Step 3 - Energy Protection Mandalas

Mandala  is a sacred schematic or design that has been used in Buddhist and Hindu religious practices.

Contains images of Deities, historical figures, animals and plants, and other components.

Series - Protective Mandalas


  • Protection of Mountains


  •  Corundum protection


  • Protection of the Earth's Biosphere

Mandala blocking anger

Quite often people come to us after conflicts: when people are angry with them, they feel pressure in the abdomen, stomach, and digestion problems arise.
To block someone else's anger, the "Blocking Anger" mandala is used.

Mandala - protects the frequency of manipura. Accordingly, the load is redistributed. A person reaches 20-30 percent of the load, which he can already withstand normally.

Review: Mandala blocking anger

After I began to apply the mandala, when people get angry with me, the feeling is that I am in glass. There is such pressure on me, but it almost does not concern me.

Protective Mandalas 

  • Biosphere of the earth 

Attunement to the strongest planetary egregors, strengthen the body during hard interactions. Expected result: strengthening of the body during magical blows, quarrels and conflicts. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress. 

Review: Mandala Earth Biosphere / N. 

From time to time I feel bad and this mandala helps me to restore myself. I look at it when I feel especially bad and immediately feel that it immediately becomes easier for me. 

Review: Mandala Earth Biosphere / F. 

I took it for my friend, she stood behind the counter, talked a lot and by the evening felt squeezed out. She carried a mandala, she says that now everything is much easier. 

  • Defense of Buddhism 

Protection of the body by the egregor of Buddhism. Expected result: strengthening of the body during magical attacks and conflicts. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress. 

Review: Protection of Buddhism / A. 

I like to consider this mandala - it becomes calmer and I feel some kind of higher protection over myself. I always keep it with me. I try to consider it when some kind of anxiety becomes easier. 

  • Defense of Christianity 

Protection of the body by the egregor of Christianity. Expected result: strengthening of the body during magical attacks and conflicts. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress.

NEW PRODUCTS. MANDALAS: Protection of Buddhism and Protection of Catholicism -2.
You can make a Dedication, or you can buy a special mandala
Protection of Christianity 2 and Protection of Buddhism 2, which are analogous to Initiations.

The previous series of Mandalas was like a protector (the toughest elements in egregors). The second series of Mandalas is a full-fledged inclusion in the egregor, as in the Initiation.

As protectors a new series called "ROLL PROTECTION" was released.
Here are selected images that simultaneously adjust to thousands of hard objects and are a defense against magical techniques.

  • Protecting the Mountains 

Tuning for strong, resilient mountain systems. When activated, the mandala creates a protector that reduces the load in case of magical blows and conflicts with other people, heals the body due to the optimal energy of the mountains. The source of the correct torsion fields. It adjusts the organisms and begins to correct the incorrect rotation of the energy. Expected result: reduction of load during magical blows and conflicts, improvement of the body. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress. 

Feedback: Protection of Mountains / D. 

When I look at the mandala, a warm, pleasant feeling arises, as if I am in a cocoon that envelops me. It seems as if worldly vanity and various problems do not reach me. I like her very much. 

Review: Protective Mandalas

I went to a new job. You have to stand behind the counter for 10 hours a day. I immediately felt the pressure of communicating with other people. Buyers are different. After some days I could not recover.
Took myself the Mandala Protection of the Biosphere and Protection of the Mountains. I felt better immediately. I even began to feel the tension that builds on Mandala after communicating with people. They catch these tensions.

  • Buddhism - Appeasement 

Transmits into the surrounding space the energy of calmness and tranquility. Expected result: reduces conflict around a person, extinguishes quarrels. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress. 

Feedback: Buddhism - Appeasement / L. 

There was a conflict with relatives. For me it was a sore subject and could not help but be upset, they were also not in the best mood and the argument continued. I stepped back and activated this mandala by mentally placing this conflict in the pacification energy of this mandala. Almost immediately they began to write to me that they would no longer talk about it. This is the second time that a vivid conflict has subsided. Now I wear so that they do not arise at all.

Review: Buddhism - Pacification / V. 

Two aunts screamed wildly near the entrance recently .. I went into the entrance and mentally tuned them to the mandala ... calmed down after 1 minute.

  • Protection from anger 

Frequent problems after conflicts, people get angry at each other, someone else's anger creates pressure inside the abdomen, disrupts digestion, and a strong state of discomfort arises. Mandala creates an energy shell that protects against someone else's anger. 

Feedback: Protection from anger / I.

I started to use the mandala with severe discomfort inside the abdomen. In the first minutes I felt a slight warmth, which began to envelop my stomach, the stomach started working. 

  • Sun protection 

The sun has great pressing force, especially closer to Equatar. The sun's pressure is about 4 units. on the Equator, body resistance - 1 unit. and the sun tears apart the structure of man. Mandala contains elements that build a protective shell about 6-7 units. - this is enough to protect yourself from the vomiting effects of the sun. Expected Result: Reduces the effects of the sun on the body. Term - valid immediately. Valid while use is in progress. 

Review: Sun protection / V. 

Usually, when you have to go out into the bright sun at lunchtime, you feel an anxious state, with a mandala and a sun-protection hat you can calm down. Good thing, I didn't expect it.


Consider it 2 times a day for 20 seconds or at the moment when you feel pressure. And wear it constantly with you closer to chest level.

  • If the mandala is at a distance of 30 cm from the body, its effectiveness drops by 3 times.
  • If the mandala is carried in the back pocket of your trousers, its effectiveness will be 50%.
  • It is better to carry it in a breast pocket or in a pouch around your neck.

Protection from anger.

QUESTION: Concerning someone else's anger, which inhibits the digestive system. Do you have a mandala to protect against this? Or is it enough to swing Manipur to the maximum?

ANSWER: Mandala There is protection from anger. It absorbs some of this anger, allows you to relieve pressure.
There is a Protective Initiation of Buddhism, which also relieves some of the burden.

You can swing Manipura to the maximum, but here everything will depend on the people who are angry. This will not solve the problem of blocking anger. It's like a boxer. All the same, people will come across who can press hard.

NOTE: Mandala of Ugliness.

There is a problem when pretty little children get a lot of evil eyes and marks as a result of their beauty.

Once we made the Dedication of Ugliness to a Child (0.7 units). after which the number of marks dropped 10 times.

Exactly the same problem can occur with husbands who are often given love spells.

We released the Ugly Mandala as a protective mandala.


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