Plane of Thinking- Analytical Ability

Many are at a high level of evolutionary consciousness, but their "plane of thinking" is undeveloped. These people are contemplatively looking at the world, but it is impossible to comprehend the process, to process it logically.

At different levels of subtle bodies, there is a zone - the plane of consciousness in which the processes are understood, they are linked with other information, logical conclusions, and awareness.

The comprehension process goes on at different levels at once. Depending on the quality of the work of these planes, a person can comprehend what is happening - this is what is called the "human mind."

At the beginning of evolution, these planes are underdeveloped and are gradually developed along with the accumulation of additional information, but they can be injured by various factors.

Human thinking depends on the amount of accumulated information and the ability to comprehend it.

The most effective service in terms of accumulating mental mass is the "Experience of the Monad" service.

The "Personality Mind Plane" service includes - removal of injuries, energy outflows, unblocking of some sections of lines. It improves the analytical skills of the person.
One cycle removes 20% of the Mind Plane Body injuries.

Clearing the Plane of Consciousness does not give you new skills, but simply optimizes the thinking process and the ability to process information.

For example:

  • Akhmetov has a developed level of the Thinking Plane ,
    is able to solve 1000 times more problems than an ordinary person.
  • Poplavsky (Rector of the University of Culture and Arts)  - the level of evolutionary development is not very high, but the Plane of thinking works powerfully - it effectively solves business problems.
  • OSHO - the level of development is high, but the Mind Plane is traumatized - hence the contemplative philosophy of teaching. Although OSHO has preserved many ancient initiations of charisma.

Cost: Service "Personality Thinking Plane" - 150 USD. / 1 cycle.  
You can spend an average of 5 cycles per person.

Question: How many Mind Plane does billionaire Rinat Akhmetov have?


When we evaluate the Mind Plane parameter, we write the parameters of a specific system. 
So, we do not evaluate power parameters - we evaluate the efficiency of the system.
And the system efficiency is about 75%.

Feedback: Complex service "Light of Consciousness and Plane of Thinking" / Nikolay Vasiliev

I listened to a review where it was said that you feel like the main character from the film
"Region of Darkness") Unfortunately, there is no such state, but the
brain does not overheat under the information load I do a lot of assimilation of new
information, and this is very important for me. So far, no overload. In a week, a new
semester at the university, let's see how I will cope there)

Feedback: Service "Thinking Plane" / Alexey V.

In general, one of the services that I liked the most is the Plane of Thinking,
then the Light of Consciousness, and the cleaning of blows to past lives is quite tangible,
but it's all difficult to explain.
Cleaning blows to past lives - complexes let go, internal clamps,  it becomes a little easier in life, more comfortable, it removes the constraining framework  A small change in the plan of thinking, due to the fact that there  are fewer internal limitations. From what I could trace.
On the plane of thinking, it is clear - the  ability to solve problems quickly and more effectively and make decisions. 

 FEEDBACK: The Light of Consciousness and the Plane of Thinking / Sergey

The effect of the work is already felt, the brain works very clearly and clearly, it's nice to think))
I will write about the long-term effect in a few months, hot on the heels - I like everything.


The plane of personality thinking is a personality structure, it is formed in every life.

But also in one of the True Bodies there is a Structure that concentrates the Thinking processes of the Thinking Planes of individuals in different incarnations.

Clearing this structure enhances thought processes, the ability to analyze, comprehend information and find the best solution based on inner experience.

On average, in humans, its efficiency is at the level of 10%.
We can add seven more cycles of 5%.
When ordering seven cycles, a 30% discount.

Cost: 1 cycle - 350 USD.

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