Step 3. Health support. External Harmful Influence Removal

Positive and negative effects of egregors on health and behavior (Map of Habits).

 QUESTION: Why can egregors sometimes bear a negative load?

ANSWER: There are egregors who have a positive effect on a person,

for example, egregors of activity are egregors 
that bear a negative load - these are the consequences of cataclysms and wars.

Some wars and conflicts that occurred millions of years ago 
with the use of high-tech weapons sometimes leave powerful effects on planetary systems, peoples, nations, races.
And the inclusion in these egregors will affect some systems we have now, set some individual characteristics.
We were surprised when the adjustment of these egregors gave such a high performance! 
When there are very serious problems that tormented a person all his life, psoriasis, constipation, etc. 
passed when we cleaned the person’s gear for some ancient egregors.

NOTE: We do not undertake to treat the disease. 
But we are guaranteed to remove the effect that stimulates this disease

Examples of some reviews

TESTIMONIAL: Adjusting constipation initiation / Zinaida:
Constipation occurred from time to time, which caused trouble. I asked to regulate the initiation, which causes constipation. 
Now everything is normalized as in the best case.

TESTIMONIAL: Adjustment of initiation causing a smell from Orth / Pavel:
The child had a problem - bad breath. We asked to remove the initiation that extinguishes the work of the stomach and produces this smell. And after two weeks the smell disappeared !! And no longer appears! Thank!

REVIEW: Adjusting the initiation that makes you sleep more / Hope

After adjusting this initiation, I noticed, 
noticed that I get enough sleep in a fairly short period of time. The dream became stronger.

REVIEW: Adjusting the initiation that makes you sleep more / Hope

In winter, she was painfully cold all the time. After the dedication of the cold was removed, 
these feelings disappeared and I noticed that my hands were constantly warm.

REVIEW: Adjustment of initiation that interferes with communication / Vladimir

Ordered initiation interfering communication. Until that moment, I felt a constant barrier between myself and people -
that it’s hard for them to communicate with me and it’s hard for me to communicate with people. After I removed the initiations, I noticed that I want to communicate and communication is easy.

Basic Initiations that are tested in the Habit Map:


  • Puritan initiation (reduces sexual desire, intolerance to the appearance of the naked body, 
    to any excesses in money and sex, asceticism in terms of material wealth):  
  • A dedication that makes it difficult to start a family:  
  • Inclusion into the Channel of Deities defining a tendency to BDSM:   -
  • Caucasian Initiation defining a propensity for bestiality: -  
  • Inclusion into the Channel of Deities defining a penchant for group sex:   
  • Inclusion into the Channel of the Deities that determine the propensity for homosexuality: -  Complex, increased interest in men: -   Complex, increased interest in women: - 

  • The inclusion in the Channel of a number of Deities who have a tendency to engage in prostitution:   
  • Inclusion into the Channel of Deities that stimulate the change of sexual partners: -  
  • A dedication that in some cases gives interest in minors: -
  • Initiation that stimulates the creation of a family for women (Hestia):  
  • Hettida's dedication (motivational moments, unwillingness to work, desire to get everything right away, desire to curse, not successful in life, problems in family life):    -
  • Initiations, programs, the presence of connections with other Deities that stimulate the use of alcohol:  
  • Having a connection with the Deities that stimulates smoking:   -
  • The inclusion in the Channel of Deities defining a tendency to violence is not visible.
  • An initiation that encourages harm to others and to oneself: -

The pursuit of pleasure:

  • The presence of a relationship with the Deities that stimulates the desire for pleasure 
    (Greco-Roman culture):   -
    / Stimulates the use of narcotic substances - alcohol, smoking, drugs /
  • The complex desire for pleasure: 
    (stimulates the use of narcotic substances - alcohol, smoking, drugs):

DEDICATIONS, causing negative consequences:

  • The initiation that causes the destruction of the psyche:  -
  • An initiation that causes disease at different levels:   -
  • A dedication that blocks the vitality of the body:   -
  • Dedication that causes insomnia:    -
  • Owl Dedication: // Lark:  
  • Dedication to Yin-egregors who suck energy:   
  • An initiation that makes a person ugly and weakens health 
    (Initiation of ugliness): -
    NOTE: Having Initiations of ugliness and non-tastyness reduces the amount of attention of other people and, as a result, the number of marks and evil eye. 
    To reduce the amount of attention, to make yourself ugly, you can use the Mandala ugly. It helps when someone else’s attention harms some activity (for example, playing sports or when a child is in a crowded place, when you are in transport ...).

  • A dedication that gives energy not goodness:  
    (affects food, poetry, painting, creativity). 
    NOTE: Food prepared by such people will not taste good. Good food and everything that a person does adds Devotion to Demeter.
  • The dedication of tastelessness, which blocks the "taste",  style -  
    - affects the choice of clothes, makeup, hairstyle: 
  • A dedication of Taste-style that adds “taste”. 
    Earthly: -. Extraterrestrial: -
    About such people they say that they have a taste and they look elegant. Clothing and appearance are chosen with taste.
  • An initiation that blocks desires  ( desire in general: I don’t want anything): -
  • Initiation of negative attitude towards marriage / marriage: -
  • A dedication that causes fears: -
  • A dedication that causes resentment: -
  • Initiation that causes anger: -
  • A dedication that makes you want to swear: 
  • Vengeance Initiation: -
  • A dedication that makes you want to put negative descriptions:  
  • Initiation blocking thinking:    
  • Memory Lock Initiation: 
  • Initiation of a negative attitude towards learning:   -
  • Initiation of negative attitude to work: -
  • Devotion to fraud: -
  • An initiation that suppresses attunement with money / causes poverty /: -

Ancient Initiations (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) 
that cause a negative reaction of others.

  • Initiation of negative reactions of others - 
    / This Initiation causes unmotivated aggression and negative attitude of others /

And there is also a dedication to Tiche, the Goddess of chance, whose energy extinguishes the aggression of others.

  • Dedication to Tyche - 

Initiations that  suppress  and stimulate the occupation

  • Chef's art: -
  • Theatrical art:   
  • Music:-
  • Painting: -
  • Construction, repair, real estate: -
  • Computers, IT
  • Technique, mechanisms:  -
  • Management: -  
  • Business: -
  • Trade: -
  • Finance -
  • Investments: - 


  • A dedication to sell -
  • Sales promotion dedication - 
  • Initiations of entrepreneurial activity -  
  • Initiation of activity activity  (enhances the desire to do something) -   
  • Initiations of physical motor activity
    • African Initiation of Activity -
    • Indian initiation of activity -   
    • South American initiation of activity -    
  • Initiation of scientific activity: -
  • Initiation of Psychologists: Atlantic:, Lemurian:  
  • Dedication to trainers, coaches, teachers, instructors: -
  • Dedication of teachers, teachers-
  • Kalliope's dedication (eloquence, ability to describe beautifully): 
  • Dedication of graphomaniac writers (gives a flight of imagination and a desire to write) -
  • Extraterrestrial Writing Initiation -
  • A dedication that discourages writing is 

Sexual activity

  • Dedication, nymphomaniac: 
  • Initiation that stimulates frigidity: 0 units
  • Initiation that stimulates male sexual activity (potency): 0 units
  • Initiation that quenches male sexual activity (potency): 0 units
  • Syrian initiation of male sex appeal: -


  • Dedication, which lowers metabolism (causing obesity): 
    Type №1: 1.5 units of    type №2: - U    Type №3: - units 
  • Dedication that stimulates the metabolism (weight loss): 
    Type No. 1: 1 unit    Type No. 2: - unit    Type No. 3: - unit  
  • Dedication, which stimulates the growth of hair: -
    Type №1: - U    Type №2 - units    Type №3: - units 
  • Dedication, which blocks the growth of hair: -
    Type №1: - U    Type №2 - units    Type №3: - units 


  • A dedication that stimulates general hairiness and strengthens nails: 
  • Initiations that cause increased blood density:
  • Initiations causing inflammation of the sebaceous glands (on the skin) -   
  • The initiations that cause internal acne -
  • Initiations that cause external acne (on the face) - 
  • Initiations that cause back pain
    stimulate prolapse of the disc and instability in the spine -
  • Initiations causing urogenital inflammation -
  • Initiations stimulating allergic reactions - 
  • An initiation that disrupts the ovaries leads to painful periods -  
  • The initiation that stimulates the formation of moles is
  • Initiations causing mental instability -  
  • Initiations causing emotional instability -  
  • The dedication that gives shyness is   
  • Initiation for Depression -
  • Initiations causing constipation - 
  • Initiations causing diarrhea -  
  • Initiations causing enuresis -
  • Gay initiation (reduces appetite) - 
  • Dry skin initiation - 
  • Initiations that cause graying hair -
  • Initiations that stimulate tooth decay -  
  • Initiations that block the voice (making it incomprehensible) - 
  • Initiation, blocking the work of the stomach, bad breath -  
  • A dedication that enhances the smell of sweat -   
  • An initiation that causes unwillingness to communicate 
    and blocks the communication of other people
  • Sexual Aversion Initiation -  
  • A dedication that provokes a desire to provoke others -
  • Initiation causing early death - 
  • A dedication that violates the processing of alcohol -  
  • Dedication to cold hands (lowering blood circulation in the hands) -  
  • The initiation that causes arrhythmia is  
  • A dedication that causes an increase in lymph density - 
  • The initiation that causes sand in the kidneys -
  • The initiation that causes enlargement of the prostate gland is
  • A dedication that causes susceptibility to viruses and bacteria -
  • The initiation that stimulates the disease of the tonsils, tonsillitis -
  • An initiation that damages the stomach and stimulates gastritis and ulcers. -
  • An initiation that disrupts the thyroid gland. 
  • The initiation that extinguishes the pancreas -
  • A dedication that lowers your mood -  
  • A dedication that slows down information processing -  
  • The dedication that makes a person greedy -
  • The initiation that stimulates hemorrhoids is  
  • An initiation that blocks the work of the meridians (redness around the mouth) -
  • An initiation that reduces the processing of trace elements 
    and promotes the accumulation of salts -  
    / Arthritis, osteochondrosis and other diseases may be associated with this / - 
  • Inclusions in egregors, which stimulates psoriasis and neurodermatitis: 
    Type No. 1: - units    Type No. 2: - units    Type No. 3: - units 
  • Inclusions in egregors that affect varicose veins: 
    Type No. 1: - units    Type No. 2: - units    Type No. 3: - units
  • Inclusions in egregors that affect cellulite: 
    Type No. 1: - units    Type No. 2: - units    Type No. 3: - units  
  • A dedication that reduces the processing of narcotic apparatus -
  • A dedication that reduces the treatment of fear -
  • The initiation that causes paradantosis is 
  • A dedication that encourages stealing (as a profession) -
  • A dedication that suppresses playing an instrument -
  • A dedication that suppresses the pursuit of various kinds of arts - 
  • Workaholic Dedication -
  • A dedication that disturbs alcohol - 
  • Dedication to strengthen teeth -
  • A dedication that causes a negative attitude towards the bathhouse -
  • The dedication that arouses love for the bath: 
  • A dedication that extinguishes vital energy -   
  • The initiation that extinguishes activity is 
  • A dedication that quenches mental activity -  
  • The dedication that quenches spiritual activity - 
    / higher frequency level of spiritual development activity /
  • The dedication that extinguishes the hormonal background as a whole -  
  • Inclusions in egregors that stimulate ear inflammation are otitis media and hearing loss. -  
  • Initiations that increase sleep time. -  
  • Also the Initiation, which causes the breakdown of technology.  
  • Initiations that block thin vision -
  • Initiations that block the desire to develop -
  • A dedication that interferes with eloquence: 
  • Complexes that interfere with eloquence: 
  • The dedication that extinguishes the work of the kidneys -  
  • The dedication that quenches the pituitary gland - 
  • Initiations that carry negative karma -   
  • The initiation that quenches the processing of emotions -
  • A dedication that causes jealousy: 
  • Causes a psychological sexual need -
  • The initiation that stimulates the practice of magic -  
  • The initiations that stimulate healing -  
  • Initiations that increase growth -
  • Initiations that reduce growth -
  • Initiations that cause increased susceptibility to cold:  
  • Initiations, which sets immunity to cold (internal heat) -  
    / Increases the negative attitude to heat - overheating /
  • Initiation, desires to tease and provoke - 
  • Driving Dedication -
  • Sloppy initiation -
  • Initiation causing inflammation of the skin -
  • A dedication blocking singing - 
  • The dedication of poets -
  • Communication Initiation 

New channels

  • The initiations that trigger asthma are   
  • Dedication that provokes colds, runny nose -
  • The initiation that stimulates heart attacks is
  • The initiation that stimulates epilepsy is
  • An initiation that blocks the restoration of scars, skin and tissues -  
  • A dedication that stimulates worms - helminths -  
  • An initiation that stimulates puffiness, blocks the exchange of fluids -  
  • The dedication that simulates polycystic  
  • A dedication that enlarges the pores of the skin -  
  • The initiations that provoke the desire to eat meat -  
  • Initiations that block business communication -
  • Initiations that block communication with the opposite sex -  
  • A dedication that sets dry skin overall -  
  • The dedication that sets the skin dry around the mouth is
  • The dedication that sets the circles under the eyes blocks the tone of the gallbladder channel -  
  • An initiation that sets the sphincter high tone and can be the cause of various types of constipation -  
  • The initiation that stimulates the papilloma virus
  • A dedication that stimulates tantrums -  
  • The dedication that sets not a love of fashion, fashionable clothes -
  • A dedication that interferes with communication in foreign languages ​​-
  • Introvert initiation (closure to the inner world) -  
    / Strong initiation can cause autism / 
  • The dedication of artists (stimulates the genius of artists - a sense of beauty) -
  • The dedication that stimulates the genius of writers (Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Rowling Dojana, Jules Verne, Harry Harrison - the feeling as if the work is filled with something) -
  • A dedication that boosts pressure -  
  • A dedication that lowers blood pressure -
  • A dedication that reduces luck -  
  • A dedication that stimulates headaches -  
  • A dedication that blocks the liver
  • An initiation that blocks the work of the spleen -
  • The dedication that sets the low tone of the sphincter is
  • The dedication that sets the high-frequency blocking of the meridians is
  • The initiation that stimulates Parkinson's disease (tremor) -
  • Initiation that stimulates Alzheimer's disease (memory) -  
  • The initiation that drives madness -
  • A dedication that stimulates baldness -
  • An initiation that stimulates the pelvic clamps -  
  • An initiation that stimulates clamps in the chest area -
  • An initiation that stimulates clamps in the 7th cervical vertebra 
    (violates general regulatory) -
  • Initiation that stimulates stoop  
  • An initiation that stimulates blood clots 
  • A dedication that increases the total energy of death in the body -  
  • Initiation that stimulates hostilities -
  • An initiation that offends other people -
  • The dedication that stimulates singing is 
  • A dedication that encourages dancing -
  • Initiation producing male hormones -   
  • Initiation stimulating flatulence (fart) - 
  • The dedication that sets the curvature of the teeth is 
  • A complex that interferes with experimenting and moving away from standard forms in sex - 
  • A bone breaking initiation -
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