Kundalini Activation

Kundalini Activation - Stage 1 (Inner)

Kundalini is the manifestation of the Universal stream of Development in Man and in the Egregors of Mankind.

Clearing of mental traumas and outflows of energy, expansion of the channel of Kundalini energy, activation of internal fire is carried out.

Question: What is Kundalini?

Answer:  Kundalini is a manifestation of the Universal stream of Development in Man and in the Egregors of Mankind.

Kundalini is one of the main central streams passing through Humanity. Universal energy of Vertical Development.

At the level of human energy structure, there are five Kundalini streams / five levels /

  1. The Kundalini of the Body Consciousness known as the 'Snake sleeping in the tailbone'.
    / Development energy in the yellow-green range /
  2. Kundalini of Human Consciousness
    / Development energy in the green-blue range /
  3. Kundalini of Consciousness of the personality
    / development energy in the blue-blue range /
  4. Kundalini of Consciousness of the Super-personality
    / development energy in the blue-violet range / 
  5. Kundalini of the Divine level / development energy in the violet range / 

Kundalini is not so much the energy of feeding as it is the energy of development. There are three basic energies: Vitality, Vertical development (Kundalini), Creativity - Action: the energy of horizontal development, the  7th lasso as a constituent part of the energy of actions.

Kundalini is essentially an impulse for development that comes from the universe.

The fact that the information on Kundalini is poorly described does not mean that none of the magicians and mystics knew about it. They knew this, but they hid it so as not to damage it. Perhaps this explains the fact that there is little information.

We can do the clearing of the Kundalini.

1 step. One cleaning cycle includes: 

  1. activation of energy in the structure of the Generic egregor, 
  2. activation of the energy of interconnection, 
  3. clearing the signal transmission directly in the human energy structure. 

You can awaken the Kundalini energies of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th levels. 

The Kundalini energy of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th levels is manifested quite rarely.
But this practice can not be done by everyone due to the characteristics of the organism.

Cost: Activation of Kundalini, level 1 - $150
ACTION 1.  Cost: Kundalini activation at once 1-5 level - 400 USD. / cycle 
In one clearing cycle, the permeability of the Kundalini energy increases by 10%.

PROMOTION 2. You can carry out a full cleaning: 7 cycles and 40% discount.

At the Second Step, we clear up the inclusion of external generic structures into the Universal flow of Vertical Development - details .

The activity of these flows by 50-60 percent depends on the garbage accumulated in the current incarnations (global mental traumas) and by 50-40% on the current energy damages that appear and leave after a while.

In order to activate the channel, you must:

  • activate the energy of the generic structure;
  • activate the channels of interconnection with the generic structure;
  • to clear the channels for the passage of this energy so as not to injure this energy structure.

This topic in various magical practices has always been a closed topic and the public was offered practices that contained some magical traps.

So, in the yogic system, such a magical trap is the clearing of the Sushumna channels to activate the Kundalini. Without activating the generic structure and channels of interconnection, such work does not make sense. It's like starting to clean the faucet spout without turning on the water. Both the cleansing of Sushumna and the classical activation of Kundalini that is used in yoga is the third final stage of work with Kundalini, which is done so as not to injure the energy bodies during the passage of Kundalini.

The rise of the Kundalini

The essence is the clearing and activation of the Kundalini energy, the mystical force that is in your back place. We ourselves do not know the full result of her awakening.

The yogis who awakened her say that when she climbs the spine
it becomes shitty and vaguely talk about its benefits.

Somehow they hint at the manifestation of phenomena (clairvoyance and telepathy), but those who claim that they awakened this energy say little about clairvoyance and telepathy.

They say that energy begins to flow down the spine. If it is very active, then it is very bad.

All who claim to have awakened agree on one thing, that this intensifies the 'inner fire' and 'spiritual heat' and this energy activates parapsychological abilities.

We clear the current of energy, remove mental trauma and outflow of energy
from the container (snake) and the Channel (Sushumna), which passes inside and outside sources - the systems of subtle bodies that feed both the Channel and the container.

Service Kundalini Activation. Different levels.

The work on Kundalini Activation includes:

  • Clearing the Sushumna Channel (the path along which the energy must pass);
  • Kundalini activation.

Kundalini energy accelerates gradually.

The energy is strong enough, if you immediately clear a lot, there can be an excess, therefore the energy is cleared gradually. With each cycle, you can add 10 percent of its power.

For efficiency, it is not a one-time exhaust, not the rise of energy itself, that is important, but a constant current of energy, which is what we are trying to achieve with this work.

Checking the work: at the end of one cycle of work, you can see how the energy will move along your spine in the Manipur-Anahata frequency.   

These channels are not directly related to the human chakra system.

They are connected with the system of subtle bodies and chakras of the Generic structure.
The energy of the Generic structure, the experience and knowledge of the Genus goes along them.

The glitter of the eyes, the glow of the eyes is partially associated with the work of the 4th channel of the Kundalini

Test method 1 level.

You can look at yourself from the side (using the photo) and check how active the Channel along the Spine is. It is important not where the energy has reached - but the intensity of the channel. If you cleanse the energy well, remove congestion, then the Kundalini energy can rise high even with a minimum charge.

Examples of people who have an active Kundalini Channel:

1. Aengar, yogi:

Pay attention, energy moves along the spine in the yellow-green range, the
frequency of the Manipura-Anahata energy.

2. Krishnamacharya yogi:

Kundalini energy, in the yellow-green range, travels throughout the spine.


Judging by the fact that the Great Yoga Teachers focus on the awakening of the Kundalini energy, it is valuable.

Examples of awakening Kundalini levels 2 and 3

XVII Karmapa:

Energy of Kundalini level 1 is a weak, but very strong current of Kundilini energy of level 2.
It begins at the level of the sternum - the energy flow is bluish. And a small current of Kundalini energy of the 3rd level.


XVI Karmapa:

The energy of the 1st, 2nd level is working a little, but a strong current of the Kundalini energy of the 3rd level.
The blue energy starts from the Vishuddhi level and goes up the spine.

XVI Karmapa

Sai Baba:

The energy of Kundalini 1, 2 levels is not strongly manifested. The Kundalini energy of the 3rd level is already manifested more clearly. The Kundalini energy of the 4th level is very strong. At the Ajna level, one can observe a violet stream that enters and goes up in frequency.

Question: In yoga, the term Kundalini energy is often used and it is stated that this is one of the main energies of a person. Teachers say that in order to awaken the Kundalini, you need to clear the chakras - then it passes. What can you say about this?


We agree that this is one of the powerful energies that can work in the human body. But if it is said that this is one of the heights of the achievements of yogic art, if this is a great goal, along with merging with the Absolute, then this suggests that this task is not easy.

Consider the basic postulates of yoga about Kundalini:

  1. It is the energy that is concentrated and dormant in the tailbone;
  2. To awaken and start it, it is necessary to clear the Ida Pingala Sushumna channels and chakras. This is what many yogic teachers say.

Let's take the first postulate - This is the energy that sleeps in the tailbone. We believe that this is not the case.

If an energy of such power was concentrated in the tailbone, which can burn out the clogged Sushumna on its way upon awakening and cripple the energy structure, then this energy would be visible there in some frequency range. But we do not see this. There is no such energy there.

Then the question is: where does it come from?

There must be some kind of external channel. We need an external source of energy of such strength, which can give out a super-powerful impulse of energy, moreover, constantly acting. Such a force that it can tear the contaminated energy structure. And there is such a source! We can observe such a channel at the level of the first vertebra of the coccyx - the external channel coming from the Generic structure.

Accordingly, this channel is low-frequency - it goes along the frequency of the etheric body, the Svadhisthana chakra.

But then it becomes senseless to clear the Sushumna and chakras for the awakening of the Kundalini - it does not activate this external channel in any way. This clearing simply makes the passage of this energy in the person.
But to start, it is necessary to activate the Generic structure and the channel of communication with it. Already in order for the energy to pass painlessly in a person and not harm him, it is necessary to cleanse the Sushumna and chakras.

The energy flowing in the tailbone area is low-frequency - it corresponds to the etheric body of the Generic structure - therefore it causes sensations of heat, destroying the waves that crumble the body.

After the general clearing of the Kundalini, one can observe:

We can see the energy flowing - it is low frequency energy that enters at the level of the coccyx and travels up the spine. If there are obstacles, it begins to spread throughout the body, causing discomfort.

Pay attention to the photographs of the yogi along the spine from the tailbone a trickle of energy flows in the orange range. Moreover, he had the process of clearing the Kundalini about 400 years ago. Iyengar's Kundalini energy shows traces of a powerful yogi who made him Kundalini activation about 400 years ago. 

Feedback: Kundalini / Ignat Activation Service.

The first sensations appeared somewhere in 1-2 days after order confirmation. This was expressed in the fact that in the late afternoon the heat along the spine and a slight energy overload in the head area close to a mild headache were felt quite strongly. 

It lasted about two days, after the activity of the stream in passive mode ceased to be felt, but sometimes it manifests itself. The energetic fullness remained, but to a small extent from how if you work actively with it, namely, to tune in and strengthen with intention, it is felt very brightly here - from the coccyx to the back of the head. I did not try to increase to the maximum, because rather quickly the whole body is filled with energy and heat. 

I like the activation procedure itself, because in addition to the integrity of the inherent fullness of all the centers and channels that it gives, the sensations from the quality of energy and the process itself are quite pleasant.
In general, there is nothing to compare with, except perhaps with some kind of portable nuclear reactor behind the back, but this is definitely a very powerful service of the Center.

Feedback: Service Kundalini Activation / Dmitry K.

Concerning the Kundalini. 
At first, in the first days, I did not feel anything at all. But now, she somehow moved from her place. In the coccyx area, there is constant pain or in meditation practices the sensation is such that something moves below and throws me straight to the top, I constantly feel light jolts. Today I feel a slight pain in the lower back. As if the energy had crept up to Svadisthana. As soon as you say 'Kundalini', movement and goose bumps all over the body immediately begin. I will say that I myself am a master of Kundalini Reiki, but there were no such sensations. Here everything goes and moves like that. Nice and a little painful. Everything is super. Not expected. Thank you very much. The energy sector has been really moved. Now I want to order all the cycles. Thank you.

Feedback: Service Kundalini Activation / Alexey V.

A small session of Kundalini feedback. Now I feel a strong overload of consciousness.
Nevertheless, there is some kind of powerful process in consciousness, similar to the restructuring of the world perception. If the Experience of the monad gradually changes a person, the Dedication to death - faster downloads information, and work with Kundalini even faster carries out its impact on changing the personality. But this is just my perception. I am always open to something new with pleasure and glad that I had such a chance.

Feedback: Service Kundalini Activation / Andrey

One cycle of Kundalini Activation has passed. 
At first glance, the state has not changed. I did not track any burning or seething.

But if I tune in to the flow of Kundalini - indeed, I begin to feel a certain movement of energy upward. Like such a transparent, endless stream. All over the spine. It does not give splashes - it just flows to itself and flows.
If you tune in on it for a long time, such a feeling as you ride on a swing, begins to capture and fill with some kind of force.

Those. generally does not interfere, but it is surprising that it flows steadily. Its movement is easier and faster than just pumping up and down streams. Over time, there is an accumulation of some additional energy, tone, not expressed activity. When the flow is swinging, one feels that the activity increases, there is a shine in the eyes, a desire to do something. Even the attractiveness begins to rise, charisma is like an indirect result when the flow is pumping up.

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