Activation of allies in the subtle plans that want to protect you. These technologies reduce the
chance of negative events by up to 70%.


In the process of incarnations, a person meets many people.

Some of them remain neutral towards humans.

A small number become friends and love this person

A small part becomes the real enemies of this person.

Those who loved and were friends with us and after death try to protect us.
Our enemies try to harm us even after death. When a person is embodied again, a new personality is formed. The previous personality - hangs in the space of the dead,
it remains the same needs, the same habits that were during life.

If a sufficiently strong connection is maintained with our Friend, then he is the Spirit who is connected with us and somehow tries to protect us from troubles.

But it often happens that a person loves us, but there is no connection with him, or vice versa - a person is a sworn enemy, but with him a strong connection, or a strong connection with a person who is indifferent to us and does not participate in our life.

To strengthen the protection of man, we can find souls who were friends with him and loved him, and strengthen communication with them. At the same time, we can calm, disconnect from his enemies. Such protection reduces the likelihood of unpleasant events.

After all, spirits, being in a multidimensional space, see the future and try either to change the situation or somehow warn a person about the impending danger.


Client “K” addressed a problem: the number of troubles occurring with her increased. A Level 1 Security Program has been installed.

Review: the number of troubles did not decrease, but at the last moment I managed to solve these problems. For example, I almost had an accident, but at the last second I managed to taxi; They tried to rob in the parking lot of the supermarket, but half a minute before the incident, I, not knowing why, blocked all the windows and doors in the passenger compartment.

After that, another purge was carried out, curses and complaints ceased.

  •  Installing the Guardian Angel First Level 

Joining and activating all the defenders of earthly incarnations.
The program includes breaking off ties with karmic enemies
(the main active ones). Cost - 100 USD

  • Installing Guardian Angel Level Two 

Joining defenders throughout the evolutionary path.

  • Installing the Guardian Angel Third Level 

Search and activation of allies - defenders, who in the process of evolution are significantly ahead of our level of development (Divine consciousness).
The search is for weak links. Contact us if you are interested in this service or level 2.

Guardian angel. Questions and answers.Guardian Angel. Questions and Answers.

Question: Regarding the technology of the Guardian Angel ... Is it not done to the ill-rested souls-allies who are attached to those to whom they want to help? In simple terms, the restlessness of the soul is its torment, the reason for the restlessness in its attachments to the physical world ... And when ordering the allies to attach themselves. I get to extend their period of rest, because now their attachment to physics is even stronger?

Answer: The period of rest is not extended. Allies are those who are interested in your safety. Allies have a desire to help.

When we rest, the allies clearly go into the world of death. From the fact that the souls are not calm, they do not feel any discomfort.

On the contrary, souls may experience discomfort when they enter the Worlds of Death.

People after Death may suffer

  • from their unrealized habits and desires.
  • or from the fact that they are really in hellish plans.

This topic is described in detail in the rubric of Life after Death articles .

And therefore, dark magicians, some witches, sorcerers who are engaged in striking, damage - people with high karma have a peculiarity: they try to bind them to the physical plane so that they do not go to hellish plans.

The suffering from the accumulated Karmic Vessel begins when the soul enters the Worlds of Death. Those. they must first get into the world of the dead so that they can be tackled.

In the meantime, souls are not rested, they do not suffer from attachments to the physical plane.

Question: After resting, does consciousness leave?

Answer:  They no longer feel the physical plane.

Question: A person is aware, does he understand what is happening to him?

Answer:   This is all very individual.

Guardian Angel are Souls who want to help you.

The fact that they protect you is their need. They enjoy it.

For Spirits in technology Guardian Angel solid advantages:

  • 1) firstly, their need to protect you is realized.
  • 2) secondly, at the same time their development is accelerated (they gain access to new knowledge, information)
  • 3) thirdly, their need for some sensations is still being realized (a person is, drinks, experiences some sensations, etc.). 

We do not see any disadvantages in this technology.

Question : Good evening. Please tell me, perhaps, immediately install the program, the Guardian Angel of the second level, or, do you need to first install the first ??? And, yet, this program will protect against evil eye and damage ???

Answer:  Programs are installed sequentially: first 1st, then 2nd. Unfortunately, they do not protect against any kind of energetic magical blows.

Defenders are trying to get a person out of some dangerous unpleasant situations, for example, an accident, etc. They are trying to prevent a life-threatening situation. Accordingly, the number of these situations is reduced. And if it happens, then according to the weakest scenario of harming.

You can highly recommend this service. Even one kind of trouble that the Guardian Angels will lead away will pay for all the trouble of installation.


Through evolution we come in contact with hundreds of millions of people. At least a dozen of them can be selected for a human defense mission.
In rare cases, when a person is not loved by anyone, we use other, more complex techniques for selecting allies-defenders.

For example, take one client X:

In the world of the dead - there are 3 personalities who loved him very much and are still active, and 7 personalities were friends with him and are still active (there is some kind of support on the physical plane and enough energy).

We look which of them wants to protect:

Two who loved and 3rd were friends.


Mentally adequate are all. There are no active bad habits. Such spirits are suitable for protection.

- Who are they, have they lived for a long time?

- One Girl, 400 years ago (loved unrequitedly), And who are the others: the second is a sister, 200 years ago (loved, but didn’t really want to protect); the third is a grandmother about 700-800 years ago (she really wanted to protect).

Question: And how many allies do I have in all incarnations, including extraterrestrial along the entire evolutionary path?


30 who loved, 15 of them want to protect.
About 50 who were friends and 20 of them want to protect.
These are active restless allies who want to defend.

Question: And the enemies?


About 3 active enemies on earth incarnations, of which one is active and 2 are weakly active. On all other lines - with a dozen active enemies.
If the enemy is hooked on you, it works as an anti-ally: it pushes you to thoughtless actions and stimulates situations that end in troubles for you.

Question: Then if they love me and there is energy left - do they already protect me?


The connection between you is minimal and, accordingly, such a defender cannot influence the situation - he does not see it ...
In order for the defense to work, you need to establish a connection with it.

It must be remembered that such protection will work better for children, since they have few active connections and active enemies in the real world. Adults manage to build up negative connections. And then the effectiveness of such protection will be slightly less - 50 percent, depending on the situation in which the person is.
It is easier for such allies to prevent a negative situation than to calm down a protracted conflict in which a person already exists.

Question: Please tell us who his Guardian Angel is, what kind of soul?) Can I somehow contact him? Speak?


In the Guardian angel system, usually several people are installed with whom you were close, bright and who want to help you. Usually these are parents, wives / husbands, sisters or close friends. Communication with them is difficult - limited by communication skills with creatures of subtle plans.

QUESTION: A guardian angel always knows , that happens to you, or it "wakes up" only in case of danger?

ANSWER: With us thousands of souls have some kind of connection. And these souls are somehow observing what is happening to us to varying degrees. It all depends on the density of contact.

Guardian Angels are Souls interested in our protection. Usually these are some friends, relatives, loved ones. They are in contact. Somehow they perceive physical reality and can react. The idea of ​​the Guardian Angels is based on this.

The same principle is for souls who bear the same name.
For example, there is Archangel Michael. If there is close contact with him, he will perceive you and somehow guard.

At 1 stage, defenders of earthly incarnations are connected.
At 2 steps, defenders will join along the entire evolutionary path.
At stage 3.1, allies across the fan of realities are involved.
At stage 3.2, allies from the Higher planes are involved.

Review: Guardian Angel / Julia

Guardian Angel 1 step - funny.)) Can I find out exactly who was attached? It feels like a nanny or something, a working computer turns off or the pages on the Internet just do not load when I look / read something there, although something much more important needs to be done, something like there is nothing to mess around - get busy)



Client “K” addressed a problem: the number of troubles occurring with her increased. A Level 1 Security Program has been installed.


The amount of trouble did not decrease, but at the last moment I managed to solve these problems.
For example, I almost had an accident, but managed to taxi at the last second, they tried to rob me in the parking lot of the supermarket, but half a minute before the incident I myself did not know why I had blocked all the windows and doors in the passenger compartment.

After that, the curse was still purged and the complaints ceased.

Together with the Guardian Angel service, you can connect a Mentor to you - a professional at various levels specializing in certain areas: magic, healing, arts, etc.

Review: Guardian Angel, 1 step / Alice

A certain protection is felt, I used to be afraid to go late at night and I never went into the dark porches alone, it is connected with situations in this life, and as far as I understand the past, after prescribing an angel, I lost this fear ... that he was me at all I remembered after some time, caught myself thinking that I didn’t think whether it was scary to go at night or not.  
Review: Guardian Angel
After installation - there are some dumb situations around me (either the car will slip through, or something else), but at the last moment everything is resolved, everything is fine.
Review: Guardian angel, 1 step / Alexey V.

At the moment, I see how people around me are at enmity, but their anger does not apply to me, no one will say anything bad to me, although it is possible they say bad behind my back, think bad things in secret, but it does not affect me, I remain aloof from this all the same. 
But I still feel some tension, and then perhaps we need to resort to other more stringent forms of protection. By type of protection with recoil, like "Runic defense" in RI of 8th level. 

I read the book “Protocols of the Sorcerer Stomenov,” a form of protection against all sorts of dangers from 9 specialized defenders, very cool. But I'm more interested in social protection and magical nature, although everything is interconnected.