3.1. Extraterrestrial highly developed civilizations.

 SECTION 3. Extraterrestrial highly developed civilizations.

PART 1. Humanoid alien civilizations

QUESTION: The principle of life of other Civilizations on other Planets is the same as ours?

ANSWER: We do not have a developed civilization.

If you look over the past 200,000 years - 2 civilizations were more or less developed.

The current civilization cannot be said to be highly developed.

2000 years is only the beginning of the development of civilization.

The average time of the existence of civilizations on Planet Earth is 20-30 000 years.

QUESTION: Are conditions for life on Earth comfortable compared to other planets?

ANSWER: Conditions of comfort are determined by several indicators.


Basically, this is the level of technical development.

Take the United Arab Emirates. Outside it can be 35 degrees on average. But there are air conditioners at bus stops, street air conditioners stand outside.


If we take Norway now - good education, cars, medicine. But if you take Norway 1,000 years ago, it's cold.

So the level of technical development is the main indicator.


From the point of view of the Earth - the climate, the range of temperatures here is pretty decent. You can choose a more or less warm region based on personal preference.


The growth of crime, military operations are more or less controlled.

Earth is a planet with a large natural range.


If you take other highly developed civilizations on other planets ... - civilizations live on planets with the most developed conditions.


Now we are talking about humanoid civilizations. They live in approximately the same frequency temperature range: the external environment from -50 to +50 degrees.

The land is considered to have comfortable living conditions. But the body can adapt to different environmental conditions if you live there for a long time.


There is, of course, a psychological factor. The first time may not be comfortable.

But the body adapts to gravity, etc.


There are hundreds, and even thousands of planets on which people/humanoids live.

Each planet has its own characteristics. Where environmental conditions are not comfortable enough, technical installations help.

Like us. On Earth, man lives even in the far north.

 Can you tell where other Star humanoid civilizations live or where they lived before?

For example, the Delphinus Constellation is a constellation in which high level humanoid civilizations exist.

The best conditions for observation are in June-September everywhere except in the polar regions of Antarctica. It is seen throughout Russia. The constellation looks like a kite and is located near the summer-autumn triangle near Altair.

Map of star incarnations.

You can tune in to your past incarnations in stellar civilizations.

You still have a strong connection with the system where there are remnants of your energy and from there comes energy and information. There is a connection, but the information flow is very weak. Technical information, etc. With this setting, the energy exchange is enhanced, there is a general flow of information from the egregor.

It has a lot of information from a variety of areas. You can tune in to technical, social, economic, cultural information.

But you need to consider that this work is quite complicated. It provides an opportunity to discover the potential laid down over the millennia of evolution.




Approximate route of incarnations in stellar civilizations::

The following is a possible example of the route of past stellar incarnations based on an analysis of past incarnations of some people:




Solar system. Planet Earth



Gemini constellation

Castor star

150-200 000 years ago

Civilization still exists.

Puppis constellation


200-350 000 years ago

No developed civilization.

There are remains of civilization.

Serpens constellation


350-400 000 years ago

There are highly developed humanoid civilizations.

Delphinus constellation

400-450 000 years ago

Developed civilization. There is a group of humanoid civilizations. The closest to the solar system humanoid civilization.

Triangulum constellation

450-500 000 years ago

Civilization still exists.

Leo constellation

500 - 600 000 years ago

A group of planets.

There is life and humanoid civilizations, but there is no technical civilization. Last civilization perished 300-400 000 years ago.

Hydra constellation

600 - 700 000 years ago

Developed civilization.

Phoenix constellation

700 - 850 000 years ago

There is life but a technical civilization is absent.

Last civilization died 150,000 years ago.

Pegasus constellation

Andromeda star

1200 - 1700 000 years ago

The civilization in which you might be right now does not exist.

But the planetary structures (physical objects) survived that you can adjust to.


It must be borne in mind that the Constellation is not a group of Stars, it is a section of the sky where the Star systems are at sufficiently large distances from each other. At the same time, on the map, stars are usually indicated not by size, but by luminosity (visibility) for us - as far as the star is clearly visible in the sky.

It is your system that may not be visible in the starry sky, but, focusing on a part of the sky, you can tune in and feel it.

When adjusting to the Star site, you can feel a certain structure. Like, for example, you can tune in to Paris. Here you can perceive society as a set of human egregors.

In adjacent parts of the Cosmos nothing is felt - empty space. And in the areas of fixation, you can feel the traces of a powerful egregor.

QUESTION: What is the technical level of Stellar Civilizations? What are the Techno-levels of civilizations in Space, what do they mean?
ANSWER: There are several conditional man-made levels of civilizations. Depending on the:

- level of civilization development;

- used types of energy;

- level of used types of technical devices;

- from controlling the processes (whether the weather conditions on the planet control the star system - so that there are no meteorites, etc.).

For example,

- Level one – use of open flame;

- Level two - nuclear fusion system.

Earth refers conditionally to the second - the beginning of the third.

In our galaxy there are civilizations of 5-6 levels. However, level 6 is already a non-humanoid type of civilizations. Atlantis was at the level of Techno-3/Techno-4. Lemuria was at the level of Techno-4.

QUESTION: Here we can only speak about technogenic civilizations, and there may also be biotechnological (where the resources of the planet are not being strictly exploited, biotechnology and genetic engineering play a key role in science), as in the civilization of Atlantis.

Answer: It usually develops all together. If you look at highly developed space civilizations, only biological or only technical ones do not exist. Usually both can be used where it is possible.

Biological are more profitable, requires less resources, they are usually more used in the advanced stages of civilization. There is always a development on the principle of saving resources. But where it is possible - you can use both.

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