in full growth.
Diagnosis is carried out remotely, according to your photo.
You make an order, send your photo and in a week you will be sent a detailed report-diagnostics on several pages.
If you want, you can ask questions about the topics of the report.

Q: How is the pendulum diagnosed or read from the field by clairvoyance?

A: In the case of Express Diagnostics, the diagnosis is carried out by Vision (through the Assembly Point).
Thin bodies are considered.
Psychological complexes are tested as a chain of thought forms at the level of the Vishuddha body. We consider Vishuddha's body and record the available signals in the Personality Card. To test the energy damage, we are considering various subtle bodies, the presence of external magical effects.

2. Removing complexes and stresses 


ANSWER: The work is done remotely. To work you need your photo in full growth.

It is advisable to go through the Psychological Personality Card,
To determine the main complexes that are visible at the moment.
Any of these complexes can be cleaned.
After that, you can clean any signals that are relevant to you, stress, confusion, etc.
Before work, you choose a clear formulation of the complex with which you need to work,
indicate the current level of stress on this issue (from 0 to 10 points), 10 maximum.

During the week, the complex is cleaned. We will inform you about the end of the work.
After cleaning, you track how much you have changed attitudes toward this stress / issue.
If necessary, you can perform an additional correction cycle.

A number of stresses / complexes are removed quickly enough. For some, the cleaning of the complexes takes a little longer.
We work until the state is enough. Usually, after cleaning the complexes, the attitude towards the factors that strain people becomes smooth and calm.

QUESTION: I read the article at your website Stress Release FAQ & Reviews.
And I find there some interesting complexes, constraint that I am interested to check and remove. Is it possible? How I can do that?

ANSWER: Constraints can appears towards different parts of our life (for example, meeting attractive people, meeting people that are more powerful or socially successful, sex, public speaking etc.). In every sphere of our life we might got stresses in the past lifes that leads to complexes and constraints nowadays.

It is very individual process. Every person might have different stresses, complexes and constraints.

In order to check the main stresses and constrains we can recommend to request some individual psychological diagnostics we are doing:

1) Basic psychological card (10 USD) - it tests the main stresses that every person usually meet in his life

2) Psychological card of Love and relationships (20 USD) - it tests stresses and constraints towards relationships with others

3) Psychological card of money and business (20 USD) - it tests stresses and constraints that limits person's success in doing business, working with clients, doing career and managing money.

Each of these cards keeps over 100 of different individual complexes and constraints that may be useful to recheck and clean.

You can check the approximate examples of these diagnostics at our website and choose the one you would like to start with:

1) Basic Psychology Test example:

2) Psychology Love Test example:

 All found stresses, complexes and constraints it would be possible to remove!

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Every person we are investigating have numerous number of stresses/ complexes. They might be in similar sphere. But their focus might be slightly different. For example, I might be not afraid of dogs in general, but dogs with big teeth I am afraid of. Or I might feel good with women in general, but with the woman that are older me I feel confused etc. Usually we recommend to start cleaning general complexes/ stresses. An as soon as they are cleaned more specific signals is possible to recognize.

Read more FAQ, information about stresses and compleхes

You can find at the Book Technologies of Happiness:

QUESTION: When should I be looking out for the complexes changed to shift?

ANSWER: The results of the cleaning complexes are usually seen immediately or within a week after the cleaning.

How to check: you are thinking of the topic you requested to be cleaned and testing fo you feel any emotional pressure, resistancetowards this topic. Usually the pressure level is reduced twice or more.

If you still feel any pressure/ resistance towards the topic after the cleaning-  don’t hesitate to message us of what is your pressure looks like and we can clean it a bit more.

If you feel like the pressure is getting better, we are happy to help you.

You can turn into the other detailed diagnostics. Or request cleaning/ upgrading the other spheres of your life.

Thousand of people worldwide are enjoying our work.

We will be happy if we can help you to upgrade your life as well.

QUESTION: Can you give me any insight as to, how the complexes "resistance to pressure" and "desire to put pressure" causes traumas to the subtle bodies..?

ANSWER: Stress complexes "resistance to pressure" and  "desire to put pressure" are the reasons of additional conflicts and misunderstanding between people.

These stresses happens a lot. People with such a signals usually a bit more often slow down for any proposal and ideas they get from other people  and are insisting on their ideas of their way of understanding.

It is the reason of emotional and energetical mini-conflicts between people, that causes energetic pressures and traumas.

Usually we recommend to clean these stresses. It allows people to discuss and negotiate any questions more easily.

You can read reviews of other people after cleaning this stresses and other frequent questions and answers in our handbook  Psychotechnologies of Happiness:

REVIEW. Stress Cleaning “Refuse to any offer” /William

It seems like things that are offered as possible things to do or opportunities are easier to accept, and first think about at least before deciding. This is surprisingly important, I was wondering why it is one of the ones you do for free, now I see.

REVIEW. Stress Cleaning “Towards studying” /William

Studying, I can sit down with a whole book more easily now and stick to it.

Following the same pattern as last time.. effects become apparent on day 4 or 5. Very cool.

Assuming the last few days are to make sure it will stick.

I will give better more in depth reviews about this later when I grasp what has changed better.

General Questions

QUESTION: Hello, but how is the mental record made?
Well, I mean via Skype or just a photo?

ANSWER: You have enough of your photo to work full-length.
Within a week, the recording is built into the energy sector.
You can record a mental from any specialist of modernity or antiquity. You can choose any one that interests you.

QUESTION: How to increase sensitivity to energies?

ANSWER: Sensitivity to energies is related to the mobility of the Assemblage Point. Don Juan gave special substances for her emancipation,

or manipulated the point assembly - clicked on it. It is possible to perform several cycles of cleaning the assembly point to increase its mobility. But it must be taken into account that the sensitivity of the sensing process is quite a long process and involves the development of personal diagnostic experience.  

QUESTION: I want to ask about magical initiations. in the same Sephiroth. here people are holding them on the Place of Power, ritual magic .. and here just by the photo ... how much it is very different from what is offered in the center, and whether the connection with the egregor is permanent? those. may be the possibility that the dedication will fly off?

ANSWER: When we do any initiation, we specifically strengthen it - reinforce the energies of 15 lasso so that it lasts a long time.
Usually these Initiations are saved for a long period of time. We hope for a few hundred years will suffice.

In the places of the Force, work is done to strengthen the energy of the magician.
We use our amplification and supply systems, which are also tied in places of power. But we prefer to work remotely, which allows us to work with Global Power Sites, and not places that are closer.
For experienced professionals it does not matter - a person is nearby or at a distance.

How different our Initiation from the Initiations of other magicians we do not know, since we did not meet the description of all the details of the rituals of other magicians. We do not believe that remote initiation is a problem. It is more spectacular when held on the Force Place. It will take a lot of time and resources to assemble in the Force Place. Quality on the Places of Power is growing, but it does not matter.

Remotely you can do the job no worse than with full-time setup.
We believe that our products are of good quality.
We consider it unethical to comment on the work of other specialists.

QUESTION: Do you work on the situation to order with a payment for the result?

ANSWER: We try to do only standard procedures, because then we guarantee the quality and are responsible for the result.
We work on a prepayment - it helps to avoid debts that destroy the money egregore from us and from our clients.


Customer references, description of the results of the Services - read on the website:
Examples of successful reviews can be found on the website.


On all services of the center, presented on the site if the World Heritage Institute
100% guarantee of the result.

If you are dissatisfied with the work - we will refund your payment in full.
Claims we accept within three months after the provision of services.
It should be noted, if you submit several orders - each new order implies that you are satisfied with the previous work and have no complaints. Details are here.

We are grateful for YOUR interest in the offers of the center
and we will be glad to receive your feedback and recommendations.

The presented technologies are rather curious, but we will always try to make our work even more high-quality, valuable and interesting for you.


Feel free to Request Free Personal Diagnostics
via the form at the websites - and we will contact you shortly!

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    • Personal energy balance
    • Main psychology complexes and stresses
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