STEP 4. Advanced karmic healing techniques

"Adjustment of the zone of constant control."

In the Karma Map, we began to test the parameter: Zone of constant control.

This is a certain stressful feature from past incarnations that makes a person constantly control something. This creates a constant voltage zone. This happens every second, night and day, which takes a lot of energy, resources. And a person cannot relax.
Such zones in humans are usually one or two.

Most often, these are sectors at work, personal relationships, etc. Price of adjustment $150

“Adjusting Karma Channels and Karma Fields”

How are Karma Channels formed?

There are actions, events that lead to the formation of a karmic blow. This is negative karma.
In this case, a Channel is formed, through which karmic energy flows into the mental structure, the subtle bodies of a person.

This system works automatically, like some kind of control system.
But there is a parallel external control system - it can be called Masters of Karma, who monitor and evaluate situations. And make decisions. 

It turns out some automatic and manual control system.
There is an interesting nuance here: the usual negative act is a portion of energy (splash). Ordinary negative karmic actions are a small portion of karmic energy, which are closed when the consequences of such negative actions disappear. 

The formation of the Karma Channels requires negative actions, the consequences of which last millions of years. 

Such Channels through which negative Karma drips can exist for millions of years.

How are Karma Fields formed?

  • If you killed someone - this is one karma.
  • If you took part in the destruction of the country, this is karma of a higher frequency.
  • If you took part in the destruction of the Planet, the level of karmic flow, etc. is even higher. 


The totality of the same type of Channels that spill out karma form the Karmic Field. 

The Karmic Field usually captures several parallel incarnations (layers of reality).
A Karmic Field is a collection of constantly functioning Channels. 
By such a Field one can arbitrarily judge how many people are sinful. 

Some modern enlightened people, who are famous for being spiritual and pious people, each have 10-20 such Karmic Fields. We answer the question in advance: we will not comment on the state of karma of other esotericists.

The Karmic Field is a combination of negative events of the same type.

But there are also single events. 

This is being tested on the Karma Map . 

In the Karmic Field, on average, 2 dozen Karmic Channels are collected.
Some Karma Fields and Karma Channels that are ready for termination can be closed.

QUESTION: How does the Karmic Vessel relate to the Karmic Channels?

ANSWER: It is like a pool of water and channels of incoming water to the pool.

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