Business Dedications

                                                                                   MAGIC DEDICATIONS, MAGICAL INITIATIONS

            What are Magical Initiations ? This is inclusion in a certain egregor or channel of the Divine. Powerful structures include egregors of magic and healing. They have been formed over many thousands of years, and they have accumulated information from leading specialists of our and previous, more advanced civilizations.

            In general, about 15-20 main magical egregors can be distinguished on Earth There are also more ancient egregors that existed before Atlantis, but after the death of earlier civilizations on Earth, the information in them is burned out, and it is quite difficult to distinguish them (you can check what experience you have already accumulated over the period of evolution in the Magic Personality Card ).

            There are also "deflated" magic egregors, for example, the ancient egregors of African magic. The information has been preserved in it, but there is practically no energy left, since now there are no or few people who remember and work in these traditions.

            Connection to Magical Initiations includes a person in a certain egregor, and information accumulates first at a subconscious level, and then it begins to manifest itself in life.


            Many rich people have preserved Ancient Initiations into the channels of money and wealth. This means that in past lives they were associated with a certain Deity, we will list the main ones:

- Dedication to Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi likes to organize business, manipulate finances (invest), save money.

- Dedication to Kubera . Kubera - God of Wealth, Keeper of earthly treasures. Loves hoarding gems, gold, agriculture and land ownership.

- Dedication of the Golden Calf Gives some money-grubbing in relation to money, tight-fistedness in money, a passion for hoarding. Lombards are located on the energies of the Golden Calf.

- Dedication to Hotei Money comes in an unusual way, the ability to make a profit in unusual situations and circumstances.

- Dedication to Billionaires . If we take the Forbes list, 60 percent have one ancient deity from the elf period (Deity of this period). It sets the desire to become a wealthy person and to retain this wealth.

- Dedication of Plutos . A tendency towards real estate appears: rent, purchase of real estate. An active use of real estate for enrichment is manifested in a person.

- Dedication to Hermes Hermes is the God of Business, Travel. At the heart of this cult was a real magician who specialized in business and finance.

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