OVERVIEW. Stress & Phobias Release

Psychological complexes....

this is what sets the excessive motivation of behavior, makes it necessary to act irrationally, create conflicts with other people. If you feel that some of the identified complexes bother you, they can be cleaned!

Cleaning of complexes will significantly increase your efficiency, add happiness and spiritual harmony! Cleaning of complexes is the most popular and demanded service among the clients of our center

Cleaning of complexes - the most popular and demanded service among the clients of our center! After adjusting the complexes, life becomes more pleasant, successful and harmonious.

To verify that you have psychological stress or blocks that can be adjusted - it is possible to order the Psychological map of personality.

QUESTION: Why do I need to remove complexes?

ANSWER: Any complexes set the program of our actions. We act not sensibly, but under the action of emotions.

A person, instead of thinking and choosing what to do more correctly, will make a series of mistakes under the influence of complexes-programs that can negatively affect his life.

For example, Complex of theft response: A wife cheated - the person didn’t care, but she stole something - and the man got carried away and drove her out. And suddenly a wife has a complex - kleptomania! A person commits illogical emotional actions without regard to circumstances.

QUESTION: How does the service "Stress Release / Cleaning of complexes" goes?

ANSWER: Work is carried out remotely. For work you need your photo in full growth. Before work, you choose the wording of the complex/stress with which you need to correct. During the week, the correction of stress takes place. You yourself track how much your attitude to this stress/complex has changed. If necessary, additional corrections can be made for cleaning. A number of stresses/complexes are removed quite quickly. For some (if strong stress factors are not visible) cleaning of complexes takes a little longer. We work to the “enough” state. Usually, after cleaning of complexes; the person acquires a calm attitude towards the straining factors. This work allows for a fairly quick correction in some cases instead of several months and years of psychological work.

QUESTION: How to get rid of the habit of swearing?

ANSWER: There is a complex "to swear", and there is a complex "to use obscene expressions (swearing)". Approximately 20% of the population are carriers of the "swear" complex. 5-10% of people are carriers of the second complex. The first complex stimulates the voice to rise during conflicts. The second complex stimulates the use of swear words. If the "desire to swear" complex is removed, this desire will decrease. But the habit of speaking obscenities will not go away completely, because strong-willed efforts will still be needed to restrain themselves in this area. The issue of foul language is influenced by: - ​​the presence of a complex to foul language, - the environment in which you are located and - the presence of the necessary habit of speaking literary. A mother tongue is like a separate language. You will need to concentrate on what you say in the literary language. It's like speaking different languages. There is a lot of energy in the egregore of the mother tongue. Therefore, it is easier and more "pleasant" to speak it. The egregor of the Russian language at the lower frequencies has a density of 0.8 units. Egregor of the swear language 4 units. Five times higher.

Technology “Stress Release / Cleaning of complexes”

In each person’s life, there are serious stresses that he could not cope with: severe divorce, humiliation, betrayal, physical and emotional abuse, etc. These stresses create residual tensions in the body, for which a significant amount of energy is spent daily. A resource that a person could use in a creative way: learn a foreign language, work on family relationships, learn new things, move up the career path.

Our specialists have developed a technology that removes complexes, stresses, phobias that have been forming in our personality over millions of years and create tension in various spheres of life. Cleaning is done at the energy level. A person relieves tension and restores normal, adequate perception of reality.

Our job is to relieve energy tension and help the mind to process negative information. Stress is transformed into personal experience, a calm attitude to the source of unpleasant sensations appears. You need a photo and a clear description of stress, as well as an assessment of the degree of tension of the situation on a 10-point scale.

Work can take place with stressful situations in any area of ​​your life:

Cost: Cleaning of complexes (stresses, phobias) - 50 USD

We guarantee - if you are not satisfied with the result, then we will refund 100% of the paid amount!

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